Robert Knight

Let’s pretend we’re news editors at the TV networks and major newspapers.

This just in: The Boy Scouts of America have filed a lawsuit against the city of Philadelphia for threatening to evict the Cradle of Liberty Council from their headquarters in a city park.

If the Scouts don’t prevail, they face eviction from their 80-year-old building by Saturday, May 31.

Shouldn’t this be a national news story? It’s not.

None of the networks has mentioned the lawsuit, which was filed on May 23, and major newspapers have devoted as little as a couple of sentences to it based on wire reports.  The only significant coverage has been in the local Philadelphia papers.  And none of them gives readers any inkling as to why the Scouts (and parents) might not want to put children at risk by permitting homosexual men to serve as Scoutmasters. 

In the wake of the homosexual pederasty scandal that is bankrupting the Catholic Church in many cities—including Philadelphia—the Scouts’ position should be easy to understand and articulate.  The only media outlet running anything even close to giving the Scouts’ point of view was the Philadelphia Inquirer, which ran an op-ed by Republican state Rep.Gib Armstrong that takes city officials to task.  Still, even Armstrong bases his entire case on the good deeds the Scouts do, and delicately sums up the struggle this way: “The choice given the Scouts was an impossible one: accept a local policy they cannot abide by, or pay an escalated rent they cannot afford.”

The Scouts are fighting what amounts to an attempt at extortion.  Given that tens of millions of American men have been in the Boy Scouts and that this story brims with David and Goliath drama, why is it being ignored?

There are several reasons:

1)      The story reveals, in spades, that “tolerance” is not the real aim of the homosexual activists.  Their real desire is to force society, even institutions like the Scouts, to accept homosexuality, or destroy them if they won’t knuckle under.

2)      It reflects badly on the Democratic Mayor Michael Nutter and the Democrat-dominated City Council, who agreed to the nasty “deal” offered to the Scouts.

Robert Knight

Robert Knight is an author, senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union and a frequent contributor to Townhall.