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The Friday Filibuster: Is He In or Out?

The Friday Filibuster: The one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about this week in politics.

Closing Numbers 

1,000—the amount (and then some) that the Dow fell upon opening on Monday.


$3 trillion—the amount that was erased from the global stock market since its June 3 peak.

46% of likely voter believe HRC should suspend her campaign until the legal questions surrounding her email service are resolved.

40%--the percentage of Hispanics that can identify Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio.

12—the number of life sentences theater shooter James Holmes received, plus 3,318 years in prison.

28%--Trump still is leading the GOP field, but is weakest in the general election. 


The email scandal is not going away; in fact, it only continues to get worse for Hillary. While people like John Podesta are sticking by her side saying she did nothing wrong, the media is actually exposing her shifting her shifting stories, with USA Today saying the email debacle is ‘no joke.’ DHS said the State Department kept her private server from them as well, and her excuses are dropping like flies as intelligence agencies and evidence refute her email claims. In non-email related Hillary news, James O’Keefe says he has undercover video of her campaign’s shady practices; she jumped on the gun control bandwagon immediately after the Virginia television shootings; and she said her Republican opponents treat women just like terrorists do! 

Campaigns and Elections

In other campaign news, Joe Biden is getting a lot of attention this week, with many wondering if he’s actually going to jump into the ring—wealthy Democratic fundraisers are certainly ready for him to, as is Obama, but the veep isn’t sure he’s got enough “emotional fuel” to run. Bill Clinton is reportedly very upset at the prospect of Biden crushing his dreams of reoccupying the White House.


On the Republican side of things, Trump-mania continues. The real estate mogul also took to Instagram this week to troll Jeb Bush in a video showing his mother saying she doesn’t think Jeb should run (it was an old clip). And he got into quite the kerfuffle with Jorge Ramos on illegal immigration. Ben Carson, who’s also polling well, slammed the ‘lunacy’ of the Black Lives Matter movement. A Democratic congresswoman, meanwhile, insinuated that Scott Walker is literally lynching African Americans in Wisconsin. Up in Maine, Gov. Paul LePage may be considering running for the Senate in 2018. After punting on pro-life questions, Gov. Kasich is now faced with a decision to outlaw Down syndrome abortions in Ohio. And in Texas, Gov. Rick Perry said securing the border isn’t ‘rocket science.’

WDBJ Shooting

Two young journalists were horrifically gunned down on live TV Wednesday morning by a former employee of the station. The suicide note he left said the Charleston church shooting sent him over the top. Apparently after being fired, he handed a cross to a news director and said ‘you’ll need this,’ according to WDBJ’s manager. Gun control activists were ready to exploit the tragedy not long after the shooting. Wal-Mart took AR-15s off the shelf. Katie explains the truth about guns in Virginia. 


Nancy Pelosi paraded the Iran deal around Congress and decided to make Dems who are unsure about it her ‘target.’ Harry Reid, who was an undecided now ‘strongly’ supports the deal. Meanwhile, another New York Democrat has come out against it, as have hundreds of generals and admirals. Obama is whining that ‘the crazies’ won’t support the deal. 


Planned Parenthood

The Center for Medical Progress came out with yet another video this week, this time exposing StemExpress’ CEO bragging about how Planned Parenthood provides ‘a lot’ of intact fetuses. And as anyone could’ve guessed, Planned Parenthood is fighting back and suing CMP. Black pastors, meanwhile, demanded that the National Portrait Gallery remove a bust of Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger, a open eugenicist. 

In other news:

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