Kate Andrews

$67 Million of Obamacare Funds Allocated to IRS Are 'Missing'
By Kate Andrews
From the government body that brought you Tea Party Takedown and Lois Lerner Lies ...
September 27, 2013
Socialist Magazine Joins Chicago Teacher's Union Campaign on ‘Neo-Liberal’ Education
By Kate Andrews
Jacobin—a quarterly magazine that prides itself on providing, “socialist perspectives on politics, economics, and culture”—has found its ideological soul ...
September 22, 2013
Kerry on U.S. Military Intervention in Syria: Some Arab Nations Have Offered to "Carry [the] Cost"
By Kate Andrews
Secretary of State John Kerry revealed that Arab countries were offering to bear all the financial costs of unseating President ...
September 04, 2013
Syria Hearing: Secretary Kerry Refuses to Rule Out Use of U.S. Ground Troops
By Kate Andrews
Secretary of State John Kerry’s refusal to rule out the use of U.S. military forces on the ground in Syria ...
September 03, 2013
UNC Student Committee Cuts College Republicans' Budget By 75%; Gives Full Funding to Feminist, Anarchist Groups
By Kate Andrews
On Tuesday, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Student Congress Finance Committee cut the budget of the College ...
August 30, 2013
When the Liberal Media Gets it Right
By Kate Andrews
Guardian contributor Jeff Jarvis published an article on Thursday entitled “As a Democrat, I am Disgusted with President Obama.” Check ...
August 25, 2013
Conservative Women Work to Bridge Gap Between the Republican Party and Female Voters
By Kate Andrews
This weekend, Palladian View will be hosting their 3rd Annual Bridging the Gap Women’s Summit in Charleston, SC. This intimate, innovative ...
August 22, 2013
Unreal: CRS Report Reveals Administration Has Missed 50% of Obamacare's Implementation Deadlines
By Kate Andrews
An ‘Employer-Mandate Delay’ here and a ‘Cap-on-Costs Delay’ there are apparently only the tip of the iceberg when it comes ...
August 19, 2013