Victoria Stroup

Victoria Stroup
How Conservatives Can Stop the Leftist Agenda
By Victoria Stroup
It’s no secret by this point what the current agenda of modern progressivism truly is: progressively controlling America and its ...
November 08, 2016
How FDR's Racism Gave Democrats the Black Vote
By Victoria Stroup
The Democratic Party is the party of racism. However, leftists argue that during the 20th century, racist Democrats either magically ...
November 05, 2016
The Left's War on Women
By Victoria Stroup
Hillary supporters are the world’s best (and worst) apologists. They’re loyal no matter what, but they defend the worst possible ...
October 29, 2016
Democrats and Racism
By Victoria Stroup
If you listened to a contemporary Democrat, you’d believe Republicans are responsible for all of society’s race problems, past and ...
October 20, 2016
Four Biggest Clinton Scandals
By Victoria Stroup
Bill and Hillary Clinton have been in the public sphere for so long, it would be a miracle if they ...
October 17, 2016
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