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Four Biggest Clinton Scandals

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Bill and Hillary Clinton have been in the public sphere for so long, it would be a miracle if they had not been through a scandal.. However, their repeated immoral, scandalous, and downright criminal actions have earned them the moniker “The Bonnie and Clyde of Politics.” That is spot-on if you ask Dinesh D’Souza, who highlighted the worst of the Clinton scandals in his book Hillary’s America: The Secrets of the Democratic Party.


#1: Travelgate

A tamer incident of Bill’s presidency took place in 1993, when the entire Travel Office was fired. According to Hillary’s America, the Clintons claimed the staff were irresponsible or incompetent. However, they were proven to be long-time employees. The Clintons? They wanted to give travel responsibilities to friends of Hillary.

Hillary denied everything, per usual, but D’Souza writes of an aide’s memo saying Hillary wanted them gone, with the aide adding “there would be hell to pay” for not following orders.

#2: The Pardoning Debacle

Bill also raised eyebrows during his presidency for pardoning fugitives. Many had done favors for the Clintons or other Democrats. D’Souza highlights two of these cases.

Hillary’s brother Hugh Rodham helped secure the release of mail fraud Almon Glenn Braswell, a Democrat supporter, and drug kingpin Carlos Vignali, whose family gave money to Democrats. Hillary’s other brother Tony oversaw the pardon of Edgar and Vonna Jo Gregory, the owners of United Shows of America who, afterward, spent time with the Clintons at Camp David. Tony received money for the deal, which the Gregorys claimed was for a business contract.


#3: Benghazi

Bill was not the only Clinton to misuse the powers of office. According to Hillary’s America, one major reason Hillary did not grant the Benghazi consulate additional protection, leading to the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, was distraction, as she was focused on profiting from the chaos in Libya. The safety warnings were nothing but an annoyance. The fact that American lives were at risk did not warrant the least bit of concern. The “alibi” of the anti-Islam video being the cause was thwarted when an email surfaced showing Hillary admitting to daughter Chelsea: “It was a planned attack-- not a protest.”

#4: Bill and Hillary: Predator and Enabler

The worst scandal of the Clintons’ public life is Bill’s infidelity. D’Souza argues Hillary enabled the affairs, but also commissioned people to gather dirt on “Bill’s women.” Hillary’s America details women who received threats against themselves and their children, had their vehicles shot at, pets stolen and killed, and apartments ransacked.

Hillary’s biography In Living History claims she was surprised by Bill’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. D’Souza notes she was briefed by aides about Bill’s already numerous affairs when he was governor of Arkansas, knew about Gennifer Flowers during the 1992 campaign, and months before the Lewinsky scandal came to light, she was helping him prepare for his grand jury appearance in Paula Jones’ sexual assault case.


While the Clintons continue to decry every Donald Trump misstep, Hillary’s America reveals the dirty truth behind their public facade. If they have already ignored calls to protect American citizens, shown blatant disrespect for their held offices, and attempted to cover up the assaults of numerous women, what could be next?

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