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The Left's War on Women

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Hillary supporters are the world’s best (and worst) apologists. They’re loyal no matter what, but they defend the worst possible actions, crying “Bill’s the bad guy! Hillary’s innocent.” Okay, tell that to the countless women whose lives have been affected by her ruthlessness.

But Hillary isn’t alone. As Dinesh D’Souza shows us in Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party, the use and abuse of women is a longstanding leftist tradition. Hillary is simply the next in line.

The sneaky leftist habit of abuse is perhaps best shown in the 1800s. Prominent Democratic politicians of the 19th century were some of the worst slave abusers of their time. The wife of South Carolina Senator James Chesnut writes in her biography that her husband extolled his virtues while abusing women. Does that sound familiar?

Chesnut’s contemporary Senator James Hammond emphatically praised slavery while using it to fulfill his sick desires, even going so far as to take a slave mother and her daughter as concubines.

In the twentieth century, we were treated to more of the same. Whether it was Robert, John, or Ted Kennedy cheating on, abusing, or leaving women to drown while fleeing the scene of an accident, Democrats were clearly fighting the War on Women before they coined the term to burn Republicans.

The sick sexism of the left is even propped up by the millennial’s darling Bernie Sanders. Though the liberal Mother Jones first revealed his disgusting 1972 essay, it has gone virtually untouched by the media. In it, Sanders says that a man’s “typical fantasy” is of a woman being abused, and that during consensual sexual activity, a woman fantasizes about being gang-raped.

Hideous double standards aside, Sanders is much like Hillary in the fact that the sexist history of the Democratic Party began long before they were born. What do the modern policies of Hillary have to do with atrocities committed before she entered public life, or before she was even born?

They show the apple doesn’t fall from the tree. Hillary’s Americamakes it painfully obvious that no matter how much Hillary tries to paint herself as the longsuffering “good wife,” she is all too aware of her position in American politics. She even flexes that muscle to serve her own interests, bringing down countless other women in the process.

Take, for example, a tweet sent out by Hillary in 2015 declared that every sexual survivor deserves to be believed and supported. This is among the most disgusting displays of anti-woman behavior D’Souza highlights in his book, simply because it comes from a woman claiming to defend other women who defended a young girl’s rapist and got him off on a technicality.

Not only that, this comes from a woman who, according to D’Souza, assembled committees to gather dirt on many of Bill’s victims to publicly drag them through the mud, threaten their families, shoot at their vehicles, and ransack their apartments.

If Democrats want Republicans to answer for their policies on birth control or abortion, how about Democrats answer for the seemingly never-ending string of women abusers in their ranks?

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