Terry Paulson

Terry Paulson
Yes Martin, Black Lives Do Matter
By Terry Paulson
On this Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, it's impossible not to appreciate how black Americans have made a tremendous contribution ...
January 17, 2022
Make 2022 a Year to Remember
By Terry Paulson
It comes as no surprise that Republicans can't wait to exercise their right to vote in the midterms. Elections matter, and ...
January 03, 2022
The Takers Are Taking Over
By Terry Paulson
Elections matter. It shows in the sometimes not so subtle changes that surface unintended consequences. The shift to the left ...
December 20, 2021
A New Contract with America
By Terry Paulson
There is no better time for the GOP to craft a new Contract with America to drive the campaigns for ...
December 06, 2021
Let Our People Go
By Terry Paulson
Doesn't anyone on the inside of the White House have the guts to tell the emperor that he has no clothes? ...
November 22, 2021
Time Now to Ensure Election Integrity
By Terry Paulson
We are just a year away from critical mid-term elections. Finding a path to ensuring election integrity is a must ...
November 08, 2021
America-Home of the Helpless
By Terry Paulson
America used to be known as the land of the free and home of the brave. Biden's minions are doing ...
October 25, 2021
No Better Time to Be a Contagious Conservative
By Terry Paulson
There has never been a better time to make a case for the conservative cause. President Joe Biden has done ...
October 03, 2021
A Day to Remember…Terrorists Never to Forget
By Terry Paulson
Watching the 20-year anniversary coverage of the 9-11 terrorist attacks brought back a day to remember! Just before I was ...
September 13, 2021
Does Biden Want to Destroy America?
By Terry Paulson
President Biden said he would bring America back. No, the Taliban is back. In little more than seven months, he ...
August 29, 2021
Nothing to Hide
By Terry Paulson
If there is nothing to hide, why are so many social media platforms and politicians working so hard to silence ...
August 16, 2021
An Invitation to Anarchy
By Terry Paulson
If you believe mainstream media's praise of the Biden administration, you'd have to assume that the leftists in power just ...
August 02, 2021
Black Lives Have, Do and Will Matter to the Future of America
By Terry Paulson
Yes, black lives matter. They have mattered, do matter, and most certainly will matter to the future of America. In ...
July 19, 2021
A Leftist War on Common Sense
By Terry Paulson
As we celebrate America's independence, know that our founding fathers would be shaking their heads in disbelief almost daily at ...
July 05, 2021
Appreciating Flyover America
By Terry Paulson
To many in America, the West coast and the East coast seem to be the only regions that matter. There’s ...
June 21, 2021
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