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There is no question that former President Donald Trump has been subjected to a double standard attack resulting in two indictments, and there are possible Georgia and January 6th indictments yet to come. As with the Russian collusion nightmare, he probably will find his way through the legal challenges, but most likely he will be locked in defending himself on many fronts for months. 


While Hillary Clinton can destroy cell phones and emails and President Joe Biden can have classified documents in numerous locations dating back to his time as senator and vice president, Donald Trump continues to have a target on his chest. It is unfair. It is maddening, and many of his supporters are mad as hell about how the leading Republican candidate can again be targeted in such an obviously political move by the Department of Justice. 

President Trump is a fighter, and his legal team will no doubt launch a vigorous defense. There most certainly will be a motion to dismiss this case under the Presidential Records Act. Even if that fails and he must go to court, eventually appeals may very well reverse any conviction once it reaches the Supreme Court. But the time involved could seriously hamper Trump's campaign to regain the White House. 

Now that the indictment has been made public, there are indications that this indictment will result in a protracted and messy trial. It's obvious that some of Trump's actions have contributed to the difficulty he now faces. His arrogance and dismissive reactions to government requests may add to his popularity and success in campaigning, but they may now contribute to his demise. 

As with many successful political prosecutions, it's seldom the initial decisions themselves but the false statements and careless actions that follow that give validity to the indictment. There is reported audio recording evidence that Trump showed classified documents to people without a security clearance. He reportedly admitted that the documents were still classified because he had not declassified them before leaving the White House. 


Even after the National Archives continued to demand Trump hand over classified documents, when the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago, they found another 102 classified documents. In other words, Trump had withheld classified documents. There are also many damning statements from testimony by many of Trump's past lawyers. 

The prosecutor reports that he wants a speedy trial, but legal maneuvers take time. The former President could continue to run for office, and If Trump or another Republican wins the 2024 presidential election, he could even be pardoned. Many pundits are already saying that this indictment by the DOJ will actually help Trump's campaign. His supporters are angry and motivated, but what will a string of indictments do to the support form independents who Trump needs to win. 

There is no question that Trump deserves our support in going through this ordeal, but an important question remains. Is Trump the candidate to bring forward for the 2024 presidential election? There is no question that Trump is a lightening rod for many liberal citizens. Many voted for Joe Biden in 2020 to defeat the hated Trump! There is no evidence that the hatred of Trump has in any way dissipated. If anything, the current indictments just provide more evidence to fuel their disdain. 

After all, Trump is easy to hate. His impulsive attacks and arrogance are often on display. As a result, even though he is being treated unfairly, he very well may not be the right candidate to endorse for 2024. Many democrats privately share that they would rather face Trump; he's a lightning rod that brings out their base and fuels their fundraising. Biden's many weaknesses may make him a weak candidate, but there is no guarantee that Biden will be the democrat's standard bearer. Much can happen in the coming months. 


There are numerous republican candidates who have joined the race. It's important to let the campaigns play out without letting Trump's indictments, no matter how unfair, result in a premature coronation. It's time to let the right candidate earn the right to represent the GOP the old fashion way-by getting the votes in state primaries. If it be former President Trump, so be it. If it is Governor DeSantis or another, we need to be ready to support them. This election is too important to do it any other way. 

Voters want to know what candidates will do to secure our border and slow the flow of illegal aliens, how they'll support law and order and curtail rampant crime in our big cities, how they'll slow government growth and lower inflation, and whether they'll support school choice and energy independence taking advantage of all our natural resources. It's the issues that matter the most to the future of America that must guide our selection.

We must not lose focus. This election is critical. We not only want a president we can count on; we want to elect a majority of representatives and senators to deliver on what they promise.   

Many Americans voted for Donald Trump in the last two elections, and many certainly would vote for him again if he is the GOP candidate. But many do not think he is the best candidate to take back the White House. Let the election process play out and then let us work together to elect the candidate best positioned to win!

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