Rachel Alexander

Rachel Alexander
Wrongly Imprisoned Real Estate Broker Demands Investigation of Ohio Prosecutors
By Rachel Alexander
The Obama administration targeted sole proprietors and small businesses in the real estate industry after the crash of 2008, while ...
January 10, 2022
Many More Trump Supporters Are Dying from COVID-19 Than Democrats
By Rachel Alexander
Have you noticed how many on the right have changed from being for vaccine choice to becoming anti-vaccine regarding COVID-19? ...
January 04, 2022
Arizona Cattle Rustling, Money Laundering Accusations Explode With Defamation Lawsuits
By Rachel Alexander
What started out as accusations of cattle rustling in Arizona has risen to accusations of money laundering, which has become ...
December 27, 2021
What’s Going to Happen to Scottsdale School Board Official and Creepy Dossier About Parents He Disagreed With?
By Rachel Alexander
It recently came out that the former president of the Scottsdale Unified School District board appears to have compiled a ...
December 13, 2021
How the Left Turns Anyone Leading the Right into Fringe Extremists
By Rachel Alexander
The left has mastered many clever tactics to defeat the right in recent years, not based on substantive arguments but ...
December 06, 2021
The Right's Love Affair with Kyrsten Sinema and the Elephant in the Room
By Rachel Alexander
Many on the right are breathlessly talking about Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona as if she’s the next Ronald ...
November 29, 2021
Project Veritas’s James O’Keefe Is Not the Only Conservative Wrongly Targeted by the Feds Recently
By Rachel Alexander
Another newly launched criminal proceeding that is not getting much attention lately but which is very similar to the Biden ...
November 22, 2021
Don’t Reward Airbus’ Criminal Behavior with a Military Contract
By Rachel Alexander
Imagine you were running a small business, and you had a potential employee in front of you. Let’s say the ...
November 15, 2021
Decrease in Marriage Continues a Spiraling Wave of Problems, and Churches are AWOL
By Rachel Alexander
Over 60 years after the decline of marriage began in the 1960s due to the rise of the “free love” ...
October 31, 2021
Why a ‘Back the Blue’ #WalkAway Republican Is About to Become Seattle’s Next City Attorney
By Rachel Alexander
The Democrats have put up a candidate for Seattle City Attorney so insane that a #WalkAway “Back the Blue” Republican ...
October 25, 2021
Journal of Human Sexuality Study Finds Sexuality Fluidity Exploration Can Change Attraction
By Rachel Alexander
It’s no longer considered politically correct to discuss changing physical attraction from one gender to the other, but some are ...
October 11, 2021
Stop Investing Your Money in Corporations That Fund Progressives
By Rachel Alexander
Conservatives are increasingly looking for alternatives to mainstream products and services as we’re getting kicked out of society. We’ve been ...
October 04, 2021
Conservatives Need to Stop Viciously Attacking Each Other
By Rachel Alexander
I heard about this bizarre occurrence of a very conservative Catholic historian going after a very conservative Catholic journalist, making ...
September 27, 2021
Brnovich Is Running for the U.S. Senate and the Left Is Terrified
By Rachel Alexander
There are generally three types of politicians. The first is the AOC type, always saying outrageous things that generate attention ...
September 20, 2021
This is How Far Left-Wing State Bars Are Now Going to Destroy Conservatives: Prosecution
By Rachel Alexander
State bars have acquired a reputation for targeting conservative attorneys and destroying their ability to practice law, and now they ...
September 13, 2021
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