Mary Grabar

Mary Grabar
Debunking The 1619 Project: Real History as Antidote to Critical Race Theory
By Mary Grabar
In the 1990s, when I was in graduate school and reading required postmodern/Marxist theory, including Critical Race Theory, I little ...
September 07, 2021
Why Is Communist Disinformation Being Taught to Portland Eighth-Graders?
By Mary Grabar
For nearly 40 years, American students have been taught about their country’s history with communist disinformation by a historian who ...
January 16, 2020
The ‘Spirit’ of Howard Zinn at Boston University
By Mary Grabar
These are Orwellian times when a pro-American speaker who advocates for freedom and Constitutional principles is charged exorbitant “security” fees ...
September 23, 2019
Howard Zinn and the Subversion of the Constitution
By Mary Grabar
In 2004 Congress passed a law requiring that all publicly funded educational institutions and federal agencies provide educational programming about ...
September 17, 2019
Somewhere Over the Rainbow . . . the Dreamy Democratic Debate
By Mary Grabar
Please excuse the dreamy, incoherent nature of this post about the first Democratic debate of 2016. I was expecting a ...
October 15, 2015
Common Core: K-16 Education
By Mary Grabar
Editor's note: This column was originally published at SFPPR News & Analysis. Right around this time of the fall semester, ...
October 03, 2014
One More Way to Impose Common Core: the National Association of State Boards of Education
By Mary Grabar
Editor's note: this column was originally published at SFPPR News & Analysis.At one time socialists and communists sought to inspire ...
September 04, 2014
Larry Grathwohl, 1947 -2013: American Hero
By Mary Grabar
Larry Grathwohl, my friend and hero, has passed on to join the pantheon of other truth-tellers about communism. His death ...
July 23, 2013
Bill Ayers: Bringing Down America, Destroying Education
By Mary Grabar
In 1969, hippies and the Vietnam War were abstractions to me, glimpses from photos in an occasional Life Magazine. ...
May 15, 2013
More Radicals for Common Core: The Pro-Amnesty Contingent
By Mary Grabar
My antennae go up whenever any education initiative is associated with radicals, like Bill Ayers. We still don’t know ...
April 18, 2013
Common Core: When Radicals Defend 'Standards'
By Mary Grabar
When the radicals start defending “standards,” that’s when you have to become suspicious—of the standards. That is the case with Obama’s ...
April 05, 2013
Dissident Prof Dispatch: Common Core Teaching, Demonstrating a Crucifixion
By Mary Grabar
First we have a college student ordered to stomp on a piece of paper with the word Jesus written on ...
April 01, 2013
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