Charles Vavruska

Charles Vavruska
De Blasio’s Attack on the American Dream
By Charles Vavruska
Late last month, in a fit of woke rebellion, the New York City Department of Education’s Panel for Education Policy ...
February 21, 2021
Gimme, Gimme Trump Treatment
By Charles Vavruska
QUEENS, New York — On Sunday night, March 15, I started feeling achy. By Monday night, I was achy all ...
April 12, 2020
Fuzzy Math: New York Times Cites Dodgy Data to Push Race Quotas
By Charles Vavruska
The New York Times on Tuesday deceitfully used partial data to advance racial quotas. Eliza Shapiro’s article recounts the history ...
March 31, 2019
AOC Gives Ammo To School-Choice And Standardized Test Advocates
By Charles Vavruska
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez starred in a Jackson Heights town hall meeting on Saturday. While it was formally organized by Jackson Heights ...
March 23, 2019
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