Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro
The Quest to Destroy Work
By Ben Shapiro
This week, after spending time vacationing in the disease-ridden hellscape known as Florida, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., came down with ...
January 19, 2022
The Great Re-Sorting Is Here
By Ben Shapiro
This week, the incoming New York City Mayor Eric Adams -- the supposed rational corrective to uber-radical outgoing Mayor Bill ...
January 12, 2022
The Year of Living Unreasonably
By Ben Shapiro
In 2020, Americans learned that if emergency dictated, we could lock down, mask up, and blow out spending to temporarily ...
December 29, 2021
The Big Government COVID-19 Lie
By Ben Shapiro
On Oct. 30, 2020, just days before the presidential election, Joe Biden tweeted, "I'm not going to shut down the ...
December 22, 2021
The Death of California
By Ben Shapiro
In "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," Victor Hugo told the tale of Esmerelda, a gypsy dancer falsely accused of attempted ...
December 15, 2021
The Left's War with Biological Reality
By Ben Shapiro
As the Supreme Court determines whether to preserve the Court-created "right to abortion" under Roe v. Wade, those on the ...
December 09, 2021
An 'Abundance of Caution' Mentality Leads to Tyranny
By Ben Shapiro
This week, governments around the globe spun into full-scale panic thanks to the revelation of the so-called omicron variant of ...
December 01, 2021
Reality Remains Undefeated
By Ben Shapiro
This week, a 39-year-old black man in Waukesha, Wisconsin, plowed a maroon Ford Escape into a Christmas parade of children ...
November 24, 2021
The Narrative Is the Priority
By Ben Shapiro
According to the media, Kyle Rittenhouse was a white supremacist. According to the media, Kyle Rittenhouse was an active shooter. ...
November 17, 2021
The So-Called Meritocracy Isn't The Problem
By Ben Shapiro
In 1958, British sociologist Michael Young coined the term "meritocracy" in his satirical novel, called "The Rise of the Meritocracy." ...
November 10, 2021
The Red Wave, and the Democratic Suicide Strategy
By Ben Shapiro
This week, reality struck back against Democratic electoral utopianism. Since 2012, Democrats have been convinced that a new, durable, near-unbeatable ...
November 04, 2021
Punishing Achievement Is Punishing Everyone
By Ben Shapiro
This week, Democrats settled on an area of apparent commonality: the desire to eat the rich. According to Treasury Secretary ...
October 27, 2021
The End of Risk and the End of Civilization
By Ben Shapiro
Human beings aren't great at assessing risk.In 1979, psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky posited a new branch of behavioral ...
October 20, 2021
The Nation in the Bubble
By Ben Shapiro
This week, the Biden administration received just the latest slap in the face from cruel reality: An economic report showing ...
October 13, 2021
What if 'Polarization' Isn't the Big Problem?
By Ben Shapiro
This week, the University of Virginia Center for Politics released a poll surveying Americans' feelings about their political opponents. According ...
October 06, 2021
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