Neal Boortz

I have never, in my life, seen such a level of stupefying and willful ignorance and irrationality exhibited in a debate over current events or public policy as I have with the verbal storm that has darkened our horizon over the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. This manic opinionating by people with no grasp of the facts truly has been enough to cause a rational and balanced person to run screaming from social media into hiding under an obscure motel bed somewhere in West Kansas.

Seriously! There are people making asinine (and worse) statements about the Zimmerman verdict on Twitter and Facebook and at Sharpton promoted rallies around the country who clearly haven’t listened to one nanosecond of testimony from the Zimmerman trial and who’s reading on the subject goes not one word beyond the “Zimmerman Not Guilty” headline; a headline they accidently saw in a newspaper they would never ever consider actually purchasing and reading.

Who ARE these people? How can you have any confidence in the future of a country populated by these myrmidons? What if you suddenly realized some of these people work for you in your business? Would it be time to fire the entire staff, shut the business down, and start over again in an area where the idiot infestation was not so severe? Just one person on your staff with the inability to think rationally exhibited by these people would be enough to sabotage your entire business. That’s why employers love to cull the herd of cows with 0bama bumper stickers on their rumps.

Before we get into some specifics from the thundering mindless herd, let’s admit just why the George Zimmerman verdict continues to be such a huge story. It’s all about 0bama. Rather, it’s all about protecting 0bama. The problem for the left is all of the news about our Dear Ruler has been less than rosy for several months, and especially recently. Let’s sneak a quick peek here:

Neal Boortz

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