John Hawkins

The biggest question most people are trying to answer about Anthony Weiner's run at mayor of New York is whether he's trying to grab the brass ring to further his career, get his wife off his back or because he thinks it'll make it easier to get cybersex. On the other hand, maybe the answer is "all three." After all, it worked for Bill Clinton, although he was at least functional enough to bang the chicks he was cheating with on his wife.

So, will Anthony Weiner provide comedians doing shows in New York with material for years to come by winning the race for mayor? He could -- and perhaps this isn't the way everyone looks at it, but after the liberals in New York voted compassion fascist Mike Bloomberg into office three times, they deserve a joke like Weiner as mayor. New Yorkers love to say their city is like no other on earth and having Anthony Weiner as mayor would help prove it.

1) May 27, 2011: Weiner was 46 years old, married and apparently carrying on multiple cyber affairs via Twitter, which puts him somewhere between Jesse Jackson, Jr. off his meds and Ted Kennedy swimming out of a tidal pool on the bad judgment scale. Predictably, he eventually screwed up a private direct message and accidentally tweeted a picture of his schlong bulging through his underwear to a 21-year-old college student. The picture was “screenshotted” before Weiner could delete it and was sent to Andrew Breitbart.

2) May 31, 2011: Despite the fact that Weiner claimed his account had been "hacked," nobody was buying it; so he had to hold a news conference about his penis picture (Incidentally, if a politician even needs to have a "news conference about his penis picture," it's a REALLY BAD SIGN). Unfortunately, instead of putting the incident in Weiner's rear view mirror, it made things worse when he very strangely declined to have law enforcement investigate the matter.

3) June 1, 2011: When Luke Russert asked Weiner if the picture was his, he said, "You know, I can't say with certitude. My system was hacked, pictures can be manipulated, pictures can be dropped in and inserted." Apparently, Anthony Weiner grew up in some strange alternate world where the average man has large numbers of penis pics just sitting around and thus, he obviously wouldn't know if that was his penis pic or not.

John Hawkins

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