Sat, Nov 24, 2012

John Hawkins | November 24, 2012

Win, lose or draw, we're always supposedly hitting a tipping point where social issues just no longer work for the Republican Party. At first glance, this would appear to be a rather puzzling sentiment. After all, in 2010, despite the fact that the GOP was just as socially conservative as we were this year, the Republican Party had its best year in half a century.

John Ransom | November 24, 2012

Ah, nothing secures the position of ranking member of the financial services committee better than: 1) being acquitted on all congressional ethics charges and 2) subsequently providing $250,000 of good, old-fashioned financial services of your own to Party's candidates.

Kathryn Lopez | November 24, 2012

For as long as I can remember, I've always thought about waking up obscenely early the morning after Thanksgiving, to check out the goings-on at the toy or department store. Not because I wanted to shop, but to visit the safari -- it's always struck me as quite the exotic mystery, why anyone would want to walk away from a calm morning with family or friends to fight for a parking spot. Of course, now indelibly imprinted in our brains are news images of packed stores on Thanksgiving night itself.

Lincoln Brown | November 24, 2012

Sadly, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, Marsha Fudge, or any Democrat around would not take sixty seconds to look at who I am or where I came from, what I actually think, and for that matter, they would not do the same for you, either.

Paul Tracy | November 24, 2012

Since 1986 he has mentioned this single trait 20 times in his annual shareholder letters. He calls it "essential for sustained success."

Randall DeSoto | November 24, 2012

Winston Churchill once quipped you can “trust the American people to do the right thing after they have tried everything else.” His observation touches on a recurring theme in United States history: major political change is often preceded by a decade long learning curve. This pattern can be seen from the Founding era up to the election of 2012.

Chris Poindexter | November 24, 2012

If the lame duck Congress does reach a budget deal you can expect a correction in precious metals prices, including silver. If the bigger deal on the federal budget gets pushed into 2013, which seems likely, expect gold to push closer toward the $1,800 mark.

Bob Beauprez | November 24, 2012

Unsurprisingly, the President and the Congressional Democrats are using tempting but dishonest rhetoric – calling for "fairness," a "balanced approach," and a "return to Clinton Era tax rates" to balance the budget.

Fri, Nov 23, 2012

Ed Feulner | November 23, 2012

Twinkies selling for hundreds of dollars on eBay. Union membership dropping steadily over the last decade.

Michael Brown | November 23, 2012

In the aftermath of Israel’s latest conflict with Hamas terrorists, it seems that the Jewish state’s greatest failing was that it did not suffer enough casualties to satisfy its critics.

Michelle Malkin | November 23, 2012

Attention, Wal-Mart directors: Mob appeasement never works.

Jonah Goldberg | November 23, 2012

If the GOP wants to win more black votes, it will need to get a lot more "racist."

Pat Buchanan | November 23, 2012

With the truce in the week-long Gaza war, Barack Obama is being prompted by right and left to re-engage and renew U.S. efforts to solve the core question of Middle East peace.

John Ransom | November 23, 2012

Look, if people are going to talk seriously about taxing “the idle rich”, they should get serious about looking at the most idle members of our society- those who reside mostly in Los Angeles and Manhattan and make a living off of show business.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | November 23, 2012

While most Americans were focusing on the domestic implications of Barack Obama’s re-election, the effects of his victory are being felt around the globe in different ways.

Donald Lambro | November 23, 2012

Although Barack Obama won a second term and Democrats gained some seats in Congress, the Republicans remain a considerable force to be reckoned with in the 2013-14 election cycle and beyond. Lost in the news media's ecstasy over Obama's victory in the midst of a terribly weak, job-starved economy is the political reality behind his narrow popular vote margin, the GOP's still muscular House majority and its rising strength among the nation's governorships.

Chris Poindexter | November 23, 2012

Gold prices have seen strong support from accumulation by central banks on concerns over currency valuations.

Celia Bigelow | November 23, 2012

“When I’m president, I will make college affordable for every American.” -- President Obama, 2008

Stewart Scott | November 23, 2012

During his campaign, he pledged to cut Mexico's murder rate in half by the end of his six-year term, to increase the number of federal police officers and to create a new gendarmerie to use in place of military troops to combat heavily armed criminals in Mexico's most violent locations.

Jerry Bowyer | November 23, 2012

History is a series of experiments: The Human Gamble. Some gambles work and are adopted by history and some do not and should be abandoned by it.

Night Watch | November 23, 2012

The expulsion of North Korean nuclear engineers and technicians from Burma will be the indicator that the Burmese government is sincere in placing its nuclear program under international supervision to confirm its peaceful purposes.

Thu, Nov 22, 2012

Ann Coulter | November 22, 2012

Small minds always leap to the answers given the last time around, which is probably why Maxine Waters keeps getting re-elected. But the last time is not necessarily the same as this time. A terrorist attack is not the same as the Cold War, a war in Afghanistan is not the same as a war in Iraq, and Mitt Romney is not the same as John McCain or Bob Dole.

Cliff May | November 22, 2012

Israel — as its friends and enemies never forget — is a “one-bomb country.” One nuclear weapon is all it would take to wipe out a nation whose territory is smaller than Djibouti, with a population not as large as that of Burundi — fewer than 8 million people, 20 percent of them Arabs who are enjoying rights denied to Arabs (not to mention non-Arab minorities) elsewhere in the Middle East.

Victor Davis Hanson | November 22, 2012

After his party's devastating setback in the 2010 midterm elections, Barack Obama was re-elected earlier this month by painting his Republican opponents as heartless in favoring lower taxes for the rich. They were portrayed as nativists for opposing the Dream Act amnesty for illegal immigrants, and as callous in battling the federal takeover of health care.

Michael Barone | November 22, 2012

A funny thing happened as I was looking at the political map of this year's presidential election: It began to look like the map of the presidential election of 2004.

Larry Elder | November 22, 2012

Consider this headline from a Reuters article in The Huffington Post: "Raising Taxes on Rich Won't Hurt Economic Growth, CBO Says."

Cal Thomas | November 22, 2012

Conservatives have been dreaming that a political reincarnation of Ronald Reagan would lead them to an electoral promised land. I never put my faith in such a possibility, because the past is a dangerous place in which to live. Reagan never lived in the past, though he learned from it.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving week is a time to express gratitude and appreciation and to acknowledge what we are thankful for in our lives. Many of us have Thanksgiving routines and rituals that take us out of the everyday routine of our lives and provide a space for us to slow down, unwind, reflect and give thanks.

Jeff Jacoby | November 22, 2012

Palestinians have a fierce new song to accompany their intensified conflict with Israel. "Strike a Blow at Tel Aviv," recorded by Shadi al-Bourini and Qassem al-Najjar, was posted last week on various Palestinian websites, including the Facebook page of the TV show Fenjan Al-Balad, which describes its mission as "trying to influence young Palestinian society for the better."

John Ransom | November 22, 2012

So the American people ask legitimate questions of the GOP: Which is it? Are little more taxes on the rich OK, or are they not? And the GOP mumbles an excuse because it fumbled the ball.

Matt Towery | November 22, 2012

After several weeks of endless postmortems of the 2012 presidential contest, Republicans seem to be trending in most articles as being in disarray and with little hope of regaining the White House for years to come, if ever in our lifetime.

Diana West | November 22, 2012

I think I know what David Petraeus is thankful for this week.

Paul Greenberg | November 22, 2012

By the time you read these words, Gentle and Grateful Reader, peace should have broken out in that most unlikely part of the world, the Middle East.

Bob Beauprez | November 22, 2012

The largest driver of the budget deficit has been lost revenue due to economic stagnation."

Mark Baisley | November 22, 2012

The first Thanksgiving dinner was an expression of appreciation to God by the remaining Pilgrims for having survived through the tough winter and being blessed by the native inhabitants who would teach them.

Chris Poindexter | November 22, 2012

You might have noticed that I’ve been avoiding analysis related to the fiscal cliff negotiations that are ongoing in Congress as the subject pertains to gold and silver.

Wed, Nov 21, 2012

Larry Kudlow | November 21, 2012

Sooner or later this is the Obama agenda. And it’s going to be a big stumbling block for a year-end deal that would avoid a roughly $450 billion tax hike that would sink us back into recession.

Rich Galen | November 21, 2012

It was the day before Thanksgiving, crisp and clear. I was giving the Mullmobile it's quarterly treat: A professional car wash. At Andy's Car Wash in Alexandria, you drop your car off, then go inside to pay. A woman and a little girl - about three-and-a-half - were paying ahead of me.

Thomas Sowell | November 21, 2012

Few things can make you appreciate home like staying in a hotel. This includes not only low-budget, bare bones hotels but also sweepingly large and ornate luxury hotels. What many hotels seem to have in common are needless hassles.

John Stossel | November 21, 2012

Yikes, we're headed toward a fiscal cliff! It will crush the economy! Or so the media and politicians tell us. The "cliff" is a series of tax increases and budget cuts that automatically go into effect Jan. 1 unless Congress acts.

Walter E. Williams | November 21, 2012

President Barack Obama narrowly defeated Gov. Mitt Romney in the popular vote 51 percent to 48 percent. In the all-important Electoral College, the difference was larger, with Obama winning 303 electoral votes and Romney 206. Let's not think so much about the election's outcome but instead ask: What's so good about democracy and majority rule?

Brent Bozell | November 21, 2012

The post mortems on the presidential campaign continue to pour in, the ones on the botched Romney effort the more interesting (and more depressing for those of us who supported him). President Obama was clearly vulnerable, and Mitt Romney clearly positioned to defeat him.

Jonah Goldberg | November 21, 2012

President Obama has several stated ambitions for his presidency. He wants it to be "transformative." He wants to unite Americans of all parties. He wants to build an economy from the middle class out (whatever that means), and he wants to help what you might call the domestic refugees of America's economic transformation.

Bob Barr | November 21, 2012

While the soap opera “All the General’s Girls” currently occupies the top spot in the Washington, DC ratings wars, the “Benghazi Chronicles,” with U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice in a starring role, continues to enjoy strong ratings – as it should.

Michael Medved | November 21, 2012

Some fringe conservatives seem perversely determined to turn a stinging electoral defeat into an epic, sweeping disaster. That’s the deeper meaning of current talk about impeachment, secession, third parties, civil disobedience, and onrushing apocalypse.

Ben Shapiro | November 21, 2012

In the aftermath of the re-election of President Barack Obama, conservatives searched the heavens and the earth for answers. Some suggested that Mitt Romney lost because Republicans didn't reach out more to Latino voters; some suggested that Romney lost because his "get out the vote" system fell apart on Election Day.

Terry Jeffrey | November 21, 2012

"Catholicism teaches that it is a sin to use, provide, or otherwise support contraception."

Austin Bay | November 21, 2012

On Nov. 21, 1962, as the Indian Army continued a chaotic retreat from its high altitude positions in the Himalayan Mountains, Communist China's victorious forces halted their advance and implemented a unilateral ceasefire.

John Ransom | November 21, 2012

Instead of taxing success and dissuading investment, I recommend that the millionaires who want higher taxes do what many I know do to pay their fair share of taxes and feel a lot more fulfilled: Give. Someone. A. Job.

Paul Greenberg | November 21, 2012

A kind of moveable feast, Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of November, and this year that's November 22nd.

Donald Lambro | November 21, 2012

One of President Obama's national security boasts in the 2012 presidential election was that al Qaeda's ranks have been "decimated," they're "on the run," and "on the path to defeat." So when the evil, terrorist network built by Osama bin Laden destroyed the U.S. consulate in Libya and killed our ambassador and three other officials on Sept. 11, it sent a chilling message that, contrary to Obama's preposterous claim, al Qaeda's very much alive and capable of killing Americans with impunity on U.S. soil.

Susan Stamper Brown | November 21, 2012

Welcome to President Obama's second term, America - that special place where ridiculousness replaces raison d'etre, and presidents give us things like gun control a' la United Nations.

Jacob Sullum | November 21, 2012

At the Cosmopolitan, a luxury hotel and casino in Las Vegas, "just the right amount of wrong" is the naughty fun you get for $200 a night. At the $57-a-night Motel Caswell in Tewksbury, Mass., just the right amount of wrong is what the federal government says it needs to take the business from the family that has operated it for 57 years.

Rich Tucker | November 21, 2012

Americans have been giving thanks since long before we were known as Americans. Early colonists celebrated their harvest as early as 1621, with a three-day-long festival involving both natives and newcomers. President George Washington named Nov. 26, 1789 as a day of thanksgiving devoted to: “the service of that great and glorious Being who is the beneficent Author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be.” And President Abraham Lincoln created the modern Thanksgiving Day tradition when he announced, in 1863, that the third Thursday of November would henceforth be celebrated as an official national holiday.

Ken Connor | November 21, 2012

Although we tend to associate the modern holiday with the proclamation issued by Abraham Lincoln on October 3, 1863, the first presidential proclamation declaring a day of Thanksgiving actually dates back to 1789 and was promulgated by our first president, George Washington.

David Sterman | November 21, 2012

If you can't decide, then don't worry. I've found three tech stocks that land into each camp and, if taken together, then they may give you the perfect GARP positioning.

Chris Poindexter | November 21, 2012

With the silver/gold ratio dipping toward 50, this might be a better time to shift some of your small, regular buys into silver.

Paul Kengor | November 21, 2012

It was shortly before Thanksgiving. I was in the kitchen washing dishes when I heard my first music of the holiday season. Sick of talk radio and sick of election post-mortems, I gave myself a breather, turning the FM dial to something cheerful for a change.

Bill Tatro | November 21, 2012

I’m very thankful that after thousands of years of hatred, Hamas and the Jews have decided to call a truce.

Phil Kerpen | November 21, 2012

President Obama's reelection was a triumph of Big Data, technological innovation, and precision targeting over the usual gravity of an incumbent president with a record of economic failure. This was facilitated by largest data trove in the world, Google, lending talent, expertise, and quite possibly data to the cause.

Ralph Benko | November 21, 2012

A more important, historically speaking, presidential election than America’s concluded last week … where Xi Jinping was entrusted with the leadership of China.

Dan Stein | November 21, 2012

H.L. Mencken once observed that “complex problems have simple, easy to understand, wrong answers.” In the aftermath of the 2012 elections, both political parties seem poised to implement a simple, easy to understand, and disastrous solution to our nation’s complex immigration problem.

Night Watch | November 21, 2012

The leaders of the 13 fighting groups clarified that their intention is to install an Islamist state that is hostile to foreign meddling.

Michelle Malkin | November 21, 2012

Chandler Osborn, 14, watched Fox News coverage of Hurricane Sandy last week and decided to take action.

Tue, Nov 20, 2012

Paul Coleman | November 20, 2012

In late October, a 31-year old female dentist named Savita Halappanavar died in Ireland after being refused an abortion. And although there was no causal link between the refused abortion and her death at the time, and there remains none now, pro-abortion proponents are seizing on her death as sufficient reason to legalize abortions in Ireland.

Frank Gaffney | November 20, 2012

While debating Mitt Romney this fall, Barack Obama declared that he had decided to embrace the term "Obamacare" - a name originally coined and to that point only used by its detractors to tie the president firmly to the health care fiasco he had spawned. Perhaps he will, therefore, not object if we dub the escalating conflict in the Middle East by a similarly apt name: Obamawar.

Rachel Marsden | November 20, 2012

A colleague mentioned earlier this week how thankful he is that he can tell anyone who deserves it to go take a flying leap. (Actually, his precise words are unprintable, but you get the idea.) At first glance, such uninhibited opinion-sharing might seem rude and unacceptable, but upon further reflection, it becomes clear how individuals rising up and courageously telling off the creeps who deserve it would benefit society as a whole, and how capitalism in particular is the perfect vehicle for this.

Hugh Hewitt | November 20, 2012

In New York Friday to appear on Sean Hannity’s program, I stayed an extra day to catch an early performance of David Mamet's new play The Anarchist, now in its second week of previews. Sitting next to Marcello, a Brazilian venture capitalist, we chatted about the election just past.

John Hawkins | November 20, 2012

When British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan was asked what might knock his administration off course, he famously responded, "Events, dear boy, events." There's a lot of truth to that. At any point in time, an unexpected event can throw the political world into turmoil. However, more often than not, it's not the blindside hit that gets you so much as the freight train you've seen coming for miles.

Thomas Sowell | November 20, 2012

Killing the goose that lays the golden egg is one of those old fairy tales for children which has a heavy message that a lot of adults should listen to. The labor unions which have driven the makers of Twinkies into bankruptcy, potentially destroying 18,500 jobs, could have learned a lot from that old children's fairy tale.

Chuck Norris | November 20, 2012

"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: 'I'm from the government, and I'm here to help.'" -- President Ronald Reagan

David Limbaugh | November 20, 2012

Isn't it tragically ironic that the man who rode the perfect storm into public office on the horse of national unity has now perfected the politics of division so spectacularly that he won re-election despite the worst record in decades?

Mona Charen | November 20, 2012

Realistic Republicans understand that President Obama and the Democrats head into fiscal cliff negotiations in a far stronger bargaining position now than in 2011. When voters were asked on Nov. 6 whether they favored raising taxes to reduce the deficit, a total of 60 percent said yes (47 percent favored increasing taxes for those who earn $250,000 or more, and 13 percent approved tax increases for all).

Ken Blackwell | November 20, 2012

It seems every time the Republicans lose a presidential election, white board-toting architects and backroom strategists descend on the Sunday talk shows. Republicans must dump the social issues. Defending the right to life of unborn children and upholding the civil right of marriage is just costing too much support with the voters. We have to moderate our positions, they say.

Cal Thomas | November 20, 2012

In the film "Groundhog Day," Bill Murray wakes up each morning and relives the previous day. A similar scenario is playing out in the Middle East between Israel and her enemies. The deadly "movie" always goes like this: Israel is shelled or attacked by terrorists groups, often called "militants" by the media, each one with the same goal: Israel's elimination. After demonstrating considerable restraint of the kind that would never be tolerated by any other nation, Israel fires back.

Dennis Prager | November 20, 2012

The way in which the New York Times reports good vs. evil is one of the most important stories of our time.

Pat Buchanan | November 20, 2012

"What the president's campaign did was focus on certain members of his base coalition, give them extraordinary financial gifts from the government and then work very aggressively to turn them out to vote, and that strategy worked."

Fred Wszolek | November 20, 2012

If you are wondering why American manufacturing jobs are going overseas and not coming back, look no further than President Obama’s National Labor Relations Board. The NLRB recently told a U.S. Court of Appeals that employers’ concerns that a multiplicity of small bargaining units will cripple their operations are “irrelevant” under U.S. labor law.

John Ransom | November 20, 2012

Cities -and states- shouldn’t have to choose between public safety and other necessities so that liberal council members and legislators can have an adequate supply of yard signs and bumpers stickers during an election year.

Paul Greenberg | November 20, 2012

There are various responses dictators are sure to make as their subjects grow restive and their rule is challenged.

Phyllis Schlafly | November 20, 2012

Dozens of explanations have been offered by people who think they are savvy about politics to explain why Mitt Romney lost and Barack Obama was reelected despite his many unlawful actions and the high unemployment figures. I toss into the mix my view that the two major political parties need rebranding.

Brian Birdnow | November 20, 2012

The Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media are now galloping along in full-throated triumphalist mode, which, of course, is their right given the results of the November 6th elections. Despite the efforts of some GOP operatives to accentuate the positives of this election, such as the victories of Republican gubernatorial candidates in various states, it certainly wasn’t a win for the Grand Old Party. Last week many mainstream media scribes took their turns at “interpreting’ the meaning of the election, most of them barely concealing their glee.

Bill Murchison | November 20, 2012

"Barack Obama won because he recognized a new America." Or maybe an America more fluid, more insubstantial than post-election wisdom is ready to grant. You can't always tell about "new" -- a truth the human race rarely acknowledges.

Armstrong Williams | November 20, 2012

General Petraeus is a genuine American hero, a man of great intellect and proven integrity, which makes his sudden resignation for adultery very curious. The timing of it just after the election, and his scheduled testimony on the Benghazi affair only make things look more suspicious. Indeed, it seems that the more answers we get, the more questions arise.

Morgan Brittany | November 20, 2012

He won’t be inaugurated until January, but just a few weeks after the election the crises are lining up.

Chris Poindexter | November 20, 2012

What you definitely want to do in this market is avoid panic and stick to a disciplined investment approach. Unfortunately, a few in the precious metals trade want to appeal to baser instincts.

Bob Beauprez | November 20, 2012

Nearly ten weeks after the assassination of four Americans, we're still playing a beltway version of he-said, she-said.

Bill Tatro | November 20, 2012

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Census Bureau, and the Commerce Department have all massaged, manipulated, and stretched every economic detail made under their wing.

Mon, Nov 19, 2012

Byron York | November 19, 2012

With Mitt Romney's defeat and the loss of Republican seats in both House and Senate, the balance of power in the GOP has shifted. Republican governors -- the one group that actually increased its numbers on Nov. 6 -- believe they should take a bigger and more influential role in establishing the party's direction.

Rich Galen | November 19, 2012

We know Romney was too conservative in the primaries and too moderate in the general. We know Romney didn't run enough ads in the Spring then ran too many ads in the Fall. We know Republicans depended too much on their turnout operation and too little on messaging. We know Republicans depended too much on messaging and too little on their turnout operation. We know the GOP and the Super PACs were too focused on fundraising and we know the Obama campaign raised more than enough money. We know … well, you know what we know.

Tim Phillips | November 19, 2012

During last Wednesday’s news conference, President Obama offered his plan for dealing with the looming fiscal cliff and expiring tax cuts. While the President claims he desires to work with Congress to reduce the deficit in a balanced and responsible way, he was clear that he intends to hold the middle class hostage in order to achieve his goal of increasing taxes on more successful Americans.

Michael Barone | November 19, 2012

In his first formal press conference in months, Barack Obama showed that getting re-elected can increase a president's confidence and combativeness. He staked out tough stands on several issues, especially on the looming budget negotiations.

Mike Adams | November 19, 2012

(Some time in the not-too-distant future at a public university near you). Good morning, everyone. My name is Dean Crawler and I would like to welcome everyone to new staff training here in the Dean of Student's Office at the University of Neo-Communism in Wonderland, or UNCW.

Star Parker | November 19, 2012

Here’s an excerpt from a letter I received the other day from a college professor

Katie Kieffer | November 19, 2012

Ten, nine, eight… what do you appreciate? When life seems crazy or hopeless, count your blessings backwards—that is, find something to be thankful for in the midst of darkness.

Lisa De Pasquale | November 19, 2012

In 2009, conservative activists Chris Barron and Jimmy LaSalvia saw a need for an organization to represent and educate gay Americans interested in free market principles, limited government and individual freedom. The organization has grown in to one that represents gays and their allies, building coalitions within the conservative movement and doing all they can to advance conservative and libertarian candidates.

Terry Paulson | November 19, 2012

A regular reader e-mailed me the morning after Obama's election victory, "You should probably leave the country. best for all concerned. slam the door on yer way out."

Bruce Bialosky | November 19, 2012

America’s accumulated college-loan debt will surpass $1 trillion this year; what is our leadership doing about it? The Obama Administration took over the student loan market and expanded Pell Grants, but hasn’t accomplished anything to address the root cause of the crisis: exploding college fees and related costs. The only thing they’ve done is criticize innovators and entrepreneurs.

John Ransom | November 19, 2012

Since our friendly federal government has thoughtfully changed us all over to digital television, it means that our TVs can be larger, more life-like, more brilliant and far more likely to interfere with our ability to understand the English language as spoken by our spouses.

Dan Holler | November 19, 2012

“Mr. President, on the fiscal cliff, two years ago, sir, you said that you wouldn’t extend the Bush-era tax cuts, but at the end of the day, you did. So, respectfully, sir, why should the American people and the Republicans believe that you won’t cave again this time?”

Matt Barber | November 19, 2012

There has been much talk of late about America’s “fiscal cliff.” As troubling as our impending (Obama-spurred) economic collapse may be – and it is more troubling than even our most pessimistic economists are willing to admit – I’m even more concerned about fast-mounting tensions worldwide.

David Sterman | November 19, 2012

Our economy is unlikely to handle three more years of gridlock, which keeps us stuck in a phase of higher government spending and shrinking revenue.

Mark Calabria | November 19, 2012

Well, Obama's victory means that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will keep his job, at least until the end of his term in 2014.

Shawn Mitchell | November 19, 2012

We need immigration reform so Univision can hire more hard-working reporters to do the dirty jobs their American counterparts won’t, like, ask a few tough questions.

Chris Poindexter | November 19, 2012

There is no standard definition for economic collapse, but most people picture it as a period of severe, prolonged depression accompanied by soaring unemployment, hyperinflation, high rates of bankruptcy, and a breakdown in normal commerce.

Chris Edwards | November 19, 2012

Unions were an important factor that pushed up the firm’s costs and reduced its operational efficiency. The policy reform here is obvious for people who appreciate market economics: repeal America’s coercive union laws.

Sun, Nov 18, 2012

Jeff Jacoby | November 18, 2012

As a candidate for lieutenant governor in 1982, John Kerry assured the voters of Massachusetts that he wasn't seeking the position as a mere "stepping-stone" to higher office. But just one year into his four-year term, he announced his candidacy for the US Senate seat that Paul Tsongas was vacating because of illness.

Austin Hill | November 18, 2012

Pot fans got what they wanted in Colorado: they finally convinced voters there to support the legalization of “recreational marijuana.” It’s seen as a huge victory for those who support the powers of the individual states, and a great example of “federalism” in action. But who is considering the burden of all of this on the American taxpayer?

Doug Giles | November 18, 2012

I have to admit that when Obama “won” re-election I became more depressed than Madonna’s audience was when they were forced to watch her strip the other night. For God’s sake, Madonna, put some material on that mess, material girl. I guess she’s going to follow Cher’s path and torture us with her exhibitionism ‘til she takes the big dirt nap. Like a virgin? Yeah … right. More like a sturgeon. Hang it up, Madge … you’re scaring the children. Anyway, back to my post-election depression.

Derek Hunter | November 18, 2012

During the Los Angeles riots of 1992, Rodney King famously asked, “Can’t we all just get along?” The answer should be an easy and unequivocal “yes,” but it seems less and less likely these days.

John Ransom | November 18, 2012

How long do you think a government with economic policies that foster social outcomes at the expense of the economy as a whole, government revenues as a whole, the wealth of the nation as a whole, will last? I’d say the beginning of the end starts the third week of January 2013.

Kevin McCullough | November 18, 2012

If someone had told me in 2009 that President Obama would get close to ten million fewer votes in 2012, I'd have both laughed out loud and simultaneously thought to myself, "we'll take that."

Steve Chapman | November 18, 2012

Everyone in Washington is showing new interest in immigration reform. President Barack Obama needs to do something to cement the loyalty of Hispanics, who did so much to re-elect him.

Ann-Marie Murrell | November 18, 2012

I’ve known for years that the mainstream media news was not only dead but had never really existed other than as a political tool for the progressive agenda. Still, I had hopes that a story as huge as Benghazi would cut across political lines and get the attention it deserved.

Tom Borelli | November 18, 2012

Following his re-election President Obama wasted no time in rallying his progressive and crony capitalist allies to address the fiscal cliff.

Larry Kudlow | November 18, 2012

In an interview with Larry Kudlow, Richard Fisher, president of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank says that there is a limit to what the Fed cam do to stimulate the economy is face of fiscal irresponsibity.

Mark Baisley | November 18, 2012

Several times during that speech from the Oval Office, Reagan referred to America’s role battling for freedoms in World War II. He cautioned that, “If we forget what we did, we won’t know who we are.” Reagan then advised, “I am warning of an eradication of the American memory that could result ultimately in an erosion of the American spirit.”

Janet M. LaRue | November 18, 2012

Where is Wilford Brimley when America needs him? The national security failure exposed by the Benghazi bungle has all of the intrigue and more of the movie, Absence of Malice, starring Paul Newman and Sally Field.

Marita Noon | November 18, 2012

Those benefitting from this corporate welfare don’t want the cash cow to die.

Paul Jacob | November 18, 2012

The struggle against insider political advantage, corruption, and general self-serving isn't just an American thing. It's universal.