Derek Hunter

I’m not much of a whiner, nor am I someone who makes predictions. I’d hoped for a Romney victory, though more for an Obama defeat. But that, when you think about it, was the problem. While there’s no doubt Romney would’ve been a much better President than the current occupant of that office, when people are presented with a choice between the vague they know and a vague they don’t know, they will pick what they know.

Romney offered a vision of American that was different, but didn’t spend a lot of time explaining how it would get to different other than that it would. He took a lot of criticism for not giving specifics on his tax plan, which was understandable since you don’t negotiate with yourself, but beyond that what was his plan? For all the criticisms I heaped on the President for speaking in platitudes and offering nothing specific for a second term could have easily been said about Romney, but I wasn’t going to do that because “you dance with the one that brung you.”

I wanted Obama defeated but suspected people wouldn’t switch someone they know for someone they don’t know with a seemingly slightly different vision. No one buys eggshell curtains to replace off-white ones and thinks that will be the difference maker in the living room.

As for the demographic issue everyone talks about, it’s not as large of a problem as people who can make money off of telling people it’s a problem would have you believe. At least not yet.

The reason Latinos didn’t vote Republican had less to do with a rejection of conservatism than it did conservatism not being offered to them. Not only is Romney not much of a conservative, he never tried to sell even a slightly conservative vision to them. Appearing on Univision once and running Spanish language commercials is hardly making a pitch. You can’t win people you don’t talk to and ask for their vote.

But more than race, the real demographic problem is one of age.

Young people of all races today are growing up in a country where their default setting on politics is liberalism. It’s not because liberalism is so great, it’s given them 50 percent unemployment amongst recent college graduates, it’s, more destructively, that they’re being inundated with the idea that the government is where to look to improve their lives. Couple this with a hesitance to reach out to certain demographics because of the seeming electoral futility of it and you find yourself in the situation we reside, only worse in the future.

Derek Hunter

Derek Hunter is Washington, DC based writer, radio host and political strategist. You can also stalk his thoughts 140 characters at a time on Twitter.