Sun, Nov 08, 2009

David Stokes | November 08, 2009

Mark Twain often suggested that history doesn’t always repeat itself, “but it does rhyme.” This chronological cadence is particularly true when you note some of the key events in the past century that happened in early November.

Sat, Nov 07, 2009

Doug Giles | November 07, 2009

When the initial news reports started pouring out of Fort Hood about the mass murder (read terrorist attack) of some of America’s finest, I turned to my wife and daughter and without hesitation said, “I’ll bet you a hundred bucks it was a Muslim.”

Hugh Hewitt | November 07, 2009

Tuesday's elections show that the country is very much aware of the disastrous course we are on and demonstrates that our votes can and will fix it in November 2010 and November 2012.

Terry Paulson | November 07, 2009

At a time of cold war twenty years ago, President Reagan was warned against saying the diplomatically risky words, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” He reminded the naysayers who was president, took a strong stand against the powers of totalitarianism, and freedom won.

Bill Murchison | November 07, 2009

It makes no sense to see Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, as represented in at least one family account, as the victim of "harassment" by fellow soldiers (and therefore a candidate for "understanding"?) He's an officer. Soldiers don't harass officers.

Michael Tanner | November 07, 2009

The health care reform bill unveiled by House Democrats last week looks increasingly like one of the most expensive pieces of legislation in history.

Fri, Nov 06, 2009

Ken Klukowski | November 06, 2009

In recent months, at least three major newspapers have carried columns attempting to push Chief Justice John Roberts into voting to uphold a grossly unconstitutional federal law.

Paul Kengor | November 06, 2009

Every Veterans Day presents an opportunity to commemorate those who served in some faraway place long ago, many of whom paid that ultimate sacrifice. World War II offers its share of remembrances: Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941; Normandy, June 6, 1944; the Battle of the Bulge, December 16, 1944; to name a few.

Rich Tucker | November 06, 2009

In an ironic twist, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals also treats its employees like so much meat. And it doesn’t even pay them for the privilege.

Meredith Turney | November 06, 2009

In 1969, Dr. Laurence J. Peter and Raymond Hull developed a business theory entitled the Peter Principle: “In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.”

Thomas Sowell | November 06, 2009

What is so wrong with the current medical system in the United States that we are being urged to rush headlong into a new government system that we are not even supposed to understand, because this legislation is to be rushed through Congress before even the Senators and Representatives have a chance to read it?

Michelle Malkin | November 06, 2009

In 2006, the minority party in Congress issued a dire report on the "unprecedented erosion of the democratic process." Democratic Rep. Louise Slaughter, then the ranking member of the House Rules Committee, authored the scathing document.

Brent Bozell | November 06, 2009

Today's sponsors run in large packs and appear to make no attempt to monitor shows and have no expectation of being held accountable for the "art" they've enabled.

Jonah Goldberg | November 06, 2009

To listen to liberals and the White House spin election results, you'd think all was well with the world. Barack Obama is still personally popular! The evil right-wing extremists lost in New York's 23rd congressional district and a Democrat (who was arguably more conservative than the Republican nominee) won.

David Limbaugh | November 06, 2009

The White House arrogance on display in denying that Tuesday's election results were a repudiation of President Barack Obama's radical agenda is of a piece with its arrogance in attempting to advance this agenda against the people's will.

Mona Charen | November 06, 2009

President Obama likes to preen himself on his supposed moral superiority to his predecessor. He announced the closing of Guantanamo in his first week on the job (though 10 months on, it remains open) to advertise the new administration's disdain for George Bush's war-fighting tactics.

Oliver North | November 06, 2009

Thirty years ago this week, a group of Iranian "students" shouting "death to America" stormed the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, taking nearly 100 hostages -- among them 65 Americans.

Pat Buchanan | November 06, 2009

Virginia Republicans led by Robert McDonnell crushed the most conservative Democrat nominee in decades, rolling up a victory that rivaled Ronald Reagan's rout of Walter Mondale.

Michael Gerson | November 06, 2009

During long campaign swings in Virginia's recent gubernatorial campaign, Bob McDonnell's staff would count the cars that sported both Obama and McDonnell bumper stickers.

Suzanne Fields | November 06, 2009

Twenty years ago, the Berlin Wall came tumbling down. If Humpty Dumpty had been sitting on top of it, not Soviet soldiers, nor Stasi spies could put Humpty together again.

David Harsanyi | November 06, 2009

Every year, the American Psychological Association gauges the emotional temperament of the nation with its report "Stress in America." If we're to believe the results of the study, it appears that Americans are increasingly freaking out.

Jillian Bandes | November 06, 2009

In less than a week, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) managed to round up thousands of conservative protesters on the front lawn of the Capitol after simply inviting them there on national television. On Thursday, they came en masse, waving signs, yelling chants, and… getting arrested.

Linda Chavez | November 06, 2009

Democrats are having a hard time explaining away their big losses on Tuesday. First, the White House let it be known that President Obama wasn't actually watching election returns, choosing instead to tune into HBO's puerile documentary about his own presidential campaign.

Howard Rich | November 06, 2009

If you believe the dizzying onslaught of self-serving propaganda coming out of the partisan spin machines in Washington, D.C., neither party lost in the recently concluded off-year elections held in New Jersey, New York and Virginia, among other places.

Charles Krauthammer | November 06, 2009

Sure, Election Day 2009 will scare moderate Democrats and make passage of Obamacare more difficult. Sure, it makes it easier for resurgent Republicans to raise money and recruit candidates for 2010.

Thu, Nov 05, 2009

Roger Chapin | November 05, 2009

The real question concerning our strategy in Afghanistan is whether we are willing to go all-out in adopting a winning game plan or continue the current holding pattern that won’t win the war but won’t lose it now either.

Caroline May | November 05, 2009

Senate Democrats are considering yet another global warming bill, optimistic that ­– despite the current economic malaise – a better sales pitch will increase support for their restrictive energy proposals. The legislation’s sponsors, Senators John Kerry (D-MA) and Barbara Boxer (D-CA), thus have dubbed their supposed antidote to climate change the “Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act" of 2009.

Dan Gainor | November 05, 2009

It’s been a year since the American public first said “I do” to Barack Obama and it’s still a honeymoon period for the mainstream press. The first year of marriage might have been a bit rocky, but journalists still have that crush on Obama.

Nathan Tabor | November 05, 2009

The paradigm of Internet communications has presented marketing, advertising and public relations professionals with a cost-effective tool that garners enormous exposure at minimal cost.

Cliff May | November 05, 2009

People forget how small Israel is. Its entire population is a little over 7 million - smaller than Lima, Peru. Its land area is about 8,000 square miles, smaller than New Jersey or Belize.

Ross Mackenzie | November 05, 2009

Gen. Stanley McChrystal, commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan: "I believe that the loss of stability in Afghanistan brings huge risks that transnational terrorists such as al Qaeda will operate from within Afghanistan again."

Michael Reagan | November 05, 2009

One year ago Barack Obama turned the political establishment upside down with a resounding national election that, according to so-called experts, spelled the end of influence and legitimacy for the GOP for years, perhaps decades to come.

Thomas Sowell | November 05, 2009

One of the strongest talking points of those who want a government-run medical care system is that we simply cannot afford the high and rising costs of medical care under the current system.

Michael Barone | November 05, 2009

As the final votes were being counted, it was possible to draw some lessons from Republican Bob McDonnell's victory in Virginia and the close, three-way governor's race in New Jersey, never mind that White House press secretary Robert Gibbs has taken to saying that the elections don't mean much.

Larry Elder | November 05, 2009

I spoke at a recent town hall forum. The many issues discussed included the Obama administration's attack on Fox News. Later, one of the audience members came up to me and sneered, "Well, even you must admit that Fox News is biased in favor of Republicans."

Cal Thomas | November 05, 2009

On Nov. 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall was pulled down to the consternation of leftists, who still had faith socialism could work with the right leaders, and to the delight of conservatives, who believed that socialism and communism guaranteed mutually-shared poverty.

Debra J. Saunders | November 05, 2009

The Council on American-Islamic Relations sent out its usual roundup Tuesday of news stories alleging the mistreatment of Muslims in America.

David Harsanyi | November 05, 2009

The angry, hard-right, radical, insane (etc.) conservative base has hijacked the Republican Party and, in the process, further alienated a beleaguered nation -- a nation that apparently is hankering for tripling deficits and government takeovers of the health care, energy, banking and car industries.

Jillian Bandes | November 05, 2009

RNC Chairman Michael Steele said that Tuesday’s election results were a direct product of the Republican Party gaining momentum, but many conservative analysts point to the corollary of that message as the primary reason’s for big conservative wins: Democratic failure.

Matt Towery | November 05, 2009

For the last year or so, it's been open season on America's conservative-leaning radio talk-show hosts. During the 2008 presidential campaign, it often seemed that Barack Obama was running against star TV and radio host Sean Hannity, instead of against Republican John McCain. (That's likely because Hannity was a much tougher and charismatic threat than the GOP nominee.)

Emmett Tyrrell | November 05, 2009

What strikes me about politics over the past couple of years is how obvious it all has been.

Steve Chapman | November 05, 2009

Barack Obama held out hope of overcoming partisan divides, lowering the temperature and bringing Americans together. How's that working out? Not well, it appears. One year after he was elected, Americans look more polarized than ever.

Max Schulz | November 05, 2009

Give up meat to save the planet? That seems to be what he is saying. The old saw used to be that meat is murder. Now it’s suicide. Lord Stern is no gadfly crank, either.

Douglas MacKinnon | November 05, 2009

Bob McDonnell's decisive victory is even more impressive if one stops to acknowledge that it came in the face of incredibly daunting opposition, misleading and low-brow campaign commercials, and a "news" organization which often advocates for left-of-center candidates and causes. To win the election, McDonnell had to defeat not only the Deeds campaign, but the DNC, the White House, and The Washington Post.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | November 05, 2009

Instead of Valerie Jarrett's version of speaking truth to power, we now have our own.

Wed, Nov 04, 2009

Ann Coulter | November 04, 2009

Liberals are less popular than Democrats. When conservatives take control of the Republican Party, Republicans win. When liberals take control of the Democratic Party, Democrats end up out of power for eight to 12 years.

Tony Blankley | November 04, 2009

Not so long ago, there was a furious fight among different tribes in the White House, CIA and State and Defense departments over the correct war-fighting strategy.

Michael Medved | November 04, 2009

Mike Bloomberg broke records by spending at least $90 million of his own money on a race for a third term as New York’s Mayor, saturating the world’s most costly media market for endless commercials in an effort to destroy an already feeble opponent.

Thomas Sowell | November 04, 2009

When it comes to medical care, there seems to be remarkably little attention paid to questions of both quantity and quality, in the rush to "bring down the cost of medical care."

Michelle Malkin | November 04, 2009

Here is one of the loudest messages of the 2009 off-off-year elections: Conservatives in America will no longer let their opponents define them as outside of the mainstream. They will not submit to Democrats. Or to the media. Or to Beltway Republican capitulationists. They will not "rebrand." They will not sit down. They will not shut up.

John Stossel | November 04, 2009

I made The New York Times last week. It even ran my picture. My mother would be proud. Unfortunately, the story was critical. It said, "Critics have leaped on Mr. Stossel's speaking engagements as the latest evidence of conservative bias on the part of Fox."

Walter E. Williams | November 04, 2009

There is no more reliable rule than the 95 percent rule: 95 percent of what you read about economics and finance is either wrong or irrelevant.

Brent Bozell | November 04, 2009

Any New Yorker foolish enough to follow the political advice of The New York Times deserves what he gets.

Michael Medved | November 04, 2009

Signs of Republican revival in Tuesday’s election will leave some conservatives cheering, and others sneering; cynics insist that it doesn’t matter which half of the two-party power structure controls the levers of power.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | November 04, 2009

After more than a decade of public health care with mandatory coverage, so many Canadian doctors have left the practice and so many young people have entered other fields that Canada ranks 26th of 28 developed nations in its ratio of physicians to population. Once, Canada ranked among the leaders in the number of physicians -- but that was before government health care drove doctors out of the practice in droves.

Michael Gerson | November 04, 2009

The effect of proposed health care reform -- which limits the ability of insurers to charge higher premiums for older adults -- would be a large shift of America's health care burden to the younger generation.

Ben Shapiro | November 04, 2009

Here is how the free market works: open competition among sellers, informed bidding among buyers. Sellers are responsible for competing; buyers are responsible for informing themselves. When the government pledges to increase competition or keep buyers informed, the market is no longer free. And when the government makes those pledges and then fails to enforce them, the free market is utterly perverted.

Terry Jeffrey | November 04, 2009

Pity the parents who have two children and earn $89,000 per year. They are members of America's last true victim class -- the unsubsidized ones.

Austin Bay | November 04, 2009

On Nov. 9, 1989, large crowds of German citizens from both East and West Berlin approached the Berlin Wall. At several border crossing points, East Berliners began shouting at the armed communist guards, demanding they open the gates and shove aside barbed wire obstacles.

Jacob Sullum | November 04, 2009

President Obama's promise to raise taxes only on the wealthy was easy to make and easy to break. He broke it barely two weeks after taking office, and he will break it again if Congress passes the health care legislation he wants. But Obama has come up with a strategy to avoid the fate of George H.W. Bush: Although he will raise your taxes, he will never admit he is raising your taxes.

George Will | November 04, 2009

Janice Shaw Crouse | November 04, 2009

The Democrats are supposedly all about women’s rights, but strangely, they are ignoring women when it comes to ObamaCare. Women were not just excluded from the planning; their ideas and opinions weren’t even considered in the crafting or the content of the legislation.

Tue, Nov 03, 2009

Larry Kudlow | November 03, 2009

Against the backdrop of high unemployment and a public revolt against a Democratic health-care bill -- which would significantly increase taxes, slash Medicare spending, and massively raise health-care spending elsewhere in a government takeover of our leading growth sector -- a three-race sweep by Republicans is very much in play this Election Day.

Paul Greenberg | November 03, 2009

In the friendly confines of the Oval Office, congratulations are about to be exchanged. On those dithering heights, victory is about to be proclaimed. A great change is about to take place in Americans' health care and how to pay for it, and the administration sounds triumphant.

Rebecca Hagelin | November 03, 2009

Recent news stories have focused on the tremendous advances women have made in society. But there’s bad news too: The Parents Television Council reports that women and girls are victimized more often and more brutally in television programming than ever before.

Debra J. Saunders | November 03, 2009

Be prepared to see more of Levi Johnston than you ever wanted to see. The 19-year-old who fathered a baby born out of wedlock to Sarah Palin's teenage daughter Bristol is about to pose nude for Playgirl magazine.

Bill Murchison | November 03, 2009

Yes, yes, says White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. Congress has the power to make everyone buy health insurance. "I don't believe there's a lot of case law that would demonstrate the veracity" of comments to the contrary.

Chris Field | November 03, 2009

In an exclusive interview with Townhall Magazine, readers get up close and personal with the conservative talker who is shaking up the political system.

John Hawkins | November 03, 2009

Conservatives owe a lot to great men like Barry Goldwater and William F. Buckley who helped keep the fires of conservatism burning when the movement was barely holding together. Without their efforts conservatism would likely not have gotten this far, this fast.

Thomas Sowell | November 03, 2009

We are incessantly being told that the cost of medical care is "too high"-- either absolutely or as a growing percentage of our incomes. But nothing that is being proposed by the government is likely to lower those costs, and much that is being proposed is almost certain to increase the costs.

Chuck Norris | November 03, 2009

In May, President Barack Obama removed Gen. David D. McKiernan as the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan and replaced him with Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal -- who, in September, issued a dire report warning that without as many as 40,000 more troops for the fight in Afghanistan, the mission "will likely result in failure."

David Limbaugh | November 03, 2009

No, we're supposed to believe the Democrats care about deficits again, the ones Obama is planning on expanding to between $9 trillion and $13 trillion over the next decade.

Mona Charen | November 03, 2009

In order to pay for its new entitlement, the Senate Finance Committee bill (Baucus) proposes to tax medical device manufacturers $40 billion over the next 10 years. To the average person, medical device manufacturers may not mean much. They produce heart monitors, stents, and pacemakers.

Ken Blackwell | November 03, 2009

There's a vicious rumor being reported in Washington. It says President Obama was holding off his announcement of new troop movements into Afghanistan not until after Hamid Karzai's election runoff that had been scheduled for November 8, but until after today's closely-watched off-year elections.

Cal Thomas | November 03, 2009

Does the U.S. Constitution stand for anything in an era of government excess? Can that founding document, which is supposed to restrain the power and reach of a centralized federal government, slow down the juggernaut of czars, health insurance overhaul and anything else this administration and Congress wish to do that is not in the Constitution?

Dennis Prager | November 03, 2009

We are certain that there is one American group that will thrive -- trial lawyers. The very existence of a 1,990-page law guarantees years of, if not more or less permanent, lawsuits. And the law actually specifies that states that do not limit attorneys' fees in cases of medical malpractice shall be financially rewarded.

Pat Buchanan | November 03, 2009

When America is about to throw an ally to the wolves, we follow an established ritual. We discover that the man we supported was never really morally fit to be a friend or partner of the United States.

Phyllis Schlafly | November 03, 2009

No sooner had we celebrated the exit of Barack Obama's green jobs czar, Van Jones, because of his Communist connections, another off-the-wall administration embarrassment surfaced. President Obama nominated for commissioner of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) a woman who signed a radical manifesto endorsing polygamy.

Ed Feulner | November 03, 2009

These are the times that try conservatives’ souls. A liberal president wants funding for defense slashed. Activist judges create new “rights” while ignoring long-standing precedent.

John Shadegg | November 03, 2009

So Nancy Pelosi and President Obama are adamant that Congress pass their health care bill. They’ve dismissed the August protesters and are pushing for passage as soon as possible.

Mon, Nov 02, 2009

Richard Olivastro | November 02, 2009

The public option is back. That is, if you believed it had ever really gone away.

Brian Birdnow | November 02, 2009

In his syndicated New York Times column of October 26th entitled “Changing The World” Bob Herbert, syndicated columnist, noted Ronald Reagan hater, and former NBC national correspondent (although no one daresay that there is a liberal revolving door), worked himself into a fine lather charging his countrymen with apathy, hopelessness and despair in the face of our nations admittedly myriad problems.

Jillian Bandes | November 02, 2009

Referendums in Washington state and Maine will take place Tuesday to determine the fate of state-sanctioned gay marriage. Some say what happens in those states won’t be a bellweather for the rest of the nation.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | November 02, 2009

For the last few weeks I have been writing about the battle to defend the foundations of marriage in DC and beyond. Last week several thousand DC residents joined me on Freedom Plaza to protect God’s first institution.

Michael Barone | November 02, 2009

The recession is over, we are told. The Commerce Department announced Thursday that the economy grew in the third quarter of 2009 by 3.5 percent. Great, huh? Maybe not.

Mike Adams | November 02, 2009

Glenn Beck gets it. He understands something I’ve been seeing and writing about as a columnist for the last seven years. He understands that the downfall of America will not come from the outside. It will come from the inside.

Bruce Bialosky | November 02, 2009

President Obama often states that the federal budget cannot be balanced without health insurance reform.

Allen Hunt | November 02, 2009

Gestation has ended. The bill has arrived. On Thursday, Speaker Pelosi proudly announced the arrival of her 1990 page, $894 billion health care bill in the House of Representatives. Labor and delivery occurred in smoke-filled back rooms, unviewed by the layman's eye, and it is not known if an epidural was required.

Bay Buchanan | November 02, 2009

According to a recent Gallup study, 40% of Americans view themselves as conservative, 36% call themselves moderate, and only 20% fall into the liberal category. While this may be great news for conservatives, the Grand Old Party did not fare so well.

Star Parker | November 02, 2009

Sen. Harry Reid, our brave Democratic majority leader, slipped the hate crimes bill into the defense authorization bill to avoid having to have our senators consider the controversial hate crimes bill on its own.

Carol Platt Liebau | November 02, 2009

Remarkably, President Obama, who could find time to fly to Copenhagen to lobby for Chicago’s Olympic bid, declined the invitation from German chancellor Angela Merkel to attend the festivities.

Sun, Nov 01, 2009

Paul Jacob | November 01, 2009

Measure for measure, special interests prove their true colors when extra bucks are on the line.

Salena Zito | November 01, 2009

Would one-party domination in any combination of Tuesday’s off-year elections really indicate where this country is going politically?

Austin Hill | November 01, 2009

While meeting with reporters at the White House on the first Sunday following the terrorist attacks, Bush further stated that "I've never had more faith in America than I have right now."

Steve Chapman | November 01, 2009

I have seen the future of American politics, and it is big. Big and fat.

Ken Connor | November 01, 2009

Most would agree that conserving resources and minimizing adverse impacts on the environment make sense, but something has gone terribly awry within the Green Movement.

George Will | November 01, 2009

Conservatives here, a droll minority, say that under this city's quota system, when a conservative enters the city, one already here is required to leave.