John Hawkins

Conservatives are sick and tired of being taken for granted, misrepresented, and talked down to by the same "elite" Republicans in Washington who hopelessly screwed everything up during the Bush years.

Everybody knows exactly whom we're talking about here. The same snobby, elitist, stuffed shirt, squishy, poll-obsessed Country Club Republicans who went to D.C., forgot who put them there, wasted the incredible opportunity they had to change this country for the better, and are now pointing the finger at everyone except themselves for their mistakes.

Arguing with Idiots By Glenn Beck

Here are five messages for those people: We're not going back to the Bush years: Conservatives are sick and tired of hearing Republicans talk about conservatism to get our support and then watching them immediately move to the center once they get elected.

Stop making promises to us that you don't intend to keep. Don't tell us how fiscally conservative you are and then vote for the TARP Program. Don't talk about limited government and then support big government programs. Don't tell us you care about the rule of law and then support amnesty.

We expect you to govern the way you campaign when you need our support. If you don't do it, we're going to make sure you catch hell for it.

This country can't survive if you're as childish as the Democrats: For the last few decades, we've had an "adult" party that deals in the real world and a "children's party" that promises everyone everything for nothing. Unfortunately, the "adult party" has been acting a little too much like a 40 year old going through a mid-life crisis for the last few years. Newsflash: This country cannot remain a super power or even a great nation if the Republican Party doesn't start acting like an adult party again.

Yes, the Democrats' "something for nothing" election promises may seem appealing at times, but the country can't thrive with two parties like that -- and what good does it do anyone to be elected king of the crap pile? We don't expect the Republican Party to be ideologically perfect or to please conservatives in every way on every issue. That's not the real world. But, if the Republican Party isn't willing to draw a line in the sand over the things that have made this a great country, then the party just isn't worth a flat damn. There have to be SOME lines that can't be crossed without paying a terrible price.

John Hawkins

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