Hugh Hewitt

Jane Norton, Pat Toomey, Mike Castle, Rob Portman, Mark Kirk, and Rob Simmons are all watching Harry Reid's push for Obamacare with great interest and mixed emotions.

Arguing with Idiots By Glenn Beck

Each of these declared candidates for the United States Senate --frontrunners for the GOP nomination in Colorado, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Ohio, Illinois and Connecticut respectively-- are aware of the backlash building against Democrats across the country as the Obama-Pelosi-Reid lurch to the left first alarms and then outrages millions of Americans.  They know their candidacies pick up strength with every day's news of another jump to the left by D.C. Democrats.  But they also know the country's economy is suffering even as their political prospects improve because of the manifest incompetence and ideological extremism of the Democrats.

Hugh Hewitt

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