Sat, Dec 20, 2008

Jerry Bowyer | December 20, 2008

He started his public career as the beneficiary of a government bailout, and he ends it as the benefactor of another a thousand times it size.

Doug Giles | December 20, 2008

Why do some atheists embarrass themselves year after year trying to eradicate Christmas from American culture?

Michael Barone | December 20, 2008

A new generation is coming to the White House. Barack Obama, born in 1961, is technically a baby boomer. But his early years were straight out of Generation X -- abandoned by his father and, for a time, his mother; experimentation with drugs; a sense of drifting.

David Harsanyi | December 20, 2008

The Mayo Clinic tells us, "High levels of stress, anxiety or emotional pain can lead some people to drink alcohol to block out the turmoil." So predictably, the sales of spirits, beer and wine have risen as the Dow Jones has tanked.

Marvin Olasky | December 20, 2008

What a good year 2008 has been, personally. This spring the sudden need for a double bypass surprised me. This fall the sudden drop of my modest life's savings by 25 percent surprised me.

Robert Murphy | December 20, 2008

On December 11, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved the Scoping Plan for AB 32, aka “The Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006.”

Fri, Dec 19, 2008

Nathan Tabor | December 19, 2008

To hear the nightly newscasters tell it, the only patriotic thing to do this Christmas is to have a field day at your local mall.

Rachel Marsden | December 19, 2008

The world needs a new conservative leader. Almost unfathomably, its best hope is now a quiet, steely Canadian. And he’s currently teetering on the brink where every other conservative leader has folded.

Robert M. Duncan | December 19, 2008

Since November 4th, 2008 we at the Republican National Committee have focused our time to address where we are and where we go from here as a Party.

Dan Gainor | December 19, 2008

News by its very nature is unpredictable. Too bad many journalists don’t seem to understand that fact.

Kathryn Lopez | December 19, 2008

It's Christmastime, which means I've had a chance to shake hands with President George W. Bush for the last time before Barack Obama succeeds him.

Amanda Carpenter | December 19, 2008

Norm Coleman doesn’t want anyone to get too worried about the lead Al Franken has over him right now in the contentious recount for Minnesota’s Senate seat.

John McCaslin | December 19, 2008

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski was fortunate to be left standing after being mugged of $6 outside her Washington hotel Thursday morning while waiting for her chauffeur-driven car to pick her up for the 6 a.m. broadcast of "Morning Joe."

Andrew Tallman | December 19, 2008

“The Bible says nothing directly about abortion.” Have you ever heard this claim before? I know I have. And the uncomfortable truth is that, in a certain sense, it’s accurate.

Hugh Hewitt | December 19, 2008

The Choice Awaiting Obama's nominee for Secretary of the Interior.

John Hawkins | December 19, 2008

In America, we come from pioneer stock. Our ancestors explored, conquered, and civilized a continent one wagon train and settlement at a time.

Michelle Malkin | December 19, 2008

If it's December, it's time for the left to throw another shameless pity party for convicted American jihadist John Walker Lindh (aka Suleyman al-Faris, aka Abdul Hamid).

Brent Bozell | December 19, 2008

For decades, parents have worried about children wandering into the scariest corners of television. But with new technologies come a lot of new and even scarier trails to follow.

David Limbaugh | December 19, 2008

It is widely assumed in conservative circles that Republicans, even under President Bush, pretty much had tax policy right but failed on the spending side.

Mona Charen | December 19, 2008

I will be called names for writing this column. It always happens. Raise the issue of the pornification of the culture and its fanatical devotees will come gunning for you.

Oliver North | December 19, 2008

This week, the so-called mainstream media fixated on a Baghdad shoe-throwing contest, more government bailout bucks, and the delightful prospect of having Caroline Kennedy appointed to Hillary Clinton's vacant seat in the U.S. Senate.

Pat Buchanan | December 19, 2008

Just two months after the twin towers fell, the armies of the Northern Alliance marched into Kabul. The Taliban fled.

Suzanne Fields | December 19, 2008

Chancellor Angela Merkel is suffering a barrage of metaphors, some of them pointed and all of them mixed.

Linda Chavez | December 19, 2008

The shocking story of Bernard Madoff and his alleged $50 billion Ponzi scheme have implications that go well beyond the wealthy individuals and charities who were bilked of their money.

Donald Lambro | December 19, 2008

Signing the Republican Party's post-election death certificate is risky business, but Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg did so last month -- predicting the GOP will remain in the political graveyard for many years to come.

Rich Tucker | December 19, 2008

Sometimes a newspaper headline is shocking not for the information it provides, but for the way it blows up what you think you already knew.

Burt Prelutsky | December 19, 2008

If I had a bigger ego, I could easily imagine that liberals say and do the things they say and do simply to perplex or annoy me. But I know I shouldn’t take it personally.

Kathleen Parker | December 19, 2008

It is a legitimate question: Why is the resume-thin Caroline Kennedy being treated seriously as a prospective appointee to the U.S. Senate when the comparatively more-qualified Gov. Sarah Palin received such a harsh review?

Charles Krauthammer | December 19, 2008

Right idea, wrong argument. The problem with Caroline Kennedy's presumption to Hillary Clinton's soon-to-be-vacated Senate seat is not lack of qualification or experience.

Thu, Dec 18, 2008

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown | December 18, 2008

"Christmas has always been a very special day for as long back as I can remember," Ronald Reagan once wrote in a letter. "Maybe this was due to my mother and her joyous spirit about the day."

Paul Edwards | December 18, 2008

Les Standiford is the director of the Creative Writing program at Florida International University. He has written an intriguing back story to Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol in his book “The Man Who Invented Christmas: How Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol Rescued His Career and Revived Our Holiday Spirits.”

Herb London | December 18, 2008

The results are in and my candidate lost the presidency. Since I love this country, I wish the newly named President Barack Obama every success. But this was an election unlike any other.

Diana West | December 18, 2008

We're now entering the final phase of an outgoing administration. And during this phase, George W. Bush, mere mortal but still president, has the practically supernatural ability to grant pardons.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | December 18, 2008

“Call in Gay Day” and the new tension between blacks and the gay community have been surprising post-election developments. But last week’s surprise took the cake!

John McCaslin | December 18, 2008

Only now do we learn the story of a former Reagan administration official who can speak firsthand of the significance of the recent shoe-throwing incident in Baghdad, when Iraqi TV journalist Muntadhar al-Zeidi hurled his heavy size-10s at a ducking President Bush.

Ann Coulter | December 18, 2008

No matter how many times Democrats steal elections, Republicans keep thinking the next time will be different. Minnesota is famously clean, isn't it? It must different. It's not different. It's still the Democrats.

Cliff May | December 18, 2008

It's of little consequence to most of us what historians of the future will say about George W. Bush. More important is whether there will be historians in the future who can work in freedom.

Dan Kennedy | December 18, 2008

On Sunday, Dec. 14, “Good Morning America” devoted about 10 minutes to a segment about the theft of baby Jesus statues from nativity scenes on church lawns.

Paul Weyrich | December 18, 2008

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. It is the worst of times because millions of Americans are unemployed this Christmas.

Brent Bozell | December 18, 2008

In October 2006, the national media projected Rep. Mark Foley's online sex chats with House pages into a disaster that would swallow the Grand Old Party whole.

Larry Elder | December 18, 2008

During the dictator's 24-year reign, Saddam killed an estimated 300,000 Iraqi citizens.

Mike Adams | December 18, 2008

St. Jude’s, the local gay church in Wilmington, NC, is one of those churches that makes me glad I’m not a “liberal” Christian. Some years ago, they ran an advertisement that read “Whatever you believe, we embrace you.”

Cal Thomas | December 18, 2008

I first met Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | December 18, 2008

With the election of Obama, the United States has moved dramatically to the left in its foreign policy at just the time that Israel, which seems likely to return Bibi Netanyahu to office in early February, is moving to the right. A collision is almost inevitable.

Ben Shapiro | December 18, 2008

If you walk around Washington, D.C., on a regular basis, youre likely to see some rather peculiar posters. But you wont see any more peculiar than the ads put out by the American Humanist Association.

Matt Towery | December 18, 2008

This week my new book went on sale on In the coming weeks, I'm told, it will be in bookstores and airports across the nation.

Emmett Tyrrell | December 18, 2008

It is now that time of year when I tune in to the exploits of the National Football League, not the criminal exploits or the soap opera exploits but the real sport of the game.

Ed Feulner | December 18, 2008

Back in the 1990s President Bill Clinton and British Prime Minister Tony Blair crafted what they called a “third way” of governing.

Steve Chapman | December 18, 2008

If New York Gov. David Paterson wants to appoint a senator distinguished by global star appeal, a long family tradition of public service, royal bloodlines and obvious availability, it's easy to think of the perfect candidate. Caroline Kennedy?

George Will | December 18, 2008

Twenty-seven months ago, Mulally, who probably thought he had seen the worst that events could throw at his business career, came to Ford from Boeing. There, when civilian aviation became collateral damage of 9/11, he presided over downsizing the work force from 127,000 to 52,000.

Armstrong Williams | December 18, 2008

This Christmas, blessings will be counted in different ways. And that may be the very best gift of all. With an economic repression officially upon us, our typically abundant holiday season has gone the way of manger scenes in chain stores and Christmas trees in schools.

Ross Mackenzie | December 18, 2008

David Mendell, Barack Obama's biographer, notes that regarding Chicago's corrupt political machine, "Obama, to his credit, got through this system with very little mud on his suit."

Wed, Dec 17, 2008

Michael Reagan | December 17, 2008

Who needs gigantic bailouts when there are far less costly and more effective ways to deal with the economic crisis, such as those I'd use if I were president of the United States.

Bill Steigerwald | December 17, 2008

With Christmas bearing down on us, here are six interesting, smart and/or provocative books about geography, war, the New Deal, the environment, Andrew Jackson and Alexander Hamilton that would make good last-minute presents - and help out the print industry.

Richard Olivastro | December 17, 2008

Occasionally, we may experience, or even precipitate, an unexpected whopper of a mistake. But, usually, most of us would agree, the whoppers result from the behavior of others?

Bruce Bialosky | December 17, 2008

Al Gore has managed to convince most Americans that global warming is a serious problem. He has gone on an elongated mission culminating in his masterpiece of propaganda entitled an “An Inconvenient Truth.”

Paul Weyrich | December 17, 2008

I am worried that the Minnesota United States Senate race in effect will be run by the United States Senate.

John McCaslin | December 17, 2008

President Bush made a good point when shrugging off the recent shoe-throwing incident in Baghdad -- compliments of Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zeidi -- by saying that such outbursts are to be expected in a free and open society.

Rich Galen | December 17, 2008

If the Fed and Treasury and the Security and Exchange Commission were looking for examples that would help begin restoring confidence in the world's financial system Bernard Madoff put a stop to that foolishness.

Michelle Malkin | December 17, 2008

Mrs. Blago, the former Patti Mell, won the hearts of old-school thugs everywhere with her f-word-filled rants captured on FBI wiretaps, some of which were colorfully detailed in the criminal complaint against her hubby last week.

John Stossel | December 17, 2008

The Public Choice economists remind us that contrary to what the civics textbooks imply, public "servants" have the same ambitions as the rest of us --wealth, career, influence, prestige.

Walter E. Williams | December 17, 2008

Congress is on a spending binge. With all the calls for bailouts, economic stimulus and other assorted handouts, there is a real risk of inflation in our future.

Jonah Goldberg | December 17, 2008

We are in what might be called the Great Freakout of 2008.

Tony Blankley | December 17, 2008

As we enter one of America's bleaker winters -- though not so bleak as the winter of 1777-78 at Valley Forge nor the winter of 1941-42 after Pearl Harbor and then Wake Island -- please permit me to lapse for a moment from the secular and the material to an old memory.

Michael Medved | December 17, 2008

The ludicrous battle over holiday displays at the Washington State Capitol reflects current confusion over coexistence of the nation's Christian heritage and its Constitutional restrictions on religious establishment.

Michael Gerson | December 17, 2008

For most liberals, the advent of Barack Obama is enough to make their holiday joy complete, even as he seems to embrace a number of Bush-era approaches on the economy and national defense.

Terry Jeffrey | December 17, 2008

The problem with the auto-industry bailout bill that President Bush and Democratic congressional leaders tried to push through last week is not that it would use taxpayer money to save U.S. automakers, but that it would use taxpayer money and not save U.S. automakers.

David Harsanyi | December 17, 2008

Unlike many of my more tolerant fellow citizens, I possess no confidence in the ability of the American electorate to make sensible decisions.

Austin Bay | December 17, 2008

If you've ever been stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas, in El Paso, you know the neighboring Mexican city of Juarez is a great place to get a steak.

Paul Greenberg | December 17, 2008

The headline on the news story read: "Corruption called way of politics in Illinois." This is news? In terms of sheer notoriety, popular legend and just general sleaziness, the Land of (gulp!) Lincoln may yet surpass even Louisiana, which has been called our only Mediterranean state.

Donald Lambro | December 17, 2008

Over the past four years, the Democrats blamed the Republicans for ushering in "a culture of corruption" that they charged had infected every nook and cranny of the government.

Bill Murchison | December 17, 2008

A famous news photo from the late '30s shows toughs employed by the Ford Motor Co. beating up Richard Frankensteen, a United Auto Workers official, during the so-called Battle of the Overpass at Ford's Rouge River plant in Dearborn.

Jacob Sullum | December 17, 2008

Even Americans whose knowledge of the legislative process is limited to the "I'm Just a Bill" episode of "Schoolhouse Rock" know about the veto.

Larry Kudlow | December 17, 2008

In a monetary version of shock-and-awe, the Federal Reserve unleashed a massive easing move with its FOMC policy announcement Tuesday -- one that represents a sea change in central-bank operations.

Kathleen Parker | December 17, 2008

It almost goes without saying that no one would pay Caroline Kennedy any attention were she not the beneficiary of a famous name -- and the daughter of a martyred president.

Thomas Sowell | December 17, 2008

Some of us were raised to believe that reality is inescapable. But that just shows how far behind the times we are. Today, reality is optional. At the very least, it can be postponed.

Tue, Dec 16, 2008

Amanda Carpenter | December 16, 2008

Two of the top candidates to become Chair of the Republican National Committee are offering competing blueprints explaining plans to lead the GOP.

Austin Nimocks | December 16, 2008

On the whole, there shouldn’t have been a surer thing than the defeat of Proposition 8 in the California elections last month.

John McCaslin | December 16, 2008

Tickets are "sold out" for the Oprah Winfrey show to be broadcast live from the Opera House of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts one day before President-elect Barack Obama takes the oath of office Jan. 20, but you can always watch the former Baltimore TV personality on the tube.

Paul Weyrich | December 16, 2008

I received an e-mail from a supporter of President-elect Barack H. Obama congratulating me for having spent so much money that the President-elect is unable to keep his promises to deliver new government programs and spending schemes.

Roger Schlesinger | December 16, 2008

When the sub prime crisis broke, everyone was concerned with the cause and both the short and long term fixes so we could all get on with our lives. None of the aforementioned discoveries ever happened.

Thomas Sowell | December 16, 2008

ood books are especially good to give as gifts to the proverbial "man who has everything" because he (or she) may not have heard of a new book that fits their interests.

Chuck Norris | December 16, 2008

Atheists from England to the West Coast of America are stepping up their efforts this year to make a bigger antagonistic splash on the Christmas scene. From London and Washington, D.C., buses to Colorado billboards, skeptics are skewering religions with little respect to the adherents of the religions.

Mike Adams | December 16, 2008

This morning I received an email that was so touching and so important I had to respond with a full column rather than a short email.

David Limbaugh | December 16, 2008

When I first heard that Barack Obama said he had decided to include his middle name, "Hussein," in his swearing-in ceremony, I wondered whether the satirical Web site ScrappleFace had tricked the mainstream media.

Mona Charen | December 16, 2008

At the Early Reading First Project of the University of Illinois, they are hoping that Barack Obama will publicize the titles of the books he reads to his daughters.

Cal Thomas | December 16, 2008

Most children have probably finished their Christmas lists to Santa Claus. Some elected officials, however, are still compiling theirs.

Dennis Prager | December 16, 2008

For a generation, America has been awash in the celebration of minorities and minorities celebration of themselves. Just recall Black is Beautiful or I am a woman, I am invincible.

Pat Buchanan | December 16, 2008

Is the Republican Party so fanatic in its ideology that, rather than sin against a commandment of Milton Friedman, it is willing to see America written forever out of this fantastic market, let millions of jobs vanish and write off the industrial Midwest?

Paul Greenberg | December 16, 2008

Power not only corrupts, it can educate. It can turn an attractive young politician given to empty slogans (Hope! Change! Audacity!) into a responsible leader wary of rash action.

William Rusher | December 16, 2008

In pure capitalist economic theory, there is no mystery about how we should deal with the crisis in the auto industry.

John Boehner | December 16, 2008

Washington has been abuzz lately with debate over possible federal action to save the American auto industry from financial collapse.

Phyllis Schlafly | December 16, 2008

The mind-boggling amounts of the bailouts Congress has passed and is still debating, plus shocking Wall Street frauds, seem to have plunged some lawmakers into a silly season.

Mon, Dec 15, 2008

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | December 15, 2008

The Depression -- let’s call it what it is -- leaves us, well, depressed. But there is very good news from around the world. Our enemies are collapsing under the strain of dropping oil and gas prices.

Larry Kudlow | December 15, 2008

After Chairman Mao’s revolution about 60 years ago, people in the U.S. played the blame game by asking, “Who lost China?”

Amanda Carpenter | December 15, 2008

Members of President-Elect Barack Obama’s transition team deny engaging in any wrongful conversations about the appointment of Obama’s vacated Senate seat with disgraced Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.

John McCaslin | December 15, 2008

Rich Galen | December 15, 2008

The Obama Administration may set some sort of record for having caused, at least indirectly, two ethics investigations by the U.S. House of Representatives.

Debra J. Saunders | December 15, 2008

A panel of three federal judges is holding a trial to determine whether to free 52,000 of California's 172,000 prison inmates to alleviate overcrowding. You might be asking yourself: Who elected these guys to run California?

Paul Greenberg | December 15, 2008

It might have been a vision of the future borrowed from "Modern Times," Charlie Chaplin's classic protest against the industrial age. Made in 1936, the almost silent movie still speaks powerfully. Whether as comedy or tragedy.

Steve Chapman | December 15, 2008

If the U.S. attorney is to be believed, we had Rod Blagojevich talking about auctioning off Obama's old Senate seat.

Burt Prelutsky | December 15, 2008

I think I understand the reason why so many politicians are reluctant to take a tough stand against the illegal aliens pouring in from Mexico.

Terry Paulson | December 15, 2008

While our “Republican” President and the Democrats work to figure out how to bailout and nationalize more troubled corporations, citizens need to send them a message.

Dinesh D'Souza | December 15, 2008

I was very surprised to see a man who has devoted decades to formulating some very controversial views run so desperately away from them.

Star Parker | December 15, 2008

There are now nine capable candidates vying for the chairman's job at the Republican National Committee. The day of reckoning will be Jan. 29, when 168 committee members from around the country will vote their preference.

Mike Adams | December 15, 2008

Late one morning in May of 1996, I stuck my head out of the window of James and Stephanie’s Manhattan apartment to get some not-so-fresh air while I drank my morning coffee.

Sun, Dec 14, 2008

Andrew Langer | December 14, 2008

With the arrest of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, the calls have come once again for reigning in the ability of wealthy donors to give money to candidates.

Brian Birdnow | December 14, 2008

The baleful events of November 4th have unleashed a torrent of howling, recrimination and demonstrative public soul searching as the politicos, pundits, and public attempt to determine the future of the defeated, and presumably chastened, Republican Party.

David Stokes | December 14, 2008

As President-Elect Barack Obama moves toward the transition finish line, he has been busy putting his cabinet together, collecting what is now routinely referred to as a “team of rivals.”

Ken Connor | December 14, 2008

The latest political scandal involving Illinois Governor Blagojevich comes as no surprise. In recent years, Americans have been inundated with scandal after scandal. They have become commonplace—a simple fact of political life.

George Will | December 14, 2008

It is a New York frame of mind. As the presidential campaign began, this city, which fancies itself the final word in worldliness, actually thought its mayor, Michael Bloomberg, could and should be a contender.

Paul Jacob | December 14, 2008

The Constitution may seem like a dead letter, but the Bill of Rights is alive and well . . . and maybe even recovering.

Austin Hill | December 14, 2008

Last week, Barack Obama made some extraordinary statements. And some of them were not made from behind “the Podium of the President-elect.”