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White Christmas was written by a Jewish guy. And the fa-la-la-la-la song contains the phrase "Don we now our gay apparel" which is … well, I think you know.

Which really leaves only one true Christmas song: Jingle Bells.

Oh, wait there's another one what's the song where they rhyme listening with glistening. That's some writing, right there. Winter Wonderland, it is.

Hold it! Irving Berlin did the same rhyme in White Christmas when "Tree tops glisten and children listen to hear sleigh bells in the snow."

This is how shallow my life is: I actually looked this up. Winter Wonderland was written in 1934. White Christmas was written in 1940. Irving Berlin stole that rhyme.

I wonder if Patrick Fitzgerald would like to take this case after he finishes with the DEMOCRAT Illinois Governor?

I know there are a ton of Christmas songs and I like most of them. The thing about them, though, is that every Christmas season (which, now, starts right after Arbor Day) that's all you hear on the radio, in stores, and in elevators.

Christmas songs.

And because there aren't that many, you hear the same ones over and over again. But that's not the worst part. Every singer wants to have a Christmas album and wants to put his or her own stamp on those same songs, so you get very strange arrangements for very well-known songs.

Then, you find yourself humming along with the hip-hop version of O Come All Ye Faithful while you are on the escalator in the mall causing people to risk life and limb walking up the metal stairs to get away from you.

Think I'm making this up? Terry Bradshaw - the former quarterback - recorded an album of Christmas songs.

New Topic (thankfully)

Senate Republicans appear to have held the line and stopped the $14 billion bail-out of GM and Chrysler.

According to published reports, GOP Senators wanted the United Auto Workers to accede to wage cuts which would match what American workers make at plants producing Japanese cars.

According to the Associated Press, "Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee, the GOP point man in the talks, said the two sides had been tantalizingly close to a deal, but the UAW's refusal to agree wage concessions by a specific date in 2009 kept them apart."

The UAW apparently agreed to the cuts, but they didn't want them to take effect until 2011 when the current contract expires. The Republican Senators wanted the cuts to take place next year.

It will be interesting to see whether this is headlined as "GOP Senators Block Bailout" or "Auto Workers Refuse to Alter Contract."

The supporters of the bailout claim it is crucial to stopping a complete collapse of the economy. We'll see.

Rich Galen

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