America The Beautiful on Independence Day America The Beautiful on Independence Day

Oh My: George Takei Called Justice Thomas 'A Clown In Blackface' Oh My: George Takei Called Justice Thomas 'A Clown In Blackface'

NY Lawmakers Propose Prison Reform Legislation After Shocking EscapeNY Lawmakers Propose Prison Reform Legislation After Shocking Escape

John Hawkins John Hawkins: Trump Is Right About Mexican Illegals Committing Crimes

Despite all the gnashing of teeth from the Left over Donald Trumps comments about illegal aliens and liberals deliberate attempts to distort what he said, his controversial comments about Mexico are absolutely correct.

John C. Goodman John C. Goodman: Simple Solutions to the Worst Problems in ObamaCare

Now that the Supreme Court has declined to gut President Obamas health reform, its time for Republicans in Congress to re-think how they have been responding to the law. They should begin by asking three questions

Paul Driessen Paul Driessen: Obama and EPA Imperil Minority Welfare

Clean Power Plan would bring imaginary benefits and real health and welfare damage.

Michael Brown Michael Brown: Why Two? The Question Gay Activists Can't Answer

If marriage is not the union of a man and a woman, then why should it be limited to two people (or, for that matter, require two people)? Why cant it be one or three or five? What makes the number two so special if it doesnt refer to the union of a male and a female?

Steve Deace Steve Deace: Beam Me Up, Sulu

When the hateful rantings of fictional members of the United Federation of Planets speak for a real segment of your country, your country could be toast.

Michael Hausam Michael Hausam: No Governor, A Willingness To Compromise Is Not What We Need

Chris Christie gives good speech. He definitely is a professional at passionately communicating and effectively donning Im a regular guy whos pissed off about whats going on attire. In his announcement speech on Tuesday he certainly showed that, but there were two comments he made that are worthy of great concernand may indicate that he is not ready for battle.

Jeff Crouere Jeff Crouere: Trump Wins Battle Against Political Correctness

This kind of tough talk resonated with millions of Americans who have seen no action on illegal immigration for decades. In the latest New Hampshire, Iowa and national GOP polls, Trump has rocketed to second place. This shows that Americans are tired of the influx of illegal immigrants and the non-existent border security.

Jerry Rogers Jerry Rogers: Puerto Rico Wants a Great Big Fat… Bailout

Puerto Rico, as a commonwealth, does not have the legal authority to file for bankruptcy. Some in Congressmostly Democrats, but some Republicans, tooare seriously considering H.R. 870 as a backdoor bailout.

Ann Coulter Ann Coulter: Media Hide Facts, Call Everyone Else a Liar

When Donald Trump said something not exuberantly enthusiastic about Mexican immigrants, the media's response was to boycott him. One thing they didn't do was produce any facts showing he was wrong.

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