Paul Greenberg

Religious wars have been a recurrent, even defining, aspect of Europe's history. Why have there been none on these shores despite the best efforts of demagogues to stir one up? Indeed, the very idea of a religious war in this country has something more than faintly ridiculous about it. To use a phrase vaguely attributed to Mark Twain, "It's not American, it's not un-American, it's French."

Rachel Marsden

Hillary Clinton isn't just a Democratic candidate for president of the United States; she's co-president of the breakaway Republic of Clintonstan.

Susan Stamper Brown

As Americans mourn the loss of Grey's Anatomy's Dr. Dreamy, on the other side of the world people struggle to stay alive amidst the rubble from the 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Nepal that killed more than 4,000 people.

Genevieve Plaster

From the flurry of state legal activity and heightened media coverage, many Americans are considering afresh the topic of assisted suicide.

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