John Hawkins

After I write a column that rips Barack Obama up one side and down the other, talks about our debt or the fact that we essentially dont have borders any more, there are usually conservatives who show up in the comments section or email me something like, I agree with you 110%, but whats the solution? What policy do we put in place to fix everything thats going wrong? When are we going to have another Ronald Reagan ride in on a white horse and fix whats wrong?

John C. Goodman

Rand Pauls entry into the presidential race raises an interesting question: Just how many people consider themselves libertarian and what is the potential voting strength of this segment of the population?

Kathryn Lopez

"It's scary and it knocks the breath out of you."

Larry Kudlow

When John F. Kennedy was elected president he surprised both Democrats and Republicans with a bold tax-cutting plan to solve the problem of a moribund economy.

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