Benjamin Barr

Earlier this week, Project Veritas Action released an important video detailing how the Hillary for America campaign willingly accepted foreign political contributions. Many journalists have created a good deal of ruckus about the supposed lack of seriousness of this expos.

Nicholas Hanlon

The fledgling internationally recognized Libyan government is very particular about who can come and go through eastern Libya. That is at least at the few ports remaining under its control, including Tobruk and Labraq.

Kyle Shideler

The report earlier this week was that Former CIA Director and CENTCOM Commander General David Petraeus was proposing to peel off "reconcilables" among Al Qaeda affiliate Jabhat Al-Nusra, seeking to appeal to Al Nusra fighters who joined Al Qaeda, in the same way that Sunni tribes were convinced to join the "awakening" and oppose Al Qaeda.

Mark Nuckols

There has been a fierce online debate for the last day or two over the publication of photos of a drowned little boy. His name was Aylan, he was 3 years old, and he drowned when a boat full of refugees from Syria capsized in the Mediterranean while destined for Greece and the EU.

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