John Kass

Cardinal Francis George of Chicago -- the intellectual rock of the Roman Catholic Church in America -- died in his bed the other day.

Susan Stamper Brown

The diagnosis is in. America is sick. Radicals rule Washington and most of them are snuggled comfortably within the political party to which I once identified. Please, no judging. Unless things turn around, their domestic and foreign policies mean our kids (and theirs) will suffer, not prosper. "Freedom was a beautiful thing" is what we'll tell them.

Majid  Sadeghpour

In a significant move dubbed Operation Storm of Resolve", Saudi Arabia has launched airstrikes against Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen. There is no question that Iran has been providing weapons and ammunitions, training, logistical support, and advanced military technology to the paramilitary Houthis.

Todd Starnes

It took the Chattanooga gangbanger about two seconds to realize he had mouthed off to the wrong judge.

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