Corie  Stephens

Recently, a great deal of emphasis has been placed on the worrisome and widening gap between Americas rich and poor. Policymakers ought to pay attention, because the circumstances are in fact tragic. Our nations youth are plagued by a 14.9 percent unemployment rate.

Rachel Marsden

Los Angeles-based artist Paul McCarthy recently made international news by erecting a giant green sex toy in Paris' Place Vendome and calling it "Tree." Before the installation could officially open this week, some Paris residents forced the object's removal by cutting its support ropes. A week earlier, someone slapped McCarthy in the face at an event celebrating the sculpture and then ran off.

Wayne Allyn Root

Everyone has it wrong. Americans are frightened to death of the medical implications of Ebola- as well they should be. Ive never in my lifetime seen a disease that has infected and killed so many stock market crash.

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