Derek Hunter

Remember the Terminator movies and the evil electronic overlords of Skynet the computer system that became self-aware and launched the war against humans? We arent thereyet. But we are fast approaching the point where people simply arent necessary to conduct a significant amount of business and life.

John Ransom

Its hard to promise a chicken in every pot, when you dont have the chicken and the only pot you have is made for rolling.

Paul Dykewicz

Unable to convince Putin to stop meddling in the Ukraine so far, the leaders of the world need to recognize that he seems willing to weaken his country economically rather than agree to a permanent peace that respects neighboring Ukraines pre-March borders.

Doug Giles

Last week, Gary Cass, who drives <a href="" target="_blank"></a>, contacted me asking if would run his piece titled, <a href="" target="_blank">Im Islamaphobic, Are You?</a> I gave it a read and quickly said, Heck yeah.

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