George Mano

It doesnt matter what the Republican base wants or whom the well-known pundits like. The fact is, the so-called independent voters of New Hampshire are likely to pick the next Republican nominee for US President.

Humberto Fontova

Ted Cruz-Derangement-Syndrome went viral in the media this week.

Mark Nuckols

Facts and logic are two things notable for their absence in the op-ed pages of the New York Times. The Times has to pander to its ultra-liberal readership, and facts and logic are just two things these people cant grasp, thats why theyre liberals. And the flip side of this is an appalling combination of dishonesty and unbearable smugness.

S. E. Cupp

Although only one Republican has officially announced his candidacy for president so far, it looks like a formidable, diverse field of conservatives will be contending in the primaries. One prospect, however and a popular one at that has me utterly nonplussed, and questioning whether conservatives actually want to win the White House ever again. Allow me to paint a picture for you.

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