Cliff May

Weakening the Islamic State while strengthening the Islamic Republic would be a blunder of historic proportions.

Ryan Bomberger

Cosmopolitan magazine, the monthly magazine for liberal women who dont mind pages filled with superficial airbrushed sleaze, is out of its depth. Cosmos senior political writer, Jill Filipovic, reveals why the magazine needs to stick to raunchy sex advice and not attempt commentary on history.

Joy  Overbeck

People, especially young people, often say that they dont care about politics. Theyre just not into it; they think politics doesnt affect their lives. Even if they cared enough to get involved, theyre too busy with school or building careers and families, or trying to find a job after being laid off.

Michael Schaus

I know I was surprised to learn that 1.4 degrees of warming (over the last century) was enough to push the cradle of civilization into mass chaos. (Because, as we all know, it was always such a peaceful corner of the world up until recently.)

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