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Pro-Life Congressman's Campaign Office Among Those Vandalized by Pro-Abortion Radicals

Courtesy Photo from Walberg Campaign

As the nation waits for the U.S. Supreme Court to hand down its decision in Dobbs v. Jackson, the radical pro-abortion movement has reacted with an uptick in vandalism and even violence since a draft opinion leaked early last month showed that the Court looked to overturn Roe v. Wade.


One of those targeted by radical pro-abortion group Jane's Revenge, according to Houston Keene at Fox News, included offices for Jackson Right to Life, which shares building space with the campaign office for Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI). 

Keene's report, citing Jackson Right to Life spokesperson Kathy Potts, mentioned that Jane's Revenge also mistakenly targeted a random home by spray painting the group's name and a warning that "IF ABORTION ISN'T SAFE NEITHER R U," a common threat they've made elsewhere. 

A press release from the congressman's campaign that was shared with Townhall confirmed that the office was vandalized on the evening of Tuesday, June 21. "Multiple windows were broken, the front door was smashed directly through a Walberg for Congress logo, and these criminals spray-painted a message signaling they were part of a pro-abortion group called Jane's Revenge," the press release explained. It confirmed that the "building is shared with Jackson Right to Life, and this attack appears to be part of nationwide domestic terrorism caused by Jane's Revenge to attack pregnancy centers."

Pictures included in the press release provide evidence of the vandalism. 


The congressman also had a strongly worded statement doubling down on his pro-life commitment and touting his conservative record. "I never shy away from my record as a strong conservative and defender of life. This strong record puts me in the crosshairs from those on the radical left but I will never stand down or compromise my convictions and knowing the people at Jackson Right to Life, this will only strengthen their determination to protect the unborn," he said. 

"Proudly, I've been consistently rated as Michigan’s most conservative congressman by the American Conservative Union and despite this attempted intimidation, I will continue to fight for our principles and will stand strongly against the culture of violence and death," he continued. 

Rep. Walberg also called out Democrats for their failure to properly condemn such illegal acts. "It is shameful that President Biden and Speaker Pelosi have both refused to condemn these intimidation tactics from radical pro-abortion activists. This wave of violence across the country against pro-life organizations and individuals has got to stop," the congressman added.

In Keene's report, Potts also is quoted as calling for law enforcement to act:

Jackson Right to Life spokesperson Kathy Potts told Fox News Digital in a phone call that the violence from the "domestic terrorist group" will "never" deter their work or the work of other pro-life Americans.

"We just feel that it's such a sad state of affairs that let groups like Jane's Revenge are resorting to, like I said, domestic terrorism and hate crimes," Potts said. "And that's what these are."

"They basically disagree with our beliefs. So, you know, this is how they are responding," she continued. "And they just cannot be tolerated."

Potts said that the group did not receive a warning ahead of the vandalism and that a lot of people view the vandalism as a response to the leaked Supreme Court abortion decision.

She also said that they "don't hate" the vandals and are "praying for them," but also called on federal law enforcement to take action against the vandalism.

"But we will indeed prosecute to the fullest extent of the law when they are held accountable," Potts added.


Early last month, when the Wisconsin Family Action headquarters was targeted with Molotov cocktails, Wisconsin officials, including Democrats, condemned the violence. The White House released a delayed statement condemning the violence, though the president has refused to condemn subsequent incidents of vandalism and violence. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as mentioned by the congressman, has also failed to show concern. Such indifference comes even in the face of Justice Brett Kavanaugh being the target of an alleged murder plot from earlier this month. 

As pro-life organizations and pregnancy centers have been similarly targeted with violence in Democratic-run states of Oregon and New York, state officials have largely remained silent

Earlier this week in Michigan, two other pregnancy centers in the state were also targeted by vandals, including the Pregnancy Care Center in Redford and Lennon Pregnancy Center in Dearborn Heights.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI), who is particularly pro-abortion and has been fighting to get rid of the state's trigger law that would ban most abortions once Roe is overturned, appears to have failed to call out the vandalism.


She has, however, continued to tweet out her support for pro-abortion policies. 

Although slow to act on looking into such attacks across the country, the FBI announced last Friday that it is looking into them. Jane's Revenge had issued another warning earlier last week that that it would ramp up its attacks. 


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