NHGOP Welcomes Vice President Harris to the 'Wrong Border' As She Promotes Infrastructure Bill

Posted: Apr 23, 2021 7:20 PM
NHGOP Welcomes Vice President Harris to the 'Wrong Border' As She Promotes Infrastructure Bill

It's been 30 days since President Joe Biden picked Vice President Kamala Harris as "the most qualified person" to figure out a way to stem the surge of migrants at the southern border. While she has not been to the southern border, the vice president, did, however, travel to the northern border on Friday, during a visit to New Hampshire to promote the so-called infrastructure bill. Such a priority did not go unnoticed by the NHGOP and others though, who pointed out Harris was at the "wrong border."

Vice President Harris was there to promote the American Jobs Plan, which is the so-called infrastructure bill, and has been spun every which way by various members of the administration and their supporters, and is in reality a partisan spending bill. While just about anything and everything is considered "infrastructure" under the legislation, only about 6 percent actually goes towards infrastructure. 

In her remarks, Harris gave a shout-out to the state's Democratic senator, Jeanne Shaheen, who is up for re-election in 2022. The bill, the vice president emphasized is about "investing in the skills" of Americans. She also referenced President Biden's "building back better comments." In saying that "the American jobs plan is about infrastructure," and that "it's about roads and bridges," she also claimed "it's about child care, it's about a number of things."

Spencer has included more of her remarks and the infrastructure bill in his reporting here. 

The critics of Harris' role in handling the surge of migrants at the border have been proved correct it looks like, as the vice president has failed to travel to the southern border or hold a press conference there.

Known for her bizarre fits of giggles, the vice president laughed off a question as to if she was going to the border, to which she responded "not today." That was a month ago. 

More recently, Republicans Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio, John Katko of New York, and James Comer of Kentkucky on Monday sent a letter to Vice President Harris on Monday, the same day she traveled to North Carolina, where she also promoted the legislation.

The vice president has spoken with the presidents of Guatemala and Mexico will at some point visit those countries, as Reagan reported, or so Harris claims. 

On Thursday, Harris did address the crisis at the border during a philanthropic roundtable, but with a mention on climate change. "Again, we’re looking at the issue of climate resiliency, and then the concern about the lack of economic opportunity," she offered, while also suggesting "We have to give people a sense of hope, a sense of hope that help is on the way, a sense of hope that if they stay, things will get better." 

Those comments come as the vice president is yet another member of the administration to insert climate change, to connect to other issues, or even to prioritize climate change over those issues.

Climate czar John Kerry last weekend went to China where he explicitly and repeatedly mentioned he was prioritizing climate change agreements with his Chinese counterparts and that it was "very important to try to keep those other things away."