Thomas Tripp

Thomas Tripp
Who Else Is Sick of These Bullies?
By Thomas Tripp
What does it mean that most of the adults out there–parents, professionals, educators, laborers, ordinary folks–don’t seem to have the ...
August 03, 2020
Child Abuse and Climate Claims
By Thomas Tripp
W.C. Fields was right about kids and puppies: they will always upstage any adults in the room. We saw this ...
October 10, 2019
Repeal of the Medical Expense Deduction
By Thomas Tripp
The repeal of the itemized deduction for medical expenses is one of the proposed changes to the current income tax ...
November 21, 2017
Very Politically Incorrect
By Thomas Tripp
There's a giant migration, emigration, refugee problem in Europe. What the United States has been dealing with in dribbles and ...
September 19, 2015
Square One
By Thomas Tripp
The can has again been kicked and rolls ever onward, down the road, headed for the sewer. As the ...
October 18, 2013
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