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AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

What does it mean that most of the adults out there–parents, professionals, educators, laborers, ordinary folks–don’t seem to have the moral and intellectual wherewithal to stand up to the bullies and the dreamers and the ignorance that recently has been abetted wholly by the Internet and the media, by cunning political activists, the schools and their teacher unions?

The media lives on conflict, not knowledge or common sense or even intellect, just conflict. They know conflict sells even if the conflict is imaginary. Imaginary? Yes, imaginary.

What this country used to stand for are integrity, honesty, straight-talk and no pandering or coddling of the less-than-astute out there because they might feel unsafe, because their experience and education are not capable of allowing them to grasp reality because they simply don't think, because they don't take matters to their logical conclusion. 

We all now apparently “know” it is easier to go along to get along than to battle the rabble? Get along? They'll use violence if they are not met with violence in the name of the laws and ideals this country has cherished for nigh-on to 250 years. Today’s violence seems to scare those who don't think seriously about the consequences of their inaction.

The answers to all the snowflakes—and to the demands of those who want not only something for nothing but to take away what the rest of the nation has—is the freedom for which too many people died or came home crippled, the freedom that rings so true and obvious. Today you still don’t hear anyone calling for it when that is all that is necessary to bring sanity back to our culture.

It's too basic and people cannot see the basics when everyone is screaming for something that doesn't exist—protection from reality, from life, from the need to stand up to stuff that simply isn't true. Centuries of pandering prove that silence never works when the result is giving in to bullies, to screamers who hope to drown out reality and honesty. It is giving in to tyrants!

Good luck to all those who think it is OK to let this go, that this too will pass. It will, but not without someone—everyone, anyone—bringing all the parties back to the real party where everyone's life is in attendance.

That party starts at the square one that everyone wants to forget as they deal with the screamers who demand all but are willing to work for nothing. Where only those who live in that real world on which the country was founded and still works today see clearly enough to state the case. 

Those engaged in throwing rocks and belching obscenities about how to impose the new cultural fantasizing seem to miss the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution when they confront opposition. Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press, freedom of religion. That's all anyone has to scream about. That's how I respond when I am confronted by those who want to shut everyone down except themselves. Make your case and see who responds, and how.

Are any more like me who still think that way?  No excuses, no fantasizing, no shouting—just straight talk. Hey folks, think you can handle it?

The bullies and tyrants and those who think violence will make things right, those who think they can manipulate the machinery of government and policy with no more than loud voices, those who lie and cheat and steal from the public, can be stopped. But not until the rest of us actually stand up for the integrity that is the foundation of our nation and every piece within it.

Will it be pretty and served up with sugar? Maybe not, but it will ultimately need to be right—right as we in the United States define it—in spite of all the spit and shouting and, yes, nonsense.

Maybe all those who are of like mind will simply vote in November and maybe that answer will be enough, both to stop the bullies and to give backbone to the rest.

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