Phil Harris

Phil Harris
Backs to the Future
By Phil Harris
The popular advice for dealing with the future has been to keep the chin up, face directly into the wind, ...
January 04, 2010
Grandpa, what were churches like?
February 28, 2009 |
Atheism - A Godless Delusion
January 24, 2009 |
Barack’s Siren’s Song - The Seduction of a Nation
By Phil Harris
The Sirens were three seductresses living on an island that was surrounded by cliffs and rocks. Seamen who sailed too ...
November 02, 2008
Wall Street - Land of the Screaming Meemies
By Phil Harris
Each Christmas season in America, some traditional programs are sure to appear on television. Several versions of “A Christmas Carol” ...
October 18, 2008
America Needs a Trustworthy President - Not a Lawyer
By Phil Harris
There is a paradox at work in this election. Maybe it can be chalked up to a lack of wisdom, ...
October 12, 2008
Speaker of the House - A Snotty Brat
By Phil Harris
Tip O’Neil hangs in history like the rest of the good ole days. His was a time that marked the ...
September 29, 2008
Barack Obama - the Face of Congressional Arrogance
By Phil Harris
The article has been making the rounds through email inboxes, and had I not found the story myself, I ...
September 27, 2008
The Credit Industry - Death of the Pie
By Phil Harris
If we examine the current state of affairs in the credit industry through the lens of common sense, it is ...
September 20, 2008
The First Ladies - A Life or Death Decision
By Phil Harris
This is a stunning election season that is ablaze with drama. Regardless of what happens in November, we will either ...
September 14, 2008
Pundits Perplexed by People's Palin Passion
By Phil Harris
She spoke directly to the hearts and minds of everyday Americans, sick of self-perpetuating, self-aggrandizing elitists. The fly-over folk have ...
September 04, 2008
I Am Woman, See My Boney Head
By Phil Harris
Okay now… take a deep breath, retract the sharp utensils and let the crimson veil subside. I have a few ...
September 02, 2008
America's Presidential Choice: Real or Veneer?
By Phil Harris
My generation has witnessed a change during our lifetime. It is has crept up on American families, like some ...
August 30, 2008
The Constipation of the United States of America
By Phil Harris
We all have a picture in mind of how life ought to be. Perhaps it is not so much a ...
August 16, 2008
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