Lathan Watts

Lathan  Watts
Have We Earned our Freedom?
By Lathan Watts
“James, earn this…earn it.” The final words spoken by Captain John Miller, portrayed by Tom Hanks in Steven Spielberg’s WWII ...
June 06, 2020
Alito Was Right
By Lathan Watts
This term, as the Supreme Court wades into the troubled waters of perhaps the most controversial of social issues, abortion, ...
March 06, 2020
On Reagan’s Birthday, Remember His Defense of Religious Liberty Was Prophetic
By Lathan Watts
On February 6th, 1911, Nelle Reagan gave birth to a healthy baby boy who would later become our nation’s 40th ...
February 06, 2020
Constitution Day, If You Can Keep It
By Lathan Watts
September 17th is Constitution Day. One wonders how many Americans will take notice. After all, no one is getting a ...
September 17, 2019
Censored: The Graduation Speech Problem
By Lathan Watts
Kriya Naidu was the valedictorian of her Florida high school, but she was recently prohibited by school officials from giving ...
June 07, 2019
Without Religious Liberty, America Doesn’t Have a Prayer
By Lathan Watts
Today is the annual National Day of Prayer. Across America people of faith will gather in homes, in churches, and ...
May 02, 2019
What Starts in South Carolina…
By Lathan Watts
In South Carolina the state legislature and the flagship university seem to be at odds over whether college students should ...
March 11, 2019
Senior Living in America: The Golden Years Without the Golden Rule?
By Lathan Watts
Senior living facilities have become the setting for new battles over religious liberty.Unfortunately, a growing hostility to faith has found ...
November 01, 2018
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