Katherine Blakeman

Katherine Blakeman
Justice Clarence Thomas Didn’t Kowtow to the Left. Neither Should We.
By Katherine Blakeman
As I read about the hate-filled ideology of critical race theory engulfing almost every institution in our country, poisoning the ...
June 28, 2021
Pray for Joe Biden
By Katherine Blakeman
Joe Biden is deeply confused. As we approach the election, he needs prayer. It’s not just that he is gaffe-prone ...
October 12, 2020
Sports Illustrated, the Porn Apologists?
By Katherine Blakeman
Sports Illustrated has certainly not earned itself a reputation as defenders of women’s dignity, but in one of their latest articles, ...
March 23, 2018
“Time’s Up” for Our Nation’s Children, Too
By Katherine Blakeman
The Red Carpet at this Sunday’s Golden Globes will be a little more monochromatic than in years past. Many Hollywood ...
January 06, 2018
Why Is 'Fifty Shades Freed' Glamorizing Sexual Violence in a #MeToo Culture?
By Katherine Blakeman
The “Fifty Shades Freed” trailer just came out. Shudder.As a woman living in the age of #MeToo, I am bewildered ...
November 13, 2017
How Our Pornified Culture Produces Harvey Weinsteins
By Katherine Blakeman
If reports are true that Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted many women over his lifetime in the movie business, ...
October 25, 2017
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