John Andrews

John Andrews
Trump the World in 80 Days
April 13, 2017 |
The Winner in 2016 Was America
By John Andrews
History will remember 2016 as the year we quit hero-worshiping our presidents. It was necessary and overdue, if a letdown ...
November 22, 2016
Eight Eternal Rewards of Voting Republican
By John Andrews
My friend Phil is a pastor in Colorado Springs. His wife Meg is a Christian counselor. Though Phil doesn’t do ...
August 31, 2016
Ten Reasons I Switched To Trump
By John Andrews
Buckle up, America.  It’s one of those times that try men’s souls. In a few months we have to choose ...
May 06, 2016
What's Up with Norquist and the Jihadis?
By John Andrews
“Nothing to see here, folks.  Move along, nothing to see.”  That line from a thousand police dramas also has its ...
April 26, 2016
Zealots Endanger Our Freedom
By John Andrews
To get at the devil, says the young zealot Will Roper in “A Man for All Seasons,” Robert Bolt’s play, ...
March 26, 2013
As Families Falter, What's Your Story
By John Andrews
When a prominent man says he is stepping down to spend more time with his family, it’s usually a fib. ...
March 01, 2013
Here's Your Republican Rehab Kit
November 26, 2012 |
What the Election Won't Settle
By John Andrews
I'm reminding all my friends here in Denver not to believe their vote is worthless. Our swing state’s nine ...
October 29, 2012
Mountain Man Ryan Aims High
By John Andrews
Is America in decline? Do we need to lower our expectations, aspire to lead from behind or not at ...
August 27, 2012
Government Hostility to Religion Keeps Mounting
By John Andrews
The Founders wouldn’t believe it. The Colorado Court of Appeals says the governor may not proclaim an official day ...
June 04, 2012
Ten Reasons That America Needs Partisan Politics
By John Andrews
If I undertook to write about partisan politics for dummies, I’d immediately have your attention. Many people think that’s all ...
May 04, 2012
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