Jason Mattera

Jason Mattera
Time to Vet Obama's Biggest Backers in Hollywood
By Jason Mattera
Rapper Cee Lo Green flipping off a crowd and dropping F-bombs at an Obama fundraiser wasn’t about, well, a famous ...
March 28, 2012
Obama Zombies Must Be Challenged Aggressively
By Jason Mattera
Obama just shellacked conservatives, and yet what do I hear from many of my conservative friends? The same impish, ...
March 25, 2010
Campus Leftists and Their Dirty Tricks
By Jason Mattera
Leftist administrators at DePaul University are threatening to cancel a speech by Chris Simcox if the conservatives on campus don’t ...
May 19, 2008
Catholics, Blacks, and Transgenders at the University of St. Thomas
By Jason Mattera
Campus liberals are unaccustomed to hearing conservative ideas in their echo chambers, so it’s not uncommon for them to ...
April 14, 2008
Ten Habits of Decidedly Defective People
By Jason Mattera
Watch Doug Giles ClashTV videos here. Doug Giles is one of the most funny, entertaining, witty and bright commentators in America ...
July 02, 2007
Salon Writer Puts on His Tinfoil Hat
By Jason Mattera
Bill Clinton is the master manipulator—redefining terms, obscuring facts, and equivocating words. Alex Koppelman, at Salon.com, rides on the impeached ...
June 06, 2007
Al Gore's willing accomplices in the classroom
By Jason Mattera
Music icon Sheryl Crow just wrapped up her "Stop Global Warming College Tour." And while no Rhode Island school hosted ...
May 07, 2007
Catholic School Bans Pro-life Speaker
By Jason Mattera
The Catholic Church has a rich history of protecting the most vulnerable members of society. From challenging forced sterilizations to ...
February 07, 2007
The Dirty Dozen
By Jason Mattera
As college costs soar through the roof—averaging above $31,000 a year for tuition, room & board—today’s college students study adultery, ...
December 21, 2006
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