James Edwards

James Edwards
Time to Strengthen Our Patent System
By James Edwards
“It felt sometimes like the PTAB was making it up as they went along,” said Gene Quinn, founder and CEO ...
June 25, 2021
A Victory for Innovators and Dynamic Competition
By James Edwards
The Ninth Circuit’s thorough reversal of a thoroughly irredeemable district court ruling represents a decisive win for U.S. innovators in ...
September 05, 2020
What's At Stake in the Race for 5G Dominance
By James Edwards
The United States and China are racing for dominance in 5G wireless connectivity. The R&D, the inventions, the technological standards ...
January 14, 2020
IP Theft and Trade Barriers Are Institutionalized Cheating
By James Edwards
Quick, name that country:Ranks of researchers come study or work in the United States.  They’re scattered among our emerging technologies ...
October 24, 2019
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