Ivan Sascha Sheehan

Ivan Sascha Sheehan
With the 2021 Presidential Election Over, What's Next for Iran?
By Ivan Sascha Sheehan
Faced with unprecedented international isolation, economic hardship, social revolt, and an increasingly hostile relationship with regional powers, Iran’s supreme leader ...
June 28, 2021
Would a Biden Administration Acknowledge Tehran’s Political Vulnerability?
By Ivan Sascha Sheehan
Though the prospect of legal challenges looms large, the outcome of the U.S. presidential election appears to favor Joe Biden ...
November 12, 2020
Armenia: Caught In Its Own Trap?
By Ivan Sascha Sheehan
Armenians are renowned the world over as a resourceful and skillful people. For a small nation, they have produced a ...
October 23, 2020
Holding Iran to Account for Its Human Rights Record Is a Unifying Issue for the West
By Ivan Sascha Sheehan
The Trump administration was right to adopt an assertive policy for dealing with the Islamic Republic of Iran. And it ...
August 07, 2020
Anniversary of Hostage Crisis Highlights Absence of Change in Iran Over Forty Years
By Ivan Sascha Sheehan
Monday marks the 40th anniversary of the Iran hostage crisis. It also marks 40 consecutive years of hostage-taking and terrorism by ...
November 04, 2019
Tehran’s Influence Operations a Threat to Journalistic Independence
By Ivan Sascha Sheehan
For decades, Tehran’s theocratic rulers have gone to great lengths to make inroads in Western media outlets once notable for ...
December 06, 2018
The End of the Iranian Regime May Be Close at Hand
By Ivan Sascha Sheehan
Strikes and protests broke out in and around Tehran’s famous and vitally important Bazaar marketplace this week. Consistent with prior ...
June 27, 2018
Six Reasons Congress Should Reject the Iran Nuclear Deal
By Ivan Sascha Sheehan
Editor's Note: This piece was coauthored by Emeritus Prof. Raymond Tanter.The announcement of a preliminary nuclear deal with Iran – ...
August 04, 2015
Mandela’s Legacy Lives on in Iranian Resistance
By Ivan Sascha Sheehan
On Tuesday the International community will recognize International Human Rights Day and reaffirm the fundamental truths enshrined in the Universal ...
December 10, 2013
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