Grover Norquist

Grover Norquist
Biden’s Left Wing Agenda Will Cost Households Tens of Thousands of Dollars
By Grover Norquist
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been working hard to make voters forget the full agenda they have repeatedly touted ...
October 19, 2020
Don’t Get Tricked into Raising the Sales Tax Permanently
By Grover Norquist
On Election Day, Americans will cast their vote for President of the United States. While easily the most high-profile thing ...
July 25, 2020
We Didn’t Spend $50 Billion to Get Government-run Airlines In Return
By Grover Norquist
While passing last week’s Coronavirus relief package, Congress opened the door for a government takeover of the airline industry. Intended to ...
April 02, 2020
Government Broadband Is a Disaster for Taxpayers
By Grover Norquist
Of the “solutions” Elizabeth Warren is touting on the campaign trail, her proposal to spend $85 billion federal dollars on ...
October 08, 2019
SAFE Banking Act a Positive Step for Federalism, Safety, and the Economy
By Grover Norquist
Federalism, a founding principle of our nation, is still a good idea. It allows the states to be laboratories of ...
September 24, 2019
Time to Kill the Death Tax
March 31, 2015 |
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