Edward Longe

Edward Longe
U.S. Should Not Follow Europe’s Antitrust Approach
By Edward Longe
If anything seems to unify the U.S. and European Union, it is the misguided belief that weaponizing antitrust legislation to ...
December 14, 2021
DOJ Gets a New Anti-Consumer Trustbuster
By Edward Longe
In a rare display of bipartisan unity, the United States Senate voted 68-29 to confirm President Biden’s pick to lead the ...
December 01, 2021
IRS Snooping Could Imperil Consumer Data
By Edward Longe
Arguably one of the most concerning provisions in the Democrats’budget reconciliation package is enabling the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to ...
November 16, 2021
Government Regulations Threaten to Derail Consumers
By Edward Longe
Freight rail has been an unquestionable success of government deregulation. Since deregulation was passed over forty years ago, America’s rail ...
October 26, 2021
Senate Antitrust Bill Is Bad for Consumers and Small Businesses
By Edward Longe
For American consumers and big tech, the war against them continues. Earlier this week, a bipartisan group of U.S. Senators, ...
October 22, 2021
Price Controls Will Not Lower Drug Prices
By Edward Longe
There are 58 million Americans who cannot afford the drugs they need, and 34 million adults know someone who died ...
October 11, 2021
Back to the Past for America’s Freight?
By Edward Longe
In a typical year, freight trains in the United States move about 1.7 billion tons on over 140,000 miles of ...
August 22, 2021
It’s Time for Congress to Take Concrete Steps to Protect Consumer Data
By Edward Longe
According to Security Magazine, there are an estimated 2,200 cyberattacks each day in the United States. That amounts to around ...
August 05, 2021
The PRO Act is Anti-Worker
By Edward Longe
This coming Thursday, the United States Senate will consider the Protecting the Right to Organize Act (PRO Act), a bill ...
July 26, 2021
Waiving TRIPS Will Not Solve Global Access to COVID-19 Vaccine
By Edward Longe
The COVID-19 pandemic has, among other things, highlighted the need for global cooperation during a public health crisis. Recognizing this ...
May 29, 2021
Price Controls Will Kill Pharmaceutical R&D
By Edward Longe
On April 22, 2021, Representative Frank Pallone Jr. (D-NJ) re-introduced the Elijah E. Cummings Lower Drug Costs Now Act (LDCNA). ...
May 22, 2021
Europe Takes A Hammer to Big Tech: The U.S. Could Follow
By Edward Longe
While lawmakers in the United States are engaged in a public relations battle of who can crack down harder on ...
April 29, 2021
Biden’s Trojan Horse
By Edward Longe
President Joe Biden recently released his long-awaited American Jobs Plan to rebuild America’s infrastructure. While a small portion of Biden’s ...
April 07, 2021
New York Should Ditch Big Is Bad
By Edward Longe
While much of the political attention around antitrust reform has centered on the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate, legislators ...
March 31, 2021
Congress Has Finally Acted on Surprise Medical Billing: It’s a Start
By Edward Longe
One of the most significant problems facing patients and their access to quality healthcare is the threat of a surprise ...
January 27, 2021
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