David Keene

David Keene
On Oprah 2020, Prominent Neoconservative Continues to Live in Political Fantasyland
By David Keene
Hollywood is atwitter at the very thought that Oprah Winfrey might be willing to carry the progressive banner into the ...
January 11, 2018
Iraq is Dems’ tar-baby
By David Keene
An old Democratic friend of mine stopped by the Monocle last week and while there ran into a Democratic senator ...
November 29, 2006
Parties May Misread Results
By David Keene
As I write this column, new poll results reflect a pre-election tightening in both the so-called generic ballot and in ...
November 07, 2006
Searching for moderate Muslims
By David Keene
The Islamic world, along with the politically correct world, is in a snit because Pope Benedict had the bad judgment ...
September 22, 2006
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