Brian Lonergan

Brian Lonergan
The Mayorkas Border Testimony Was an Insult to Every American
By Brian Lonergan
Capitol Hill has seen its share of political theater and dramatic testimony over the decades. There may be no precedent, ...
May 19, 2021
New Jobs Report Vindicates Trump’s Immigration Policy
By Brian Lonergan
From the moment he descended that escalator in 2015, President Donald Trump has been a most unconventional politician. After a ...
September 11, 2020
Why 200 Miles of Border Wall Matters
By Brian Lonergan
You may have missed the news that President Trump did a victory tour of more than 200 miles of newly ...
June 29, 2020
Beware of the California Alligator
By Brian Lonergan
One of the cruelest things about a widespread crisis is that it brings out grifters of the worst kind. Gasoline ...
May 14, 2020
More ICE Raids Mean More Ethical Chicken
By Brian Lonergan
We have now entered a period of American history where a growing number of people no longer care about things ...
August 19, 2019
Trump’s Mexico Tariffs Are a Result of Our Broken System
By Brian Lonergan
Depending on whom you ask, President Trump has either ruined America or rescued it. If anything can be agreed upon, ...
June 07, 2019
Less Border Security Brings More Disease to America
By Brian Lonergan
Despite the best efforts of the Trump administration over the last two years, the situation at our southern border is ...
April 15, 2019
Beto’s Clueless ‘Walls End Lives’ Argument
By Brian Lonergan
We recently witnessed what may have been an unprecedented event in the history of American politics. While the president of ...
February 19, 2019
Caravan Problem Exists Because of our Inane Asylum Standards
By Brian Lonergan
The curious timing of the growing caravan of migrants approaching our southern border so close to the midterm elections has ...
November 01, 2018
Trump’s Refugee Cap Makes Sense, if America’s Interests Matter
By Brian Lonergan
Critics of the Trump administration’s immigration policies discovered a new cause for outrage recently. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that ...
September 21, 2018
Paychecks or Principles: Sanctuary Laws Force Police to Choose
By Brian Lonergan
As America’s shortsighted experimentation with European-style immigration policies evolves, the body count for this indulgence continues to rise. Incidents where ...
August 08, 2018
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