Brian Fitzpatrick

Brian Fitzpatrick
Hollywood’s Thanksgiving Family Values Bronx Cheer
By Brian Fitzpatrick
The most popular movie over Thanksgiving weekend, perhaps our most family centered holiday, was a lighthearted romp amongst two families ...
December 03, 2008
Pregnant ‘Man’: Barbara Walters Struggles Against Reality
By Brian Fitzpatrick
What do you do when a major news network, ABC, gives one of its best-known journalists, Barbara Walters, a bully ...
November 18, 2008
Media Have a Proposition for Calif. Churches: You're Bigots
By Brian Fitzpatrick
The liberal media worked overtime against California’s marriage amendment, Proposition 8, which the voters passed 52 to 48 percent.   After ...
November 11, 2008
The Enduring Culture War
November 04, 2008 |
Media Drink Obama's "8 Years Old" Kool-Aid
By Brian Fitzpatrick
Barack Obama’s relationship with Weathermen founder William Ayers would reveal a great deal about the candidate’s character and values, if ...
October 22, 2008
Debate Questions That Schieffer Should Ask
By Brian Fitzpatrick
Should women be drafted or serve in combat? Should English be the nation’s official language? Should judges interpret laws according ...
October 15, 2008
TIME Gives Distorted View of McCain’s, Obama’s Character
By Brian Fitzpatrick
In TIME magazine’s perspective, John McCain is a master manipulator and Barack Obama is a victim. Or at least that’s ...
September 17, 2008
The Cost of Killing Palinzilla
By Brian Fitzpatrick
The monster springs suddenly, without warning, from the frigid depths of the Bering Sea. Striding imperiously onto dry land, it ...
September 09, 2008
Pro-Gay Journalist: Palin's Religious Worldview "Controversial"
By Brian Fitzpatrick
In an obvious attempt to create a Jeremiah Wright-style scandal for the Republican presidential ticket – and to marginalize conservative ...
September 04, 2008
NBC to ‘Gay’ Journalists: ‘Your Victories Are Our Victories’
By Brian Fitzpatrick
This past weekend, the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA) held its annual convention here in Washington D.C., attracting ...
August 28, 2008
America’s New Newspaper of Record: the National Enquirer
By Brian Fitzpatrick
Is that a river of egg running down the faces of America’s “elite” media? Scooped! Scooped by a supermarket tabloid! Much to ...
August 13, 2008
The Expatriots
By Brian Fitzpatrick
An “expatriate” is a person banished from his homeland or who chooses to live abroad.  The expatriate may renounce allegiance ...
July 02, 2008
Media Ignore Impending Collision: Gay Rights vs. Religious Liberty
By Brian Fitzpatrick
Thank God for the alternative media. Unlike the big newspapers and TV networks, small conservative online news sites are reporting the ...
June 10, 2008
Is Obama Off the Hook?
By Brian Fitzpatrick
Are the media ever going to tell us what Barack Obama believes? After months of embarrassing revelations about the unpatriotic, conspiratorial ...
June 03, 2008
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