Betsy McCaughey

Betsy McCaughey
Biden Caves To Unions Again, Sabotaging Consumers
By Betsy McCaughey
From Christmas toys to clothing and auto parts, shortages of imported products are forcing factories to idle, store shelves to ...
October 20, 2021
Dems' Attack On Smart Kids
By Betsy McCaughey
Parents whose kids excel in school need to be on guard. Leftist school administrators across the country -- not just ...
October 13, 2021
The Dirt On Dems' Reconciliation Bill
By Betsy McCaughey
Democrats are quarreling over the price tag of their Build Back Better bill, but the real problem is what's in ...
October 06, 2021
Dems' Multitrillion Scam Bill
By Betsy McCaughey
Dems are pushing to pass a multitrillion-dollar spending bill called the Build Back Better Act. It ought to be called ...
September 29, 2021
Biden Is Stabbing Nonunion Workers In The Back
By Betsy McCaughey
Nonunion workers make up nearly 90% of the U.S. workforce. President Joe Biden is stabbing them in the back.The massive ...
September 22, 2021
Democrats Are Trashing The American Work Ethic With Their Spending Bill
By Betsy McCaughey
The humongous bill that Democrats in Washington, D.C. are assembling this week is a slap in the face to Americans ...
September 17, 2021
Democrats' Policies Are A Gift To China
By Betsy McCaughey
China's leaders must be trading high-fives as they watch the American left push policies that will cripple American competitiveness.While China ...
September 08, 2021
CDC's Mission Confusion
By Betsy McCaughey
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a guide last week for "Inclusive Communication," cautioning against using words like ...
September 01, 2021
The Mask Mandate Farce
By Betsy McCaughey
Newly sworn-in New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is wasting no time taking sides in the school mask wars. Even before ...
August 25, 2021
Biden's Dithering Doomed Afghanis
By Betsy McCaughey
For months, President Joe Biden has opened the borders to Hispanic illegals, but he has turned a deaf ear to ...
August 18, 2021
The Anti-White Infrastructure Bill
By Betsy McCaughey
The infrastructure bill the Senate passed on Tuesday discriminates against whites at every turn.Americans are enthusiastic about spending money on ...
August 11, 2021
Far-Left Democrats Want Eviction Moratorium To Last Forever
By Betsy McCaughey
Far-left Congressional Democrats Cori Bush (Missouri), Ilhan Omar (Minnesota) and Ayanna Pressley (Massachusetts) slept in the rough on the Capitol ...
August 04, 2021
Public Health Officials Conceal Hospital Infection Outbreaks
By Betsy McCaughey
Public health officials struggle with telling the truth. They seem to think people don't deserve to know. At the beginning ...
July 28, 2021
Democrats Are Sabotaging Cubans
By Betsy McCaughey
President Joe Biden is full of compassion for Hispanics fleeing their home countries. There's one exception: liberty-loving Cubans.Biden's abandoning practically ...
July 21, 2021
Biden Ignoring COVID-19 Dangers At Border And In Hospitals
By Betsy McCaughey
COVID-19 cases in the US leapt 47.5% last week from the previous week. Shots in arms, not shutdowns, are the ...
July 14, 2021
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