Andrew Tallman

Andrew Tallman
One Nation Under NBC?
July 03, 2011 |
Who Is Most to Blame for the Shootings?
By Andrew Tallman
This is the right question. Sadly, it’s the one few people are answering in columns and on the radio ...
January 17, 2011
The Worst Christmas Gift Givers
By Andrew Tallman
"Christmas is just commercialized materialism. Nobody even thinks about Jesus anymore because all they’re doing is putting up lights, decorating ...
December 28, 2010
How Big Should Government Be?
By Andrew Tallman
Where do you find the largest, most intrusive and liberty-violating form of government? You may be tempted to answer North ...
December 17, 2010
Did Prohibition Fail?
By Andrew Tallman
“Well, since we all know Prohibition failed….” This assertion is widely taken as the starting premise to many discussions on ...
November 16, 2010
Marijuana: No Worse Than Alcohol?
By Andrew Tallman
One of the challenges in approaching any complicated topic is to deal with each particular slice of the discussion on ...
November 02, 2010
You Call Yourself a Firefighter?
By Andrew Tallman
Imagine one calm afternoon while you sit on your patio reading a book that your phone rings. On the other ...
October 28, 2010
Who Cares About "The Will of the People"?
By Andrew Tallman
It’s currently in vogue among conservatives to argue that health care reform should not pass because it is unpopular. The ...
January 28, 2010
Who's Legislating Morality Now?
By Andrew Tallman
When I argue that abortion under most circumstances should be illegal, I am charged with trying to legislate morality. ...
November 20, 2009
Is Obamacare Like Mandatory Auto Insurance?
By Andrew Tallman
Teaching introductory logic for ten years made me vividly aware of the low average quality of reasoning among college students. ...
November 17, 2009
What’s Racism Got to Do With It?
By Andrew Tallman
Are those who strongly oppose President Obama racists? President Carter and Maureen Dowd think so. But President Clinton and even ...
October 06, 2009
An Open Letter to President Obama on Heath Care
By Andrew Tallman
Dear Mr. President: As you continue to advocate for health care reform I wanted to take a moment to express ...
September 23, 2009
A Reminder to Pro-Life Christians
By Andrew Tallman
Today is the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court ruling which essentially decriminalized abortion for our entire ...
January 22, 2009
A Christmas View of Abortion
By Andrew Tallman
“The Bible says nothing directly about abortion.” Have you ever heard this claim before? I know I have. And ...
December 19, 2008
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