Sun, Mar 24, 2013

Steve Chapman | March 24, 2013

Some people should not be trusted with access to firearms. On that point almost everyone agrees, the only debate being where to draw the line.

Sat, Mar 23, 2013

John Hawkins | March 23, 2013

One of the great ironies of the gun control debate is that everyone who calls for gun control still wants a man with a gun protecting him.

Todd Starnes | March 23, 2013

Florida Atlantic University has issued an apology for a classroom assignment that involving students writing the name “Jesus” on a sheet of paper and then stomping on the paper. The university also said the lesson will never again be used.

John C. Goodman | March 23, 2013

The labor market is one of the most regulated markets in our economy.

John Ransom | March 23, 2013

No nation can undergo a permanent revolution from above. Especially a nation that essentially remains one of the most free, just and tolerant societies ever created. Eventually the 99 percent who aren’t bused-in, paid-to-protest, or paid to act as a political commissariat disguised as government employees, asks to be let alone.

Ed Feulner | March 23, 2013

Say you’re running a business, and you find yourself awash in red ink. You realize it’s time to retool your approach, and fast. So you ask two different employees to each come up with a budget. You’ll go with whoever writes the best plan.

Rich Tucker | March 23, 2013

Politicians and basketball coaches know that you never answer the question a reporter asks you; you answer the question you want to answer.

Bill Tatro | March 23, 2013

Yes, it’s clear as a bell to all the money managers, financial talk show hosts, and financial columnists, that when you make your decisions in hindsight you’re usually 100% correct.

Bob Beauprez | March 23, 2013

If all that weren’t bad enough, a few weeks ago the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed an additional 2.3 percent reduction in Medicare Advantage payments for 2014. This new reduction, combined with the cuts in the health care law, mean Medicare Advantage payments next year will go down by more than eight percent, or about $11 billion.

Night Watch | March 23, 2013

China did not export any crude oil to North Korea in February, Reuters reported, citing customs data. It marks the first time since early 2007 that no deliveries were made.

Stewart Scott | March 23, 2013

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula released the 10th edition of its English-language magazine, Inspire, in March.

Fri, Mar 22, 2013

Tim Phillips | March 22, 2013

Tomorrow marks the third anniversary of President Obama’s most significant legislative 'accomplishment': ObamaCare -- the largest expansion of the welfare state in five decades.

David Harsanyi | March 22, 2013

Republicans now have a comprehensive "autopsy" report detailing some of the perceived and some of the real shortcomings of the 2012 presidential election. And the rather optimistically named Growth and Opportunity Project's report is jampacked with so many painfully obvious observations that one wonders why it had to be written in the first place.

Rich Galen | March 22, 2013

Let's see. How can I make a discussion of budgets interesting. Or, at least, not deadly dull? Answer: I can't. No one can.

Mark Davis | March 22, 2013

You can’t blame President Obama for making a beeline to a convention hall filled with students during his Israel trip. If there is any group that has shown a particular susceptibility to his snake oil, it is the soft, impressionable minds of those at the cusp of adulthood.

Todd Starnes | March 22, 2013

A Florida Atlantic University student said he was suspended from class after he refused a professor’s directive to stomp on a piece of paper with the word “Jesus” written on it.

Jonah Goldberg | March 22, 2013

Just because things can be put on the same list doesn't mean they are necessarily similar. My attic contains within it thousands of comic books, an inflatable bed, some jigsaw puzzles, some family pictures and a "Frampton Comes Alive!" album.

David Limbaugh | March 22, 2013

No matter what progress Republicans may make in electoral politics over the coming years, it will be difficult to roll back the steady march of liberalism that has taken place inside our cultural, bureaucratic and legal institutions -- from academia to regulatory agencies to the Department of Justice -- but we have to try.

Mona Charen | March 22, 2013

The battle over health care reform is not over. Yes, the 2012 election ensured that the law would not be repealed and replaced in 2013. But when the American people are unhappy with a policy, they find a way to alter it.

Ken Blackwell | March 22, 2013

Before he became a China scholar, our friend Steve Mosher was an engineer. He likes to say that if you are an engineer whose bridges collapse or whose highways break up, you’re likely to lose your Professional Engineer’s license.

Oliver North | March 22, 2013

It's the question asked by Gold Star families -- the loved ones of our fallen -- when I meet them at funerals or public events.

Suzanne Fields | March 22, 2013

No matter how firmly we tell women to be more like men -- to shape, stretch, discipline and work to overcome biological determinants -- biology keeps emerging as a crucial factor. Like everything else in life, it affects the less privileged women in a different, downsized way.

Donald Lambro | March 22, 2013

President Obama's job approval polls have dropped to 46 percent, and the Fed says the jobless rate will remain high for the next two years, so it was time for a road trip.

Tom Tancredo | March 22, 2013

In 2010, I endorsed Rand Paul for US Senate, and my Political Action Committee that supports anti-amnesty candidates contributed to and raised money for his campaign. Rand Paul’s platform stated that “I do not support amnesty.

Fritz Pfister | March 22, 2013

The question for Bernanke becomes, which unemployment rate will be used to stop printing $85 billion a month out of thin air? Which inflation rate will be used? The real rates or the rates invented by government to deceive the public?

Crystal Wright | March 22, 2013

Evidently, it takes four months and 100 pages for the RNC to figure out why the party lost the 2012 presidential election and how to fix it. Most of conservatives could tell you in three paragraphs. That 100-page Growth & Opportunity Project to me was billed by RNC Chairman Reince Priebus as a “bold, raw, real” autopsy of the state of the GOP.

Night Watch | March 22, 2013

The North Koreans are extremely good at tinkering with older systems and finding value in materials that would end up on the cutting room floor in the US.

Larry Kudlow | March 22, 2013

It’s worth noting that a mild economic upturn is in the cards, perhaps driving real GDP toward 3 percent. Lower jobless claims, stronger housing numbers, and a rebound in the index of leading indicators confirm the better economic trend.

Michelle Malkin | March 22, 2013

It's business as usual in the post-9/11 world. Your federal government is back to pandering to wealthy travelers from Saudi Arabia. In the eyes of our massive homeland security apparatus, the comfort of Saudis is a higher priority than the safety of American citizens.

Brent Bozell | March 22, 2013

Adweek reporter Katy Bachman obviously doesn't know how silly she sounds. She recently passed along the intelligence that TV and movie industries would be "fulfilling a promise made to Vice President Joe Biden that they would be part of the solution to curb gun violence." They've taken the Newtown massacre to heart and toned down the violence of TV and movies?

Linda Chavez | March 22, 2013

Sen. Rand Paul's embrace of immigration reform this week shows just how far the GOP has come on this contentious issue since the election. Two years ago, the tea party's favorite senator was one of those Republicans wanting to deny citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants born in the U.S.

Thu, Mar 21, 2013

Paul Kengor | March 21, 2013

Hillary Clinton supports gay marriage. This is a major shift. Yet, as someone who wrote a book on Clinton's faith, I can't say I'm surprised.

Matt Towery | March 21, 2013

If you are over the age of 49, you need to take the story of a comedian and a hopelessly lost television network seriously. And even if you are younger, it's worth considering that you likely hope to live way past 49, as well.

Diana West | March 21, 2013

I found myself in a group conversation that included one of the more instantly recognizable media figures -- someone who personifies the phrase"mainstream media." Since this isn't something that happens every day, why not make the best of it?

Cliff May | March 21, 2013

Chuck Hagel deserves praise — four words I did not expect to be writing — for announcing an expansion of the U.S. missile-defense system. Fourteen additional ground-based long-range missile interceptors are to be installed in Alaska by 2017 at a cost of $1 billion.

Jerry Newcombe | March 21, 2013

For the first time in Church history---after about 800 years---a pope chose the name Francis, in honor of St. Francis of Assisi. I hadn’t realized this was the first time ever. Well, it’s about time.

Todd Starnes | March 21, 2013

For the past four years, American taxpayers have paid nearly $400,000 so that Yale University could study the sexual conflict of waterfowl and “plasticity in duck penis length.”

Michael Barone | March 21, 2013

Rarely does a political party issue a document so scathingly critical of itself and its most recent presidential nominee as the report of the five-member Growth and Opportunity Project of the Republican National Committee.

Victor Davis Hanson | March 21, 2013

For all the Obama-era talk of decline, there is at least one reason why America probably won't, at least not quite yet.

Larry Elder | March 21, 2013

To the list of liberals who vote for higher taxes -- and then proceed to complain about them -- add comedian Bill Maher.

Michael Reagan | March 21, 2013

I love talk radio; I love Fox News. If it weren’t for the arrival of their strong conservative voices, Americans would still have nothing to listen to but the one-sided news and opinions of the left-liberals who run the mainstream New York-D.C. media.

Cal Thomas | March 21, 2013

President Obama should listen to former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, the "founder" of shuttle diplomacy.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | March 21, 2013

Imagine you are a 16-year-old girl, waking up in another person's house, unclothed and unable to find your underwear or earrings after a night of drinking. Unsure of what happened, you go home and go on, but in the days that follow, you see on social media photos of yourself drunk and unresponsive.

Pat Buchanan | March 21, 2013

As President Obama departed for Israel, there came a startling report. Bashar Assad's regime had used poison gas on Syrian rebels.

Jeff Jacoby | March 21, 2013

Ten years ago this week, the United States led an invasion of Iraq with the explicit purpose of overthrowing Saddam Hussein.

Debra J. Saunders | March 21, 2013

If you want to know why Sen. Dianne Feinstein's assault weapons ban couldn't muster 40 votes -- that's according to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who says he will cut the ban from the Democrats' gun bill -- attend a National Rifle Association event in Feinstein's backyard.

Paul Driessen | March 21, 2013

Gina McCarthy, President Obama’s choice to replace Lisa Jackson at the Environmental Protection Agency, has been chastised for having lied to Congress, in claiming that EPA did not use “dangerous manmade climate change” to justify new 54.5 mpg standards for cars and light trucks. She’s also been implicated in the agency’s practice of using fake emails to hide questionable dealings and activities.

Steve Chapman | March 21, 2013

Foreign policy is often a form of theater, with elaborate rituals and pretenses that no one takes too literally. But rarely have the gimmicks of stagecraft been as obvious as in the latest standoff between North Korea and the United States.

Kyle Olson | March 21, 2013

In our increasingly politically-correct society, Christmas isn’t the only holiday too hot to handle for school districts. Easter, another holiday rooted in Christian faith, is now being marginalized by governmental entities.

Emmett Tyrrell | March 21, 2013

Apparently New York City's Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg whiles away his last hours in the mayor's palace daydreaming. He has been mayor for almost three terms and though his mayorship may not have been as heroic or even as effective as that of Mayor Rudy Giuliani, it has at least kept the city up to Mayor Giuliani's standards of cleanliness, law and order, and an approximation of sense of financial rectitude.

Brian and Garrett Fahy | March 21, 2013

Ten years, $1.7 trillion dollars and 4,800 casualties. This was the cost of America’s effort to remove Saddam Hussein and enable the growth of the Middle East’s first Muslim democracy. Ten years later, the debates about the merits, rationale, and underlying intelligence of the war rage on.

Night Watch | March 21, 2013

Reports from the China-North Korean border state that smuggling cash in suitcases has increased because North Korean banks are under UN sanctions.

Bill Tatro | March 21, 2013

I’m quite certain that if I show Gone with the Wind to my church group and take a donation for religious missions, the movie police will show up at my door and take me away.

Ransom Notes Radio | March 21, 2013

It turns out the President has surrounded himself by intelligent people. . . They’re all in the Secret Service. John Ransom spoke with Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent and a former GOP candidate for the US Senate, about the President’s recent inability to control the National conversation.

Randall DeSoto | March 21, 2013

In the balancing act going on in Washington right now, for one side the term is layered with meaning, while for the other, its meaning could not be clearer. For President Obama and the Democrats, first and foremost balance means making sure the “wealthiest Americans” ante up and pay their “fair share.”

Earl Tilford | March 21, 2013

After Sunday’s airing of Home Box Office’s series “The Bible,” controversy erupted over the depiction of Satan.

Michael Schaus | March 21, 2013

The “moderate”, Governor John Hickenlooper (D), signed into law three new gun control measures that fundamentally strip from the state its Western heritage.

Wed, Mar 20, 2013

Todd Starnes | March 20, 2013

A group of Tennessee lawmakers is preparing to issue an ultimatum to the University of Tennessee-Knoxville – either defund the first-ever “Sex Week” or they will defund the university.

Ann Coulter | March 20, 2013

I had barely left the stage at CPAC when Republicans did the exact thing I told them not to do. Contrary to giddy liberals writing the obituary of the Republican Party, the nation has not swung left. Republicans just keep losing easy races through unforced errors. I advised them to stop doing that.

Bob Barr | March 20, 2013

The seemingly omnipresent storm clouds hanging over the Constitution often make it hard to find a silver lining. Every day, the front page of The Drudge Report is littered with stories of government assaults on our civil liberties -- from local government officials all the way up to the Oval Office.

Rich Galen | March 20, 2013

President Barack Obama left last night for Israel in an attempt to "reset" the Israeli-US relationship.

Paul Greenberg | March 20, 2013

A friend and critic here in Little Rock -- well, definitely a critic and I hope he's still a friend -- submitted a guest column not long ago reciting my many sins. (Whose sins are few?)

Michael Brown | March 20, 2013

In the midst of his announcement on Sunday that he now supports same-sex marriage, Rob Bell warned American evangelicals to “adapt or die.” His counsel, intended to be helpful, is actually a guaranteed formula for failure and a proven recipe for disaster. In fact, the only way for us to make a lasting impact on the culture and maintain a relevant witness to society is to do the opposite of what Bell advised.

Todd Starnes | March 20, 2013

New Jersey police and Dept. of Children and Families officials raided the home of a firearms instructor and demanded to see his guns after he posted a Facebook photo of his 11-year-old son holding a rifle.

Thomas Sowell | March 20, 2013

The main thing wrong with the term limits movement is the "s" at the end of the word "limit."

Michelle Malkin | March 20, 2013

Will President Obama really nominate billionaire Chicago gal pal Penny Pritzker to head his Commerce Department? "It's a done deal," according to a White House source close to the Chicago Tribune. As further confirmation, Pritzker resigned abruptly from the Windy City's school board late last week. The crony fix seems to be in.

John Stossel | March 20, 2013

Shortly after I did my first TV special on education, "Stupid in America," hundreds of union teachers showed up outside my office to yell at me. They were angry because I said union rules were a big reason American kids don't learn.

Walter E. Williams | March 20, 2013

After reading Dr. Thomas Sowell's latest book, "Intellectuals and Race," one cannot emerge with much respect for the reasoning powers of intellectuals, particularly academics, on matters of race. There's so much faulty logic and downright dishonesty

Brent Bozell | March 20, 2013

Many millions of Catholics around the world were joyous with the naming of a new pope -- a holy man from the Third World no less. Even in choosing his name, Pope Francis is emphasizing a devotion to the poor, and humility in his clothing and manners.

Jonah Goldberg | March 20, 2013

"At CPAC, the Future Looks Libertarian," read a dispatch on Time magazine's website. "CPAC: Rand Paul's Big Moment," proclaimed The Week magazine. Meanwhile, the New York Times headlined its story about the annual conservative political action conference "GOP divisions fester at conservative retreat."

Ken Blackwell | March 20, 2013

A stunning announcement out of Florida this week. The state that was exhibit A for economic disaster two years ago is now experiencing a tremendous rebound thanks to Gov. Rick Scott’s pro-growth policies. Washington should take a page – no several pages – out of Scott’s book.

Terry Jeffrey | March 20, 2013

Shortly before Congress enacted the Obamacare law in March 2010, then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi famously said, "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it."

Ben Shapiro | March 20, 2013

Within the next few months, Justice Anthony Kennedy will likely rule that same-sex marriage is mandated by the Constitution of the United States. The ruling will offend both common sense and Constitutional law. But it will nonetheless become the law of the land.

Austin Bay | March 20, 2013

"Who is it in the press who calls on me?" Julius Caesar asks in Act I of Shakespeare's play. "Beware the Ides of March," the prophetic Roman soothsayer wails. The dismissive dictator replies, "He is a dreamer; let us leave him: pass."

John Ransom | March 20, 2013

Apparently ANY large financial institution’s employees can commit a crime, and, according to Holder’s theory of the law, the economic health of the country comes first. Justice just has to wait. Or be suspended all together, as long as those people are big and important enough.

Donald Lambro | March 20, 2013

The Republican National Committee unveiled a 100 page blueprint Monday to rebuild the GOP, after months of focus groups and data analysis to find out why they lost last year's presidential election. Sadly, what they found wasn't any great discovery.

Steven Aden | March 20, 2013

On March 15, the North Dakota senate approved a bill that prevents abortions from being performed once a developing child’s heartbeat is detected in the mother’s womb.

Jacob Sullum | March 20, 2013

Back in 2007, when he was running for president, Barack Obama criticized George W. Bush's expansive vision of executive power, saying, "I reject the view that the president may do whatever he deems necessary to protect national security.

Michael Schaus | March 20, 2013

Proof that it is about vanity and not environmentalism: No-one can afford these things. Like the green vehicles of the past, only their novelty is what will sell a handful to some rich consumers.

George Friedman | March 20, 2013

U.S. President Barack Obama is making his first visit to Israel as president. The visit comes in the wake of his re-election and inauguration to a second term and the formation of a new Israeli government under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Ken Connor | March 20, 2013

For people of faith in America, the Obama administration's birth control mandate represents an unprecedented assault on religious conscience. It seems that the President and his surrogates have little appreciation for the role that faith plays in the lives of many Americans, and even less respect for the Constitution's protection of religious liberty.

Ralph Benko | March 20, 2013

Meet Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX): the Six Trillion Dollar Man. Brady recently took the chair of Congress’s arguably most important inner think tank, the Joint Economic Committee. From this perch Brady is proposing to provide the combination to open the lock of a safe that holds $6 trillion in potential revenues for the federal government.

Aaron M. Renn | March 20, 2013

The Washington, D.C., region has long been considered recession-proof, thanks to the remorseless expansion of the federal government in good times and bad. Yet it’s only now—as D.C. positively booms while most of the country remains in economic doldrums—that the scale of Washington’s prosperity is becoming clear.

Night Watch | March 20, 2013

The economic and social costs described in the articles indicate the exercise is more than just training. It is rehearsal and preparation for an action that risks a wider conflict.

Tue, Mar 19, 2013

Todd Starnes | March 19, 2013

An active-duty Marine who lost both his legs to an Improvised Explosive Device was humiliated by TSA agents after he was forced to remove his prosthetic legs and was then ordered to stand so agents could inspect his wheelchair for explosives.

Paul Kengor | March 19, 2013

The gushing, almost angelic praise for Hugo Chavez by the left in America and around the world has been shocking to behold, but hardly surprising. I will not bother repeating the litany here. Rather, I’d like to focus on another surreal aspect of Chavez’s death—namely, the rush to preserve and display his body, so the faithful may pilgrimage and pay homage for decades to come.

Rachel Marsden | March 19, 2013

The European Union's $13 billion bailout plan for Cyprus has nothing to do with socialism but rather with much greater stakes. This is the EU attempting to outmaneuver an uncharacteristically flat-footed Vladimir Putin and Russia in a key battleground, over long-festering issues: transparency, corruption, and support of Syria and Iran.

Todd Starnes | March 19, 2013

The History Channel is refuting accusations that the character portraying Satan in their hit miniseries “The Bible” bears a striking resemblance to President Obama.

John Hawkins | March 19, 2013

Here are the 20 best quotes from CPAC 2013.

Thomas Sowell | March 19, 2013

At one time young Ben Carson had the lowest grades in his middle school class, and was the butt of teasing by his white classmates. Worse yet, he himself believed that he was just not smart enough to do the work.

Rick Santorum | March 19, 2013

March is Trisomy Awareness Month. For my family, this has become a time to celebrate the life of our daughter Bella.

Chuck Norris | March 19, 2013

According to Fox News, "five men were among seven arrested in October when security forces raided an underground house church in the city of Shiraz during a prayer session."

Kurt Schlichter | March 19, 2013

Who the hell is New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to presume that he has a say in what I or any other American chooses to drink? Of course, the answer for any self-respecting citizen is that he has no such say, and the proper response to him and his legion of petty fascist fan boys is the suggestion that they pucker up – and I will politely decline to identify what they should kiss.

David Limbaugh | March 19, 2013

For the first time, I am wondering about the long-term viability of the Republican Party.

Mona Charen | March 19, 2013

The Republican National Committee is out with a 100-page analysis of how the party can revive its sagging fortunes.

Neal Boortz | March 19, 2013

You were shocked - SHOCKED, you say - at the very idea that the government of Cyprus would order banks to seize 10% of every bank account and hand the money over the government?

Cal Thomas | March 19, 2013

The Maryland legislature recently voted to abolish capital punishment in the state, making Maryland the sixth state in the last six years to eliminate the death penalty.

Dennis Prager | March 19, 2013

Whether a progressive position will improve or harm society is not a progressive question. That is a conservative question. What matters to progressives is whether a position emanates from compassion.

Pat Buchanan | March 19, 2013

Not all agreed on the wisdom of this war. Gen. Bill Odom, former director of the National Security Agency, thought George W. Bush & Co. had lost their minds: "The Iraq War may turn out to be the greatest strategic disaster in American history."

Debra J. Saunders | March 19, 2013

San Francisco Supervisor David Campos is about to introduce a law to end the city's 8-foot "bubble zone" around reproductive health clinics in favor of a new 25-foot "buffer zone."

John Ransom | March 19, 2013

With liberal ideas firmly in the saddle, civilizing us, so to speak, we no longer applaud Depression-era bank robbers. Instead, today, we send them to Congress, or parliament, or the legislature, where governments try to achieve folk hero status by robbing banks and depositors alike.

Phyllis Schlafly | March 19, 2013

Republicans are getting a lot of unsolicited advice about how to recover from last year's defeat, and most of it is either ignorant or coming from people who don't have Republican party victories in their game plan.

Susan Stamper Brown | March 19, 2013

Obama is the first American president in history to demonstrate indifference toward them with both words and deeds. Israelis didn't just wake up one morning and decide they don't like our president.

Bill Murchison | March 19, 2013

The Democrats have to be bent over in derisive laughter as the national Republican party flagellates itself for irrelevance, backwardness and plain old stupidity. (Ow! Ow! Hee, hee, haw, haw!)

Madeleine McAulay | March 19, 2013

2013’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) claimed to be focused on the next generation, but the speaker lineup said otherwise.

Bill Tatro | March 19, 2013

Via Executive Order 6102, the government confiscated all gold and gold certificates, exchanging them for paper. Consequently, if you didn’t surrender your gold, you went to jail. The price of gold was set at $20.67 per ounce.

Daniel Pipes | March 19, 2013

Why does Barack Obama focus so much on Israel and its struggle with the Arabs?

Crista Huff | March 19, 2013

Wall Street analysts are expecting Apple Inc. to raise its quarterly dividend to about $4.14, or a yield of 3.75%. This increase would easily be funded out of cash flow.

Ransom Notes Radio | March 19, 2013

All depositors in Cyprus will see the government reaching into their bank accounts to fund a bailout for the country. The idea is so bad. . . You would almost think it was hatched in California.

Night Watch | March 19, 2013

Eight of the 17 paragraphs of the text were devoted to, or carried forward the application of, the dream.

Marvin Olasky | March 19, 2013

I’d like to start off this column about apologetics with an apology. I apologize to all the people I’ve sat next to on airplanes, occasionally exchanging a few words about going to Atlanta but nary a mention about going to heaven. To be precise, I’m no master of evangelism.

Mon, Mar 18, 2013

Michael Gerson | March 18, 2013

Declining national influence is a choice, and America seems to be making it.

Shawn Mitchell | March 18, 2013

The winter of the liberty movement’s discontent is already warming into the green shoots of spring hope. That hope is blossoming into not just candidates, but ideals.

Byron York | March 18, 2013

If there was any villain at the just-completed Conservative Political Action Conference, it was the generic figure of the Republican political consultant. Overpaid, unprincipled, always on the lookout for the next client -- or easy mark -- the consultants, to listen to a number of CPAC speakers, have helped bring the Republican Party to its current low state.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | March 18, 2013

In some parts of the nation, the media is trying to paint minority problems as essentially well-coordinated, monochromic cultural issues. Unfortunately this paradigm is producing an unsettling clash. Black and Latino problems are not the same!

Tim Phillips | March 18, 2013

With a divided Congress and deeply partisan president in the White House, gridlock within the Beltway seems as unavoidable as their legendary traffic jams. Yet throughout the country, Republicans hold strong majorities across much of the nation.

Armstrong Williams | March 18, 2013

In 1996 President Bill Clinton announced, “The era of Big Government is over.” He balanced a budget by eliminating waste and inefficiency.

Hugh Hewitt | March 18, 2013

Pope Francis, Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal, Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio walk into a bar...

Todd Starnes | March 18, 2013

The Philadelphia Human Relations Commission has launched an investigation at the request of the mayor after a well-known magazine published an essay that explored perspectives of white citizens on the issue of race relations.

Rich Galen | March 18, 2013

As I mentioned in Friday's Mullings I was in Marietta, Ohio 45750 to participate in the groundbreaking for the home of SP4 Kyle Hockenberry who lost both legs and his left arm in an IED attack in Afghanistan.

Michael Brown | March 18, 2013

One of the first official acts of the newly installed Pope Francis was to reach out to the Jewish community of Rome, as his predecessor Pope Benedict had done, and he is being greeted warmly by many Jewish leaders worldwide. For most of the last 1,500 years, though, Catholic-Jewish relations have not been so warm. In fact, there was a time when the Catholic Church was rocked with a scandal: It was alleged that the Pope himself was Jewish.

Mike Adams | March 18, 2013

Over the course of the last twenty years, I have taught hundreds of cases highlighting constitutional violations in criminal investigations and adjudications. Some of the cases are so outrageous that it is hard to believe they actually happened in America. Until recently, I considered the 1964 juvenile adjudication of Gerald Gault to be unparalleled as a mockery of due process.

Star Parker | March 18, 2013

As President Obama prepares for his first trip to Israel, I hope when he gets there he sees what I saw.

Katie Kieffer | March 18, 2013

President Obama and Sandra Fluke both call themselves lawyers and “reproductive rights activists” without giving you any indication that they understand the Constitution or basic biology.

Ken Blackwell | March 18, 2013

Some politically correct colleges in America and Western Europe observe something they call “Israel Apartheid Week.” It’s another opportunity to libel Israel for building a defensive perimeter to keep out Arab suicide bombers

Bruce Bialosky | March 18, 2013

In his column of March 12, 2013, my beloved friend wrote on the issue of legalized marijuana in the state of Colorado. On his radio show, he justifiably bemoaned readers of his column who had written comments questioning his sanity and their relationship over this one issue despite years of being Prager groupies. I will not do any of that. But for only the second time in our long relationship, Mr. Prager, you are dead wrong on a topic … but I still love you.

John Ransom | March 18, 2013

Data actually suggests that the earth stopped warming 15 years ago. This pause in warming wasn’t anticipated in any climate change models created by global warming advocates. It must have been an executive order.

Dan Holler | March 18, 2013

If Barack Obama wants Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker of the House in 2015, he needs to strike a grand bargain with his political adversaries – congressional Republicans.

Ed Feulner | March 18, 2013

“I can tell you that the United States is fully capable of defending against any North Korean ballistic missile attack.” That was White House spokesman Jay Carney, reacting to the third nuclear test this year by the self-styled “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea,” as well as a brash threat from Pyongyang to, well, nuke the United States.

Matt Barber | March 18, 2013

The pro-aborts are losing. They know it, and they hate it. As reported in January: “CNN released the results of a new poll showing a majority of Americans want all or most abortions prohibited – a clear pro-life majority.”

Michael Tanner | March 18, 2013

The Ryan budget provides a view of Republican priorities and their vision for how to increase economic growth, reform entitlements, and balance the budget. While timid and imperfect, Ryan’s plan shows that Republicans are at least looking in the right direction.

Chris Edwards | March 18, 2013

Some people are complaining that the sequester is too broad-based, and that it would have been better to target just the most wasteful programs. But members of Congress don’t agree on which programs are wasteful.

Rachel Alexander | March 18, 2013

Conservatives are in an uproar over Common Core, an educational curriculum being forced upon the states by the Obama administration, which is scheduled to be mostly implemented this year in the 46 states that have adopted it. Common Core eliminates local control over K-12 curriculum in math and English, instead imposing a one-size-fits-all, top-down curriculum that will also apply to private schools and homeschoolers.

Hal Scherz | March 18, 2013

Placing blame for runaway healthcare costs solely on physicians is simply an attempt to divert attention from the real perpetrators.

Tad DeHaven | March 18, 2013

More effective (or efficient) government is also what liberals stand for

Michael Barone | March 18, 2013

In an opinion article in the Columbus Dispatch, Ohio Republican Sen. Rob Portman announced that he has changed his mind and now supports same-sex marriage.

Sun, Mar 17, 2013

Derek Hunter | March 17, 2013

First, they came for the smokers. No one would argue smoking is good for you. But it’s legal; growing tobacco is even subsidized by the government. Yet, when governments started limiting the right of people to smoke in places public and private, non-smokers did nothing.

Austin Hill | March 17, 2013

“The popular media narrative is that this country has shifted away from conservative ideals, as evidenced by the last two presidential elections. That’s what they think. That might be true if Republicans had actually nominated conservative candidates in 2008 and 2012.”

John Ransom | March 17, 2013

I don’t think John McCain would appreciate you calling him a woman. I know I don’t appreciate it. I think it’s much better to call him either: 1) a Hobbit; or 2) a Wacko Bird.

Steve Chapman | March 17, 2013

Ten years ago this week, Americans were about to be introduced to a strange new concept, as they awaited the U.S. war to bring regime change in Iraq. Coined by American military officers, it encapsulated a situation in which everything went right until everything went wrong. The term was "catastrophic success."

Kevin McCullough | March 17, 2013

This last Tuesday I awaited the reporter's next question. We were sitting in the ultra modern business lounge of the Mamilla hotel in East Jerusalem. The reporter had been tailing me as I toured some yet-to-be-made-public excavations in the City of David, just outside the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Mark Baisley | March 17, 2013

With the last chock removed from the wheels last November, Democratic lawmakers are now passing one gun-control bill after another. And the majority party leadership recently got plenty of help from Washington to ensure that those bills passed both chambers.

Fritz Pfister | March 17, 2013

We seem to already be in a recession or we are reaching an inflection point and the economy is growing. Guess those are our two choices. Before we make our decision, let us consider some factors

Marita Noon | March 17, 2013

Forbes writer, Christopher Helman, believes that “this Energy Security Trust could well serve as the tip of a wedge that could some day lever open a new carbon tax.”

Bob Beauprez | March 17, 2013

Somebody must have realigned the planets. That's the only explanation I can fathom for the harsh criticism the editors of the Washington Post unloaded on the Senate Democrats newly released budget.

Paul Jacob | March 17, 2013

Professional sporting teams rake in billions and billions every year, entice multi-billionaires to buy up teams, and pay their athletes in the millions each. So of course the need for taxpayer subsidy is crystal clear - to politicians.

Debra J. Saunders | March 17, 2013

California Assemblyman Marc Levine, D-San Rafael, has introduced a bill to make it illegal for people to smoke in their own homes -- if they live in an apartment or a condo or a multifamily home. When last I wrote about Levine, he was pushing a statewide law to require grocers to charge for bags. Now he's after cigarettes -- but only the legal kind.