John Hanlon

It’s no surprise that many Hollywood actors and actresses are on the left side of the aisle. But what is a surprise -- and a nice one at that -- is to see some of them stand by their ideology even when many liberals on Capitol Hill will not. Last Wednesday, while many Democrats on Capitol Hill stood silent on a big civil liberties issue, one major celebrity went on twitter to chastise some of his ideological allies. On an issue that they are both passionate about, the liberal actor John Cusack -- the star of films like “Being John Malkovich,” High Fidelity” and “2012”-- stood up and praised Rand Paul, the conservative Senator from Kentucky.

On Wednesday (and into early Thursday), in a much-discussed and highly-publicized filibuster, Paul spoke out about President Obama’s domestic drone policy. Paul simply wanted answers from the Obama administration about whether such drones could be used to kill United States citizens in America. Much has been said about what Paul was standing up for that day, but a more revealing story can be told about who wasn’t on the floor with him questioning the Obama administration with the intensity and tenacity that Paul and his Republican colleagues displayed.

That question seemed obvious to Cusack, who voiced his displeasure with his liberal brothers-in-arms on twitter. The actor, who famously held up a boom box in “Say Anything” to proclaim his character’s feelings to the world, played a similar role in supporting Paul’s filibuster.

Sure, the boom box that Cusack used this time was a social networking website and its music was the sound of Paul’s voice rather than the musical stylings of Peter Gabriel. But the principle was the same.

Cusack was standing up for something -- not someone, in this scenario -- that was important to him. He simply wanted Democratic Senators to make a similar stand by standing alongside Paul. “For gods sake where are democrats ??,” he tweeted during the filibuster.

John Hanlon

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