Sun, Dec 06, 2009

David Stokes | December 06, 2009

Gliders were used as a vital component of American military operations for a relatively short period of time, most notably from 1943-1945 during epic and crucial battles in World War II. Those who flew and manned these fragile crafts were among the most courageous of all those who put themselves in harm’s way.

Kevin McCullough | December 06, 2009

Mike Huckabee had zero to do with the deaths this past week of four Seattle police officers. Radio hosts and bloggers who attempt to imply anything to the contrary are dishonest.

Sat, Dec 05, 2009

Doug Giles | December 05, 2009

What are the global warming grunts going to do now that the Apostles of the Holy Church of Climatology have been busted for cooking the “truth”

Brent Bozell | December 05, 2009

On Sunday morning, Nov. 22, Nickelodeon's cable channel TeenNick was running a series of promos during a rerun of its junior-high sitcom "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide." Which of these ads isn't quite like the others?

Ken Blackwell | December 05, 2009

Eric Holder’s plan to transfer Khalid Sheikh Mohammed from Guantánamo Bay to Manhattan for a civilian trial is surely liberals’ worst idea.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | December 05, 2009

A civil war is breaking out within the left of the Democratic Party pitting the Congressional Black Caucus against the first African-American president.

Carl Horowitz | December 05, 2009

Culture War polemicists who imagine themselves to be carrying the torch of liberty frequently proclaim that today’s film producers and directors “mock” and “ridicule” our nation’s cherished values.

Fri, Dec 04, 2009

Janice Shaw Crouse | December 04, 2009

Marriage is one of society’s foremost incubators of virtue — those attitudes and habits of behavior that promote health and well-being in the individual and all those with whom he or she interacts.

Larry Kudlow | December 04, 2009

Fed head Ben Bernanke got hammered during his reconfirmation hearing in front of the Senate Banking Committee this week. Jim Bunning was Bernanke’s toughest critic, followed by Richard Shelby, Jim DeMint, and yes, Chris Dodd, the beleaguered committee chair who in all likelihood will be defeated in Connecticut next year.

Rich Tucker | December 04, 2009

Are you a “Tenther?”

Caroline Glick | December 04, 2009

The day after US President Barack Obama announced that he was deploying additional US forces to Afghanistan, an event occurred in Beirut that brought home the stakes in that battle.

Rich Galen | December 04, 2009

What's good for General Motors is no longer good for America - if it ever was. In fact, it is not even clear the General Motors period is good for America.

Diana West | December 04, 2009

Barack Obama is sending 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan, to come home again starting in 2011. Madness.

Hans A. von Spakovsky | December 04, 2009

President Obama’s nomination of David Hamilton to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals was, according to a senior administration official, “a kind of signal” of the types of nominees the president will choose.

Hugh Hewitt | December 04, 2009

This week I asked four proponents of Obamacare to spend some time on air with me.

Michelle Malkin | December 04, 2009

The left's police-hating chickens are coming home to roost. While partisan liberals have gone out of their way to blame conservative media and the Tea Party movement for creating a "climate of hate," they are silent on the cultural and literal war on cops that has raged for decades -- and escalated tragically this year.

Jonah Goldberg | December 04, 2009

Next week's Copenhagen summit on climate change already seems doomed to failure, and voices on both sides of the global-warming debate are trying to pin the blame on Climategate.

David Limbaugh | December 04, 2009

Despite the unfolding international "climate change" scandal involving the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit, President Barack Obama's ideological presuppositions on global warming remain unshaken, and he will still happily attend the Copenhagen global warming conference.

Mona Charen | December 04, 2009

Barack Obama is demonstrating bottomless reservoirs of gracelessness. A full 13 months after his election, in the course of justifying the deployment of 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan, President Obama could not spare a word of praise for George W. Bush.

Cal Thomas | December 04, 2009

Here's the full transcript of Cal Thomas' interview with Virginia governor-elect Bob McDonnell.

Cal Thomas | December 04, 2009

Virginia's governor-elect, Bob McDonnell, may be the future of the Republican Party, if he can translate his substantial electoral victory into policy victories following his Jan. 16, 2010 inauguration as the state's first GOP governor in eight years.

Oliver North | December 04, 2009

The commander in chief's Dec. 1 lecture at the U.S. Military Academy has to go down in history as one of the strangest presentations ever offered by a wartime president.

Pat Buchanan | December 04, 2009

If actions speak louder than words, President Obama is cutting America free of George Bush's wars and coming home.

Michael Gerson | December 04, 2009

President Obama's decision on Afghanistan was tardy, messy -- and courageous. Obama took more of a seven-eighths measure, leaving his commanders impressed and satisfied.

Suzanne Fields | December 04, 2009

This has been a bad year for both rich and poor, and particularly annoying for celebrities. The masters of the universe demonstrated how they can't even master Wall Street, leaving the rest of us to pay for the clean-up, and their big houses and luxury cars no longer invite the unquestioning respect of the shallow and the superficial.

Ben Shapiro | December 04, 2009

Everyone is always ripping big business. They're cold, they're cruel, they're corporate. And much of the time, that's true. Yes, big business creates jobs, cheap products and innovative solutions.

David Harsanyi | December 04, 2009

"You call it 'ClimateGate'; I call it 'E-mail-theft-gate,'" Boxer clarified during a committee shindig.

Jillian Bandes | December 04, 2009

The House passed a measure on Thursday that would extend the death tax indefinitely. Whether or not the Senate votes on the issue, and when, could mean very different things for this unpopular tax.

Linda Chavez | December 04, 2009

The president's job summit this week may be good public relations, but it won't do anything to help create jobs in this depressing economy.

Matt Towery | December 04, 2009

If you like red meat, then this column might not have enough blood in it for your taste.

Paul Greenberg | December 04, 2009

The president and commander-in-chief went up to West Point to lay out his new/old/same/different strategy for the war in Afghanistan. Finally.

Emmett Tyrrell | December 04, 2009

Sidney Blumenthal, the Clinton administration's famed servitor, saw it all coming. He predicted the Obama administration's carousel of incompetence, as I like to call it.

Katie Gage | December 04, 2009

Only in Washington, D.C. could politicians celebrate their participation in what is hailed as a “Forum on Jobs and Economic Growth”, while supporting legislation which will produce the opposite result.

Charles Krauthammer | December 04, 2009

We shall fight in the air, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields, we shall fight in the hills -- for 18 months. Then we start packing for home.

Thu, Dec 03, 2009

Joseph C. Phillips | December 03, 2009

If indeed former Alaska Governor and Vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin is the joke the new left claims her to be, one wonders why they don’t simply ignore her.

Matt Barber | December 03, 2009

Today’s Democratic leadership is a predictable lot. They’ve cornered the market on mass manipulation through semantic tinkering. It’s a relatively easy code to crack. To decipher what Democrats mean versus what they say one need merely apply the “forked tongue test.”

Michael Reagan | December 03, 2009

As many of you will recall, in previous writings I urged President Obama to do the right thing when it came to providing Gen. McChrystal with his requested troop increases in support of the war effort in Afghanistan.

Cliff May | December 03, 2009

Because the Obama administration is keen to re-start negotiations between Israeli and Palestinian leaders, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has offered a 10-month freeze on West Bank settlements.

Michael Barone | December 03, 2009

"What have you done for me lately?" It's a question that voters implicitly ask politicians, especially ones they have supported and who are seeking their votes again.

Larry Elder | December 03, 2009

National Public Radio recently reported on the e-mails "stolen" from a British climate laboratory.

Jonah Goldberg | December 03, 2009

By now you might have heard something about the scandal rocking the climate change industry, though you can be forgiven if you haven't, since it hasn't gotten nearly the coverage it should.

Ken Blackwell | December 03, 2009

I like the catalogs that fill our mailboxes at this time of year. They’re fun to page through on long flights, or even in the barber’s chair, even if I don’t intend to buy anything.

Cal Thomas | December 03, 2009

President Obama should be commended for committing 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan to root out al-Qaida and stabilize major portions of the country.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | December 03, 2009

Tuesday's runoff election for the mayor of Atlanta pitted a young black candidate running as an outsider against a white activist with decades of experience as a citizen activist. African American mayors have run Atlanta since 1974. This race has been about more than race.

Debra J. Saunders | December 03, 2009

There is no need to tiptoe gingerly around this topic: Maurice Clemmons, who was shot and killed as authorities tried to apprehend him for the shooting deaths of four Washington police officers -- is former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee's Willie Horton.

Jillian Bandes | December 03, 2009

The Democratically-controlled Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming held a hearing yesterday to examine the science behind global warming. Two climate experts from the Obama administration testified, but when Republicans asked to have a global-warming skeptic at the hearing, Chairman Ed Markey (D-Mass.) refused to allow it.

Ross Mackenzie | December 03, 2009

Obama has empraced precisely the sort of surge for Afghanistan that he vehemently opposed for Iraq.

Dan Kennedy | December 03, 2009

On Sunday’s “Face The Nation” on CBS, Howard Dean, doctor, former Vermont Governor, former head of the DNC, stated that the Veterans Administration’s health care system is, in fact, a socialist system.

Howard Rich | December 03, 2009

It’s already being called the “Second Louisiana Purchase,” but the sad truth is that a controversial payoff to U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu’s home state of Louisiana is among the smallest of the thinly-disguised bribes and kickbacks that are being offered in Washington D.C. to secure passage of President Barack Obama’s socialized medicine proposal.

Jeff Sessions | December 03, 2009

During his recent testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, I questioned Attorney General Eric Holder about his decision to bring five terrorists, including 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed ("KSM"), to lower Manhattan for a trial in civilian court.

Wed, Dec 02, 2009

Ann Coulter | December 02, 2009

Global warming cheerleaders in the media were quick to defend the scandalous e-mails, explaining that, among scientists, the words "trick," "hide the decline" and "garbage" do not mean "trick," "hide the decline" and "garbage."

Tony Blankley | December 02, 2009

Regularly reading the Financial Times (Britain's leading financial daily) can put an American in a fighting spirit. At least, it puts this American (transplanted former Englishman and naturalized American citizen that I am) in such a disposition.

Carrie Lukas | December 02, 2009

Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) is a breast cancer survivor who is passionate about ensuring that women have health care options. After undergoing treatment in 2008, she worked to promote screening efforts to insure that women are diagnosed early to increase their chance of survival.

Ken Klukowski | December 02, 2009

If government action takes your property, the Constitution says government must give you fair market value for it. But what if a court takes your property? That’s what the Supreme Court is going to decide.

George Will | December 02, 2009

A traveler asks a farmer how to get to a particular village. The farmer replies, "If I were you, I wouldn't start from here." Barack Obama, who asked to be president, nevertheless deserves sympathy for having to start where America is in Afghanistan.

Marjorie Dannenfelser | December 02, 2009

The best way to get abortion out of health care: take it out. Don’t make us pay for it. It is that simple.

Michelle Malkin | December 02, 2009

"The science is settled," we've been told for decades by zealous proponents of manmade global warming hysteria. Thanks to an earth-shaking hacking scandal across the pond, we now have mountains of documents from the world's leading global warming advocacy center that show the science is about as settled as a southeast Asian tsunami. You won't be surprised by the Obama administration's response to Climategate.

John Stossel | December 02, 2009

The Federal Housing Administration announced this week that it wants tougher rules on mortgage lenders. It's about time.

Walter E. Williams | December 02, 2009

Who do you think, here on Earth, would you like to make important decisions for you -- Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, George Bush, a czar appointed by Obama or a committee of Washington bureaucrats? I bet that if these people were to forcibly make housing or marital decisions for us, most would deem it tyranny.

Brent Bozell | December 02, 2009

Our War on Terror has now become a war on ourselves. In September, a team of Navy SEALs captured a man known to the U.S. military as "Objective Amber," the architect of the vicious and deadly attack on four American contractors in the summer of 2004. These men were shot, burned, and then their bodies were desecrated, hung from a bridge over the Euphrates River. But instead of hailing the SEALs as heroes for bringing this vicious murderer to justice, three of them have been brought up on charges.

Jonah Goldberg | December 02, 2009

I think I've had my fill of moral hypocrisy. We routinely hear stories of evangelical ministers who "mentor" hookers at $500 an hour, "family values" politicians who like the cut of a congressional page's jib, or senators who love to press the flesh, one bathroom stall at a time.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | December 02, 2009

While the smoke rises from the Capitol building where the health care debate proceeds, Obama is losing his political base on the left.

Michael Gerson | December 02, 2009

With a decision on Afghanistan, we will now see if a reluctant president can persuade a reluctant Congress and inspire a reluctant nation to accept additional wartime sacrifice. But the administration must feel relieved. The mere act of choosing releases accumulated tension like shooting a bow, wherever the arrow lands.

Terry Jeffrey | December 02, 2009

When President Barack Obama entered office in January, the greatest problem America faced was neither the war in Afghanistan nor the recession. It was the imminent crisis of the welfare state.

Ben Shapiro | December 02, 2009

The accepted standard for mammograms was, until recently, that women should start receiving them every year beginning at age 40. If my aunt had followed that standard, she might still be alive.

David Harsanyi | December 02, 2009

Who knows? In the long run, global warming skeptics may be wrong, but the importance of healthy skepticism in the face of conventional thinking is, once again, validated.

Jillian Bandes | December 02, 2009

Will Obamacare have a significant effect on people who hold difficult jobs with potential health risks? Many people are skeptical, especially considering that they've been left behind in past health legislation.

Austin Bay | December 02, 2009

President Barack Obama's "new" approach to Afghanistan is a surge in sheep's clothing.

Jacob Sullum | December 02, 2009

In 2006, Congress passed a law that instructed the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve Board to write regulations aimed at preventing "unlawful Internet gambling." But Congress did not define "unlawful Internet gambling," and neither did the regulators.

Michael Medved | December 02, 2009

The surprising answer to that question provides important perspective for todays efforts to rebuild the GOP.

Tue, Dec 01, 2009

Meredith Turney | December 01, 2009

As President Obama heads to Copenhagen next week to meet with world leaders at the United Nations Climate Change Summit, there will undoubtedly be countless calls for tighter restrictions on all the demonized activities that supposedly cause global warming.

John Hawkins | December 01, 2009

Since he has been elected, Barack Obama has been like a four year old wearing water wings and desperately trying to reach the edge of the pool. In other words, he has been completely out of his depth.

Thomas Sowell | December 01, 2009

Sometimes we seem like people on a pleasure boat drifting down the Niagara river, unaware that there are waterfalls up ahead. I don't know what people think is going to happen when a nation that already sponsors international terrorism has nuclear bombs to give to terrorists around the world.

Chuck Norris | December 01, 2009

Alas, after nearly three months of military deliberations, our commander in chief finally is coming out of the closet with his Afghan strategy. But is his plan based more upon politics than it is upon national security?

David Limbaugh | December 01, 2009

As President Barack Obama and his party conspire to destroy -- not reform -- the greatest health care system in the world in their quest to remake America into a full-blown Eurosocialist state, it is instructive to remember the premise upon which Obama launched this disaster.

Mona Charen | December 01, 2009

When tens of thousands of Iranians took to the streets last spring and braved the most brutal repression the regime could inflict, Michael Ledeen was the least surprised man in Washington. In season and out, Ledeen has chronicled the profound weakness of the mullahocracy and its deep unpopularity with the Iranian people.

Dennis Prager | December 01, 2009

The left is far better at destroying than building

Pat Buchanan | December 01, 2009

Led by a conflicted president of a divided party and nation, America is deepening her involvement in a war in its ninth year with no end in sight.

Debra J. Saunders | December 01, 2009

This just in from the Times of London: After the leak of highly embarrassing e-mail messages from the University of East Anglia's influential Climatic Research Unit, CRU has been forced to admit that it dumped "the original raw" climate data used to bolster the case for human-caused global warming, while retaining only the "value-added" -- read: massaged -- data.

Phyllis Schlafly | December 01, 2009

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights announced in November that it will investigate whether colleges illegally discriminate against women by admitting less qualified men. This is only the latest in a decades-long campaign by the feminist lobby to sell the false propaganda that girls are cheated all through the education system, K through 12.

Bill Murchison | December 01, 2009

If government would just stop trying to do everything in the world... Well, wait. Let's review what the U.S. government is currently up to...

Ed Feulner | December 01, 2009

Mention politicians in the same sentence with global warming, and the “hot air” jokes almost write themselves. Unfortunately, what world leaders have planned for us when it comes to climate change is no laughing matter.

Nicole Neily | December 01, 2009

If you had something you needed in your home, would you go to the store to buy it anyway? Of course not! Strangely, however, some members of Congress seem determined to push the country toward making this counterproductive choice.

Rebecca Hagelin | December 01, 2009

"Young adult" is the phrase that you often hear to describe your child when sex educators and Planned Parenthood types try and convince you that your daughter should be making her own decisions about her sexual identification, activity and, of course, abortions.

Mon, Nov 30, 2009

Larry Kudlow | November 30, 2009

Fess up, Tiger. If you don’t, the tabloids are gonna kill ya. How you got your face scratched and wound up on the side of the road is still a mystery. But the tabs are saying a woman named Rachel Uchitel is the alleged home-breaker.

Paul Greenberg | November 30, 2009

There are still those of us who see something other than an outdated technology when we look at books -- like a great store of value, the very currency of knowledge, of wisdom and of whatever of virtue may be taught by the written word.

Byron York | November 30, 2009

Democratic Sen. Richard Durbin recently was asked if a national healthcare bill would pass the Senate by the end of the year. "It must," Durbin responded. "We have to finish it."

Christopher Merola | November 30, 2009

President Obama is now bringing terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay (GITMO), the American military base in Cuba, to the USA for trial. He is risking our safety by bringing these terrorists to the USA; he is also setting an ugly legal precedent, one where terrorists who are not even American citizens, are given the same legal rights as the citizens some of these same terrorists have harmed or killed.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | November 30, 2009

This past weekend millions ate turkey, traveled hundreds of miles to spend time with their families, and showed up at major retailers as early as 5:00 AM. As Americans did these things men of the cloth, sociologists, and demographers wondered what was on the mind of the average American.

Ken Blackwell | November 30, 2009

We don’t yet know how bad the Ft. Hood shooter’s case was. We do not know—and we must find out—how it was possible for an Army medical officer to openly express treasonous statements and not be court martialed.

Michael Barone | November 30, 2009

As Air Force One heads to Copenhagen for the climate summit Dec. 9, it will presumably not make a U-turn while flying over the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at University of East Anglia near Norwich, England.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | November 30, 2009

While Obama has been at great pains to make a show of avoiding taxes on the middle class to pay for his health care changes, his proposed increase in Medicaid eligibility will have a huge impact on the 39 states whose income cutoffs for the program are below those required in the new federal legislation.

Star Parker | November 30, 2009

This story about hopelessness transformed into achievement should be a typically American story. We should be concerned that, increasingly, this is not the case.

Carol Platt Liebau | November 30, 2009

Rolling into Washington last January, liberals felt invincible.

Mike Adams | November 30, 2009

It’s hard to believe it has been over four years since I spoke at N.C. State. That night, back in August of 2005, I gave a speech calling for a conservative revolution on our college campuses. I suggested many things that could be done to launch such a revolution.

Bruce Bialosky | November 30, 2009

I have some advice for President Obama. The tough tactics being deployed against his perceived domestic political enemies should be redeployed overseas.

Sun, Nov 29, 2009

David Stokes | November 29, 2009

This Tuesday, Barack Obama will travel to the United States Military Academy at West Point to deliver the most important address of his young presidency.

Salena Zito | November 29, 2009

Turn the corner onto Philadelphia Street in this small Western Pennsylvania town, and you might be on the main street of Bedford Falls, the mythical town in Frank Capra’s Christmas classic film, It’s a Wonderful Life.

Austin Hill | November 29, 2009

You don’t need to be an attorney – or a philosopher – or the Attorney General or the President of the United States or a Representative or a Senator you don’t even need to be a community organizer to understand what I understand.

Debra J. Saunders | November 29, 2009

The 2008 campaign coverage portrayed Palin as a rigid culture warrior. Breaking with the stereotype, "Going Rogue" tells the story of a social conservative who in 2006 vetoed a bill to ban the extension of benefits to the same-sex partners of state employees because she thought it was unconstitutional.

George Will | November 29, 2009

Inside the green neon sign, which is shaped like a marijuana leaf, is a red cross. The cross serves the fiction that most transactions in the store -- which is what it really is -- involve medicine.

Ken Connor | November 29, 2009

In anticipation of Senate Democrats' introduction of an $849 billion dollar plan to overhaul the nation's health care system, Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn last week announced his intention to press for a full reading of the 2,074 page bill on the floor of the Senate, a process estimated to require at least 34 hours to complete

Paul Jacob | November 29, 2009

Gold, like virtue, is something we want to save us . . . at some future time. Not now.