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Calling a politician dishonest is like calling a burglar dishonest. The difference is that burglars take less of your money, don't get invited on the Sunday morning shows, and are more dangerous -- unless you happen to be a woman near a male member of the Kennedy family.

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Even amongst politicians, Barack Obama is such a liar that he makes Bill Clinton look like honest Abe Lincoln by comparison. During the campaign, Barack Obama promised everything to everybody and when people inquired too closely, his supporters screamed that you had to be a racist for doubting him.

Well now, Barack Obama is President of the United States and he can no longer hide behind "hope" and "change" while he votes "present" on the tough issues. Now, people can actually judge Barack Obama based on what he's doing instead of just projecting their hopes and dreams on a man with no record of leadership and a gift for soaring oratory.

Quite frankly, 2008 was a dream scenario for Barack. The sitting Republican President had a 25% approval rating, the GOP ran an old, uninspiring candidate who was disliked by much of the base, and there was a botched response to a last minute financial crisis that slammed the door shut on the GOP's last hopes of winning.

Still, with all those advantages, could Barack Obama have become President had he told the American people what he actually intended to do in his first year as President instead of essentially saying, "Imagine what you want a politician to be. Ok, got it? Great, that's what I'm going to do!"

Would Obama have been elected if he had told Americans the truth?

1) My fellow Americans, I pledge to push a wildly unpopular health care plan that will lead to higher premiums, higher taxes, huge cuts to Medicare, exploding deficits, rationing, taxpayer-funded abortions, a single payer system and poor medical care! Of course, Barack Obama did talk about wanting to reform the health care system as a candidate, but the talk was long on the uninsured riding on the backs of unicorns to get free service from legions of faery doctors and was short on the truth of what the plan would actually look like. Obama also never told Americans that he would try to do the plan without Republican help, slam it through before the August break without even giving anyone time to read it, and would purposefully ignore the American people's strong and oft expressed objections to his idea.

John Hawkins

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