Ross Mackenzie

It's Thanksgiving, the annual summation of our joys.

Yes, we have our personal worries beyond health, family finances, and whether Johnny and Melissa will make the team or cut the Gordian admissions knot. Will our children and grandchildren continue to ring the bell of prosperity -- and find themselves ultimately better off than we are? Or will they encounter such oppressive government and so much pandering, patronizing, feel-good education -- and bear such an unbearable tax burden -- that they will live but the merest glimmer of an American dream that was?

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Thanksgiving is supposed to be all about optimism -- about family, friends, and of course, food. Fires glowing in heart and hearth. Small victories -- and simple pleasures. The warm glow of comfortable chatter. Giggly kids. Car doors slamming and the rushing of little feet.

This year, though, too much of Thanksgiving seems oddly to summarize our anxieties about the leviathan -- the accretion of power in the hands of a voracious, insatiable governmental beast. And about the terror and grim demise jihadists have in mind for us and our civilization they hate.

AND SO this year, this day that summarizes our joys contains the sum of our fears as well. Fears such as....

-- A precarious economy that still could go either way.

-- Unemployment over 10 percent and rising. Real estate, both residential and commercial, in free-fall. Gold through the roof. Historic spending in an hour of historic deficits. Stratospheric taxes (proposed regulations would impose new taxes totaling $2 trillion for health care and cap-and-trade alone). Private debt ruining multitudinous lives and public debt mounting into so many trillions that there's no way it ever can be repaid.

-- ObamaCare, PelosiCare, ReidCare health bills -- running to 2,000 pages each -- shoe-horned through the House with the Senate coming on. Bills incomprehensible, bureaucratic, over-reaching, statist, and coercive. Bills variously containing public options, reduced Medicare reimbursements, unionist imperatives, open arms for illegals, and taxpayer dollars for the smiling neighborhood abortionist. Bills that will result in rationing, queues, diminished quality and choice of care, higher-cost care, impersonal care -- and doctors fleeing their profession like scalded cats.

-- Oh, and bills giving the federales who are enacting government coverage for us mere commoners, the option to retain the privileged, exotic, multi-choice private health-care they currently enjoy.

Ross Mackenzie

Ross Mackenzie lives with his wife and Labrador retriever in the woods west of Richmond, Virginia. They have two grown sons, both Naval officers.

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