Sat, Sep 05, 2009

Doug Giles | September 05, 2009

Yep, America, you may now add that derogatory label to the litany of other slurs the TOP LEADERS on the Left have been leveling at constituents who do not smoke their political crack.

Paul Driessen | September 05, 2009

“Few challenges facing America – and the world – are more urgent than combating climate change,” President Obama has asserted. “We will make it clear that America is ready to lead.” The President and Al Gore are certainly ready to lead. But how many will follow?

Bill Murchison | September 05, 2009

They're all over him -- swarms, flocks, flights of critics taking apart President Obama: his style, his motives, his modus operandi, assuming he has one.

Ken Klukowski | September 05, 2009

Most people have now heard that President Obama is going to address America’s school children on September 8. He’ll be speaking to them directly, without their parents there to serve as a filter.

Fri, Sep 04, 2009

Larry Kudlow | September 04, 2009

The jobless-recovery theme re-emerged on Friday with the arrival of a disappointing employment report. The daunting number was the unemployment rate, which jumped from 9.4 percent in July to 9.7 percent in August.

Paul Kengor | September 04, 2009

Over the last week-and-a-half I’ve gotten an overwhelming number of inquiries relating to the death of Senator Ted Kennedy. Why me? Because of my report back in 2006 of Kennedy’s confidential offer to Soviet General Secretary Yuri Andropov.

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown | September 04, 2009

The terrorist release that has garnered headlines is Scotland's release of the Pan Am Flight 103 bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi. On his return home, al-Megrahi was fêted as a hero by Libya's President Moammar Gadhafi.

Mark Hillman | September 04, 2009

Our ongoing debate about government's role in health care is proving worthwhile because it forces people to focus on the real tradeoffs in a system mandated - if not directly operated - by government.

David A. Ridenour | September 04, 2009

The Senate recently confirmed Sonia Sotomayor as the 111th Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, but it needn’t have bothered. The Obama Administration apparently believes Supreme Courts can be ignored.

Dan Gainor | September 04, 2009

Being president isn’t fun and games like I hoped. And I really don’t wish you were here. I could use a friend, but I need the Wright stuff like I need Arlen Specter. -Obama

Hugh Hewitt | September 04, 2009

President Obama wants everyone to believe that American health care is in a crisis, and he wants everyone to be willing to sacrifice in order to solve that crisis.

Jillian Bandes | September 04, 2009

With President Obama slated to give a televised address to public school students across the nation on Tuesday, schools in the D.C. area – including the school from which Obama will broadcast the speech – are trying to play their cards as diplomatically as possible.

Michelle Malkin | September 04, 2009

They think we're crazy. "They" are the sneering defenders of Barack Obama who can't fathom the backlash against the president's nationwide speech to schoolchildren next Tuesday. "We" are parents with eyes wide open to the potential for politicized abuse in America's classrooms.

Jonah Goldberg | September 04, 2009

ABC News reports that Barack Obama has returned to Washington, only to step off the plane and "into his next domestic crisis."

David Limbaugh | September 04, 2009

The key to stopping Obama's far-left agenda is to understand where his heart is. If politicians let their guard down and compromise, the Obama steamroller will regain its momentum and forge ahead to gobble up our individual liberties.

Mona Charen | September 04, 2009

As Democratic congressmen limp back to D.C. after bruising town hall meetings, and polls show Obama and the Democrats in Congress sinking fast in public opinion polls, the political team in the West Wing has surveyed the landscape and decided that what we need is another big Obama speech. "Under Fire" headlined The Politico, "Obama Shifts Strategy." Shifts? Obama has held four full-dress, primetime news conferences, granted God knows how many interviews, and delivered dozens and dozens of speeches on health care. A cartoonist featured an exasperated voter looking at the president on TV and asking, "Is he on again?"

Oliver North | September 04, 2009

Last month, our Fox News' "War Stories" team was in Colombia, covering the tough fight against a narco-insurgency, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC. This month, we're in Afghanistan, covering another narco-insurgency, the Taliban. In Colombia, cocaine fuels and funds the terror. Here in Afghanistan, it's opium. Despite extraordinary differences in culture, climate and terrain, there are dramatic parallels in the two campaigns. More importantly, lessons learned in the Andean basin are being applied here in the shadows of the Hindu Kush.

Pat Buchanan | September 04, 2009

We should have "an honest debate" on health care, said Barack Obama in his Aug. 22 radio address, "not one dominated by willful misrepresentations and outright distortions." Is Obama right? Are critics misleading and frightening folks with falsehoods about Obamacare?

Michael Gerson | September 04, 2009

We are seeing the stirrings of a cross-ideological revolt against American military involvement in Afghanistan.

Suzanne Fields | September 04, 2009

All but hidden in the fulsome eulogies for Ted Kennedy lurk a few serious ideas worthy of more than romancing history or waxing sentimental over a death in a famous family. These ideas are about the very nature of liberalism and conservatism, the connections between personal virtue and public morality, and how emotion shapes ideology.

Linda Chavez | September 04, 2009

When it comes to politicians' foibles and faux pas, the mainstream media's double standard is nothing new, but the Washington Post's recent coverage of the Virginia governor's race takes the cake.

Kathryn Lopez | September 04, 2009

"Choose you this day whom ye will serve." That may be from the Bible's Book of Joshua, but it could be from a book of Barack Obama. Is that hyperbole? Only slightly, unfortunately.

Charles Krauthammer | September 04, 2009

What happened to President Obama? His wax wings having melted, he is the man who fell to earth.

Thu, Sep 03, 2009

David Harsanyi | September 03, 2009

Why would anyone want to deprive impressionable school-age children of hearing the inspiring wisdom of the president? Barack Obama is determined to impart his knowledge upon our pliable offspring via webcast across the country next week, and we should not stand in his way.

Donald Lambro | September 03, 2009

President Obama's government-run healthcare plan has been hooked up to life-support systems as he prepares to make one more desperate attempt to pull it back from the brink of death.

Diana West | September 03, 2009

Finally, some debate over U.S. war policy in Afghanistan. Or at least debate over George F. Will's call to pull the plug on U.S. war policy in Afghanistan, headlined "Time to Get Out of Afghanistan."

Paul Greenberg | September 03, 2009

The old man had long ago given up fixing shoes and tried other occupations, but always at the same location, and usually with the same customers. But he never found any other work that gave him as much satisfaction as putting new soles on a pair of old uppers.

Rich Tucker | September 03, 2009

Old jokes tend to hang around because they contain a large measure of truth. For example, everyone knows the punch line to “How can you tell that a politician is lying?” Of course, it’s “because his lips are moving.”

Aryeh Spero | September 03, 2009

President Obama is having difficulty convincing most Americans that national health control will improve their lives and now has turned to the clergy to persuade the American public that upending our present system is necessary to fulfill, as he says, "the religious obligation of helping others.”

Michael Reagan | September 03, 2009

Summer is coming to an end as is evidenced by the return of children to school, the start of football season and the breezy hint of cooler temperatures to come.

George Will | September 03, 2009

Since U.S. troops withdrew from Iraq's cities, two months have passed, and so has the illusion that Iraq is smoothly transitioning to a normality free of sectarian violence.

Cliff May | September 03, 2009

Bill Gates famously called George Gilder "very stimulating even when I disagree with him, and most of the time I agree with him."

Matt Barber | September 03, 2009

Politicos, pundits and armchair campaign managers around the country are keeping a close eye on this year’s gubernatorial contest in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The stakes couldn’t be higher. In fact, many analysts believe this race (among others) may forecast things to come in the 2010 and 2012 elections – up to and including the battle for the White House.

Marvin Olasky | September 03, 2009

Doomsday predictions abound, but there's work to be done!

Michael Barone | September 03, 2009

Before leaving for his vacation on Martha's Vineyard, Barack Obama said the next big item on his legislative agenda -- well, after health care and cap-and-trade and maybe labor's bill to effectively abolish secret ballots in union elections -- was immigration reform. What he has in mind, apparently, is something like the comprehensive immigration bills that foundered in the House in 2006 and in the Senate in 2007. These featured guest-worker and enforcement provisions, as well as a path to legalization.

Larry Elder | September 03, 2009

"Now I'm truly scared." A friend wrote this after she watched Fox News' Glenn Beck's series on the "alarming number of far-left radicals the President is surrounded by" -- referring to some of the President's special advisers and "czars." President Barack Obama, my friend tells me, is "a true left-winger." So, now she knows.

Cal Thomas | September 03, 2009

Despite their control of all three branches of government, this has not been a good summer for liberal Democrats. Their health care "reform" bill, which has yet to be fully written, much less fully funded, has been exposed at town hall meetings as a power grab over life and death with the strong possibility that "do no harm" will be replaced by a utilitarian approach to treatment.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | September 03, 2009

Since the emergence of the H1N1 flu in April of this year, and its classification in June by the World Health Organization as a global pandemic, I have been dreading the fall.

Matt Towery | September 03, 2009

It has been my contention for the past decade that when it comes to politics, as Florida goes, so goes the nation.

Emmett Tyrrell | September 03, 2009

Why is the governor of South Carolina still a national news story? This past week, Gov. Mark Sanford was again in the news, and neither sex nor romance had anything to do with it.

Steve Chapman | September 03, 2009

On Oct. 7, 2001, the United States launched one of the most stunningly successful military operations in its history. Just four weeks after terrorists directed from Afghanistan killed nearly 3,000 people on American soil, we struck al-Qaida and Taliban government targets with aircraft, missiles and Special Forces soldiers. By early December, the Taliban was out of power, al-Qaida had fled into the mountains and victory was ours.

Ross Mackenzie | September 03, 2009

Here are some queries on curiosities in the news...

Wed, Sep 02, 2009

Ann Coulter | September 02, 2009

It doesn't matter if liberals start calling national health care a "chocolate chip puppy" or "ice cream sunset" -- if the government is subsidizing it, then the government calls the shots.

Scooter Schaefer | September 02, 2009

It is easy for me, now 25, to imagine what a twenty-something forty years ago must have been feeling. Concern over a war raging abroad, dire economic conditions at home, and the role of government in a young person’s life always lingering.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | September 02, 2009

Recently the Obama administration filed court papers claiming a federal marriage law, called The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), discriminates against gays.

Laura Hollis | September 02, 2009

The Lefties are at it again. Having completely destroyed that fine word, “liberal,” along with the enlightened 18th century sensibilities that went with it, they have now moved on like locusts through the lexicon, and want to be called “progressives.” An astonishing number of conservative commentators are going along with it.

Michelle Malkin | September 02, 2009

On Sept. 8, young students across the country will be watching television. Yes, they'll be parked in front of boob tubes and computer screens watching President Obama's address on education.

John Stossel | September 02, 2009

The economic illiterates in Washington are so impressed with the "success" of Cash for Clunkers that they're readying Cash for Clunker Appliances.

Walter E. Williams | September 02, 2009

President Obama and congressional supporters estimate that his health care plan will cost between $50 and $65 billion a year. Such cost estimates are lies whether they come from a Democratic president and Congress, or a Republican president and Congress.

Brent Bozell | September 02, 2009

Four years have elapsed since one of the most amazing cases of Republican-bashing media bias in the television era began.

Mike Adams | September 02, 2009

I’ve been warning people for years. In literally hundreds of columns I’ve argued that the liberals who run our institutions of higher learning are literally bankrupting our states. And now every prediction I've made is coming true.

Jonah Goldberg | September 02, 2009

On the last day of August, scientists spotted a teeny-weeny sunspot, breaking a 51-day streak of blemish-free days for the sun.

David Limbaugh | September 02, 2009

While I couldn't bring myself to watch President Barack Obama's 1,000th-1,004th health care propaganda spiels on the Sunday shows, I did read some transcripts and watch a few video highlights. What is it about this guy's personality that compels him to keep beating his head against the wall?

Michael Medved | September 02, 2009

My wife Diane seldom gets upset about politics. But President Barack Obama’s recent demonstration of megalomania in insisting on beginning the school year by simultaneously addressing all public school kids in the United States elicited a concise response: “it’s sick.”

Michael Gerson | September 02, 2009

A supremely competent candidate and campaign usually indicate a talent for governing and communications. But on central issues such as the public option and financing methods, the Obama team has been wavering and contradictory.

Ben Shapiro | September 02, 2009

Welcome to Mendota, Calif. Its population is 10,000. Most of its families work in farming; the town used to be called the "cantaloupe capital of the world." Today, unemployment hovers around 41 percent. The town is now known as "the food-line capital," says Mendota's mayor, Robert Silva.

Terry Jeffrey | September 02, 2009

Before President Obama closes the Guantanamo Bay prison where we keep the terrorists we do capture, perhaps he should secure the ports of entry at our border where a terrorist has about a 70 percent chance of escaping capture.

David Harsanyi | September 02, 2009

This week, prominent conservative pundit George Will wrote a column advocating the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. His piece, not surprisingly, was met with instantaneous anger, disdain and derision from most of the right.

Austin Bay | September 02, 2009

Unleashed in the early hours of Sept. 1, 1939, Germany's "lightning war" -- the blitzkrieg -- quickly pierced Poland's border forces and sliced through the Danzig Corridor.

Donald Lambro | September 02, 2009

It is also another egregious example of this administration's misguided retreat in a war where failure is not an option.

Jacob Sullum | September 02, 2009

The government cannot create a pure, balanced, undistorted political debate; all it can do is introduce new distortions. And as bad as distortions caused by wealth (or visibility or good looks or charisma) might seem, distortions imposed by force are worse, which is why the Constitution forbids them.

Ed Feulner | September 02, 2009

Small-business owners are sweating this summer -- and it’s not necessarily because of the weather. Many worry that a form of nationalized health care could soon become law, and that this would cost jobs.

Frank Turek | September 02, 2009

When I learned that my Representative, Sue Myrick, would hold a health-care town hall meeting at our local high school, I decided to attend to see firsthand how much of the passion against socialized medicine was the result of real grass roots or just “Astroturf” (as Nancy Pelosi put it).

Tue, Sep 01, 2009

Nathan Tabor | September 01, 2009

The inauguration of President Barack Obama last January resembled the coronation of a new king. It appeared as if everyone in the United States voted for the man instead of less than 53% of the voters.

Larry Kudlow | September 01, 2009

Believe it or not, sometimes good news on the economy can be bad news for stocks. It’s a distant point, but one worth considering in view of conservative pessimism over Obama’s plans to spend, tax, borrow, and control the economy.

Rich Galen | September 01, 2009

September first. Already. You know my theory on this: As you get older, time goes by faster because each year is a smaller percentage of your age.

Terry Paulson | September 01, 2009

Every improvement is the result of change. Not every change is an improvement. The Obama administration’s aggressive plans to change America are not an improvement.

Ken Blackwell | September 01, 2009

September 1, 1939. Seventy years ago, the Second World War began in Europe. German troops crossed the Polish border. German airplanes bombed fleeing civilians. This unprovoked attack prompted Britain and France—after an agonizing delay—to keep their commitment to Poland and declare war on Hitler.

Ashley Herzog | September 01, 2009

Being powerful, Margaret Thatcher once said, is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t. On college campuses, the rule applies to "sex columnists."

Dennis Prager | September 01, 2009

Those of us who oppose a massive increase in the role the national government plays in health care ("ObamaCare") do so because we fear the immense and unsustainable national debt it would incur and because we are certain that medical care in America would deteriorate.

John Hawkins | September 01, 2009

Sadly, for Republicans who have richly enjoyed watching Democrats getting a taste of their own medicine at town halls across the country, the August recess is winding down. Still, there are already so many memories.

Thomas Sowell | September 01, 2009

Britain's release of Abdel Baset al-Megrahi-- the Libyan terrorist whose bomb blew up a plane over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988, killing 270 people-- is galling enough in itself.

Chuck Norris | September 01, 2009

Flying under the radar this past week was a new government report that forecasts that the national debt will double over the next decade.

Mike Adams | September 01, 2009

Mike Adams' latest batch of hate mail and his responses--enjoy!

David Limbaugh | September 01, 2009

President Barack Obama is either extraordinarily politically tone-deaf or arrogant beyond bounds, as indicated by his relentless pursuit of policies strongly rejected by the American people.

Mona Charen | September 01, 2009

Well, thank Heaven George W. Bush is no longer president! Gosh, all of that mixing of religion and politics darn near subverted our Constitution -- which, as all good liberals know -- enshrines the "wall of separation" between church and state.

Cal Thomas | September 01, 2009

Opinion columnists, like the rest of humanity, walk a fine line between judgment (holding people accountable to a standard we did not create) and judgmentalness (thinking ourselves morally superior because we haven't committed the acts of others).

Pat Buchanan | September 01, 2009

On Sept. 1, 1939, 70 years ago, the German Army crossed the Polish frontier. On Sept. 3, Britain declared war. Six years later, 50 million Christians and Jews had perished. Britain was broken and bankrupt, Germany a smoldering ruin.

Debra J. Saunders | September 01, 2009

Since 1999, when he was placed under California parole supervision for a 1976 rape in Nevada, Phillip Garrido, 58, was subject to drug testing, required to wear a GPS device and subject to twice-monthly visits by his state parole officer.

Paul Greenberg | September 01, 2009

Yale University long has been a citadel of political correctness and a prime example of the current academic rage for deconstructing truth.

Phyllis Schlafly | September 01, 2009

The Obama administration brags that Cash for Clunkers was a success because it revived the suffering auto industry. But who really benefited from this $3 billion program?

Bill Murchison | September 01, 2009

The end of Ted Kennedy's long sojourn among us, splendidly splashed by the media, opened the renewed discussion of whether it's time that big government, in the Kennedy mode, came back.

Rebecca Hagelin | September 01, 2009

Recently I wrote about the trend in public schools to push an "if it feels good, do it" brand of sex education on our kids.

George Will | September 01, 2009

U.S. strategy in Afghanistan -- protecting the population -- is increasingly troop-intensive while Americans are increasingly impatient about "deteriorating" (says Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) conditions.

Roger Chapin | September 01, 2009

Prior to our power-driven politicians adopting an untested and badly flawed health insurance plan that would hurt the average citizen’s quality of care and very possibly bankrupt the country, I would urge they walk before they run.

Mon, Aug 31, 2009

Michael Barone | August 31, 2009

Edward Kennedy was buried Saturday, the last son of Joseph and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, the longest-serving member of the only royal political family our democratic republic has ever produced.

Mike Adams | August 31, 2009

Everyone wants heaven on Earth. It would be nice if people simply lent their abilities to society in accordance with the needs of others. Nicer still if people satisfied their needs mindful of others’ ability to accommodate them. But things simply don’t work out that way. Human nature won’t allow it.

Jim Martin | August 31, 2009

When the White House and Congress wanted to take old cars off the road and replace them with newer models, they passed "Cash for Clunkers."

Bruce Bialosky | August 31, 2009

We all experience losses in our lives that hit our emotions in different ways. The loss of family members may create an especially deep wound or, for that matter, it may be a public figure whose death impacts us. For some of us, the events of 9/11 will never be diminished in our minds. I experienced a loss recently that cut into my soul.

Jillian Bandes | August 31, 2009

In the aftermath of the cash-for-clunkers boondoggle, dealers have first hand knowledge as to how to do it better next time. Now, it’s just up to the government to listen.

Lisa A. Rickard | August 31, 2009

New developments in consumer arbitration shed light on true motives of ‘consumer advocates’ and their pact with the plaintiffs’ bar

Allen Hunt | August 31, 2009

Just when you thought John Edwards would slink off into ignominy, he stands up, throws off his jellyfish ways, and becomes a man. Ironically, John Edwards could teach Rick Pitino a thing or two about manhood.

Star Parker | August 31, 2009

Currently 35 states have laws that require either parental consent or notification in order for a teenage girl to receive an abortion. Alaska passed one in 1997.

Sun, Aug 30, 2009

Salena Zito | August 30, 2009

The Afghan war belongs to President Obama. He may not have broken it but by his rhetoric, his actions and his commitments, he now owns it.

David Stokes | August 30, 2009

When then President Bill Clinton spoke at former President Richard Nixon’s funeral, he suggested that the “day of judging President Nixon on anything less than his entire life and career come to a close.”

Austin Hill | August 30, 2009

What are Barack Obama’s objectives? What is he really trying to accomplish, as our President?

Debra J. Saunders | August 30, 2009

When he served as deputy attorney general, now Attorney General Eric Holder gave a "neutral leaning positive" recommendation that led to President Bill Clinton's pardoning of gazillionaire fugitive Marc Rich, who was on the lam in Switzerland hiding from federal charges of fraud, evading more than $48 million in taxes, racketeering and trading oil with Iran in violation of a U.S. embargo.

Steve Chapman | August 30, 2009

Barack Obama came into office championing change, and he apparently assumed that if Americans voted for him, it was because they wanted the future to be different from what went before.

George Will | August 30, 2009

The most ominous domestic event of the 1970s was the collapse of self-government in New York City, which before being put into receivership by the state was liberalism's laboratory. Since then, California has been the slate on which liberalism boldly writes its recipe for decline -- high taxes, heavy regulation, subservience to public employees unions and environmentalism that is simultaneously apocalyptic and chiliastic.

Ken Connor | August 30, 2009

the health care debate has raged, senior citizens have been front and center at town hall events, challenging their representatives to explain how Obamacare will affect Medicare and pressing them to shoot straight about whether a "public option" will result in health care rationing or "comparative effectiveness" policies (what Sarah Palin has termed "death panels").

Paul Jacob | August 30, 2009

As America prepares to live without the Lion of the Senate, it becomes apparent, once again, that lions need limits in populated areas.

Kevin McCullough | August 30, 2009

Never has an administration who had more firepower at their disposal, been set to so totally fail in the next six to eight weeks.