Robert Knight
Liberals can’t stop talking about “death panels.” Sarah Palin introduced the term on her Facebook page to describe the likelihood that faceless Obamacare bureaucrats would decide people’s fates. Predictably, Mrs. Palin is being assailed from every corner of the media for providing the catch phrase for what everyone else is thinking.

When your opponents keep repeating your talking point, you’ve pretty much won the argument.

The more that liberals deny their plan will hatch “death panels,” the more folks catch on to the dangers of a government-run health system. It works the same way as someone loudly saying, “I’m not a bigot! I’m not! I’m not! A bigot, that is!”

Unlike the 1,013-page bill in the House (HR 3200), this one’s simple to understand. Government will call the shots. Government must cut costs. Someone must decide who gets what care and when. Age will be a huge factor. Hence, “death panels.”

Obama partisans point out that neither “death panels” nor any term like it can be found in the bill. Of course you can’t find it in the bill. However, the relentless logic of budget cutting, quality-of-life criteria, and real-life rationing reported from Canada and Great Britain lead to the same conclusion: When push comes to shove, grandma’s going to get shoved first.

This has not been lost on the nation’s burgeoning population of seniors and boomers. The latest 60 Plus Association, Jim Martin’s feisty organization for older people that is a counterpoint to the AARP’s liberal lurches.

Robert Knight

Robert Knight is an author, senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union and a frequent contributor to Townhall.