Guy Benson

It started with a series of straightforward questions from Fox News correspondent Major Garrett to White House spokesman Robert Gibbs.  Garrett’s bottom-line inquiry: How did thousands of Americans, who had never contacted the White House previously, receive unsolicited political emails authored by top administration strategist David Axelrod?    In response, Gibbs and his press office colleagues undertook a strategy of dismissing the core issue, impugning the questioner, shifting blame, and vaguely pledging to change White House email policy.  Still, the basic question of exactly how the White House came to possess countless private email addresses remains unanswered.  The public deserves a thorough and precise explanation.

The latest development in this mini-tempest—playing out nearly exclusively on Fox and in the conservative blogosphere—is that the White House now admits it hired a Minnesota-based public communications firm (GovDelivery) to distribute an infamous Obamacare propaganda email, authored by Axelrod.  Fox reports:

The White House hired a private communications company based in Minnesota to distribute mass e-mails, helping to shed light on how some recipients received e-mails in support of President Obama's health care plan without signing up for them, FOX News has learned.

The company, Govdelivery, describes itself as the world's leading provider of government-to-citizen communication solutions and says its e-mail service provides a fully-automated on-demand public communication system.

It is still unknown how much taxpayer money the White House provides to Govdelivery for its services.

Again, it’s still a mystery just how the White House obtained the email addresses targeted by Axelrod's talking points e-blast in the first place, especially since many recipients insist they've never contacted the White House or the Obama campaign in any capacity.  

Guy Benson

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