The 2020 Democrats: Tim Ryan

Posted: Apr 04, 2019 12:30 PM
The 2020 Democrats: Tim Ryan

Source: AP Photo/Paul Sancya, File

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Quick Facts

Who: Tim Ryan

Where: Niles, Ohio

Current Position: Representative of 13th District

Campaign Site: Tim Ryan for America

Background: Received a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Bolwing Green State University in 1995. After graduation, he joined the staff of Ohio Congressman Jim Traficant. In 2000, he hearned a Juris Doctor degree from Franklin Pierce Law Center.

2020 Campaign & Endorsements

  • Date Announced: April 4, 2019

  • Fundraising: 

  • Campaign Leadership: Mike Morley

  • Key Endorsements: 

Political Positions


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